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15 Hot Photos Of Iggy Azalea’s Bum

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15 Hot Photos Of Iggy Azalea’s Bum

via TheRichest

There are some things that we all can agree upon and that bond us together as human beings. One of those things is, of course, Iggy Azalea’s bum.  Well, we all might not agree on whether we like it or not, or whether not she has had butt injections, but we can all agree on its importance. Iggy’s butt is a cult of its own. Her butt has its own Facebook page, and its own tumblr page. There is no doubt about it, Iggy’s butt just simply cannot be stopped.

In fact, at this point, it is kind of hard to tell what is more popular- Iggy Azalea, or her butt. Well, I know which one of the two I’m going to vote for. Sorry Iggy, you are super cool and talented, but not as cool and talented as your butt. Don’t take offense though. How could you, when you really think about it?

To help you, dear reader, learn more about Iggy’s butt, we have thoughtfully put together 15 of the best photos you will find of it anywhere. It isn’t even that her butt is so nice, it’s just that it’s so confusing. It pretty much commands attention, whether it looks hot, or whether it looks horrible. Sometimes it even does both things at the same time. Other times, it just looks kind of ridiculous, which is also kind of hot. See how confusing this is?

Let’s get to it. These are TheRichest’s 15 Photos of Iggy Azalea’s Butt. While this article is very safe to read at work, you’ll still wind up very confused after reading it.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

15. The Iggy Sloppy On Stage Bum


This is a good one to start with. Right away you are drawn right in. Looks kind of sloppy, right? But she is showing it off on stage which makes it kind of hot. Confidence about having a big butt is always hot.  Right? Or am I wrong? Man, this is just the first one and I’m already confused.

14. The Iggy Classy On Stage Bum


See… now this doesn’t even look like the same butt as the last one. Iggy just keeps us guessing. Round? Yes, very. But it kind of fits in with the rest of the scene, and wouldn’t even be noticed that much if not for the angle.

13. The Iggy Goes Shopping Bum


This is where it gets a little odd. How is her butt so big and round when she has such a small waist? I simply don’t understand. With that said, her butt looks lovely in this one. She almost looks innocent. Well, except for her butt.

12. The Candid Iggy Frumpy Bum


Iggy didn’t know this one was coming, and her butt doesn’t look that great. It sort of looks like a 40-year-old’s butt.  What does this mean? It isn’t like her butt poses for photos right?  Or does it? The mystery of Iggy’s butt is overwhelming.

11. Iggy On Stage With A Glamor Bum


As we can see the non-candid butt shots look much different. This one is back to her butt looking fabulous, like a popular butt should. Roundish, biggish, but still under control and alluring.  This is a butt that is ready for prime time.

10. Iggy Shows That Her Bum Could Be A Shelf


What is up with this? Look how far back Iggy’s butt goes. It looks like her butt goes out about a foot farther than her waist. If you were waiting behind her in line and needed a place to rest your cell phone and keys, then Iggy’s butt could be used as a shelf, with no problem at all.

9. The Half Glamour, Half Sloppy Iggy Bum


This photo of her butt sums up the issues with it better than most. What are we looking at here? Something that is supposed to make us wild with passion, or recoil in horror? The answer is…both. Which is what makes her butt so fabulous.

8. Iggy’s Casual “My Bum Is In Shape” Look


Super nice photo of her butt here. It looks in shape, not too big, certainly not too small. How does one butt look so different in so many different pictures? Regardless, this is one of the nice ones on the list, no matter what your flavor is.

7. Iggy’s Merry Go Round, Pop Star Bum


Another nice one of Iggy’s butt here. She just looks like a pop star with a nice body, not one with a nice body and a ridiculous butt. Again, we’re using ridiculous in the nicest possible way here. The butt is the one part of a woman’s body that calling it “ridiculous” can be a compliment, and with Iggy it is a compliment for certain.

6. Iggy’s Video Music Awards Bum


Going to the video music awards is an important night in any butt’s life, and Iggy’s butt is no exception. Iggy looks fabulous here of course, but I have to be honest – the only reason I know that is because I’m writing this article. Otherwise, all I would have noticed was the butt. And it looks fabulous.

5. Iggy’s Red Carpet Bum

SLS Las Vegas Grand Opening - Red Carpet Featuring: Iggy Azalea Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States When: 23 Aug 2014 Credit: Judy Eddy/


This dress is simply amazing. It shows off, once again, what a freak of nature Iggy’s butt is. Iggy does not have broad shoulders, her arms and back are slender, her waist is small, her legs normal. Then BOOM! What the heck is going on with Iggy’s butt? So round, so large so shapely. One would not believe this body to be true if one did not see it with their own eyes.

4. Iggy’s On Stage And In Shape Bum

Remember that onstage sloppy butt earlier in the countdown? Same butt, same person, doing the same thing, but the butt looks totally different. Maybe Iggy has some sort of magical power? Maybe implants? Maybe it all depends when the photo is taken. Maybe all of these things, maybe none. The mystery of her butt is infinite.

3. Iggy’s Athletic Bum


Now, no one is going to confuse Iggy with an athlete, that’s for sure. But with that said do she and her butt pull off this little athletic wear number? Yes, they do indeed. Again though, look at the waist, and then look at the butt. What is happening here? We don’t know but we like it.

2. The Iggy’s Candid “My Bum Isn’t That Big” Look


Here’s an odd one. Iggy is just cruising around, doing her own thing, wearing a casual top, some huge heels, and some funky pants, and…her butt doesn’t look that big! What the heck is going on here? This is one of the nicer photos of her butt, you can see the shape, and it looks lovely, without getting too cartoonish like in some of her other photos. Although the cartoon thing is why pieces like this get written, so it all plays out, I suppose.

1. The Iggy “Little Bit Of Everything” Bum


This one has it all going on. She looks sexy, looks like a pop star, her butt looks big and round, but still kind of toned and in shape.  This might be your favorite one, or it might be one of the other 14, but no matter which one, or ones, gets you going, you have to admit Iggy’s butt is a force of nature, and something to be reckoned with. Iggy’s butt…we salute you.


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