15 Hottest Athletes Heading To The 2016 Rio Olympics

2016 has been upon us for quite a while now, and spring is finally here. This means many things, but one of them is that the 2016 Summer Olympics will soon be here. And you know what that means. The Olympics is the biggest and most prestigious athletic event in the world.  Soon all of the best athletes from all over the world will be competing against each other for the pride of their country, and for themselves.

Yeah, I don't care about any of that. What I care about is pretty soon, there are going to be some of the most gorgeous women in the world running around in some rather amazing outfits, and competing against each other in another competition, which is for the hottest athletes at the Rio Olympics.

We are not sure that all of these women will be there: Hope Solo is freaked out by the Zika virus that is going on in Brazil, while Maria Sharapova is involved in a huge doping scandal, but this list is as close as we can come to a really good guess. While there will be many gorgeous athletes at the Rio Summer Olympics, these fifteen truly are the cream of the crop.  So set your sights on 15  of the very hottest athletes going to the Rio Olympics.

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15 Antonija Misura - Croatia

via basket-infos.com

No, I am not making this up. What you are looking at in the above photo is a basketball player from Croatia. I know that when you hear "basketball player from Croatia" you are expecting a really ugly 7-foot-tall white guy, but no, Antonija is for real. She is so gorgeous that former NBA player Nate Robinson once said that she "might be the most beautiful woman basketball player ever to lace up some sneakers". We don't disagree Nate, not even a little.

14 Hope Solo - USA

via wordpress.com

You can't have a list like this without Hope Solo on it. I mean that would be plain old un-American. Not just that, but it would show you had bad taste, because Hope is awesome on the soccer field, and is awesome to look off it. As of now she might not go because of a virus called Zika that is prevalent in Brazil. She said a few months ago “If I had to make the choice today, I wouldn’t go [to the Olympics]." I hope that doesn't happen... because Hope is hot. In fact. I'm pretty sure she won't be able to resist going once her competitive juices kick in.

13 Jessica Ennis - U.K.

via wordpress.com

Jessica is a track and field athlete from the U.K. She was a big hit in the 2012 Olympics when she won a gold medal for the heptathlon. For those of you wondering what a heptathlon is, it basically means Jessica is good at a lot of events in track and field. If there was a gold medal for hot abs, she would have won that one as well. Jessica does that rare thing that a lot of women can't, she is incredibly muscled, while still remaining a very hot looking lady.

12 Lauren Sesselman - Canada

via alux.com

Lauren is a soccer player who hails from Canada, and is an Olympic medalist as well. She plays for the Houston Dash in the National Women's Soccer League, and also has her own fitness DVD out. If any of you guys either want to get in shape, check it out. Or maybe just watch Lauren work really hard to stay in shape while you sit on your couch eating Doritos.  Lauren is a total smoke-show, and we can't wait to see her kick a ball or two around.

11 Ashlyn Harris - USA

via tumblr.com

Ashlyn has it all going on. You like blondes? She has got you covered. You like chicks that are athletic and toned? She has got your back there, too. You like women with a bit of an edge that are covered with tattoos? Yeah, she has that going on as well. Ashlyn is a goalkeeper for the Olympic team and also plays for the Washington Spirit. She is about as close to perfect looking as any woman could be, but then again all of the women on this list can say that.

10 Maria Sharapova - Russia

via dresstokillmagazine.com

We all know Maria of course. She is the ultra smoke-show of a tennis player who just happens to not only be hot, but one of the best players in the world. She was recently busted for doping, and while she is not able to play in pro tournaments for now, she may still be able to play in the Olympics. This would be too bad for the sport, because we won't get to see Maria running around in a skirt and grunting. A grunting Maria is more important than the integrity of tennis - we all know that.

9 Alex Morgan - USA

via esmas.com

We have already had a few soccer players on this list but Alex just blows them out of the water. How is it possible for a woman to get such amazing genes?  At 21, she was the youngest member of the World Cup team, and then was a key member of the Olympic Gold medal team in 2012. She also was named the United States Soccer Federation female athlete of the year. All of which is great, but for our purposes we only care about one thing, and that is that Alex is totally hot.

8 Maggie Vessey - USA

via nydailynews.com

Maggie finished 8th in the 2012 Olympic trials but is going to give it her best shot again this year. Maggie is known for designing some of her own outfits that she runs in, as well as looking super hot when she runs. She probably also looks hot when she stands, and when she eats and walks the dog. While most of these ladies are pretty much locks to get in, Maggie is going to have to work at it, so tune in to the Olympic trials and watch her work - I know I will be doing so.

7 Alana Blanchard - USA

via imgur.com

I have a pro tip for all you guys out there. I know most guys don't know this, but female surfers are usually so hot that it is ridiculous. You're welcome. Why this is the undeniable  truth I am not entirely sure. Does surfing make girls hot? Or do hot girls like to surf? If I ever have the chance to hang out with Alana Blanchard I will be sure to get her opinion. Alana has won numerous titles and is hoping to add a gold medal this summer. She hails from Hawaii and is a vegan.

6 Ana Ivanovic - Serbia

via hdwallpapersact.com

5 Allison Stokke - USA

via i.ytimg.com

4 Michelle Jenneke - Australia

via wordpress.com

Michelle is a hurdler from Australia who rose to fame by not only being in the Olympics but by doing a warm up routine for her races in which she smiles sexily and dances around. While Michelle might not be the hottest on this list, her attitude and, of course, the way she shakes her hips, more than make up for any of that. She will be competing in 2016, which is good news for us guys that like women that are not only hot, but also don't take themselves too seriously.

3 Ellen Hoog - The Netherlands

via blogspot.com

Ellen Hoog is either a field hockey player who is really hot, or a hot chick who is a really good field hockey player. We aren't sure which. She has been playing field hockey since she was 7, and already has two Olympic Gold medals. Apparently the Dutch take their field hockey very seriously. What I take seriously is finding all sorts of hot athletes for lists of this type, and I am positive without a doubt that Ellen fits the bill. She will be looking to score her third gold this summer in Rio.

2 Sophie Horn - UK

via wordpress.com

Sophie is from the UK and is one of the best female golfers in the world, and is almost certainly the best looking. If there is a better one I would like to see her, and I mean that in a truly journalistic way. Sophie has been golfing for a long time and won the under-21 championship in her homeland when she was only 15. She is also a personal trainer, and has been on the cover of magazines like Maxim and Sports Illustrated. Here is a big shocker for you: she has been voted sexiest golfer.

1 Anastasia Ashley - USA

via johnhongshotme.com

Anastasia was basically born in the water. She was swimming at the age of two, body boarding when she was four and surfing by the age of six. She has gone on to win over 200 events, and I am sure she would not mind if she added a medal in Rio to the list. Most surfers are gorgeous, as we stated earlier in this article, and Anastasia is no exception. In fact, we at TheRichest would like to bestow upon her our own Gold Medal, just for being hot. It is our hope that she shows up at our offices to accept it.

Sources: espn, si

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