15 Hot News Reporters We Wish Were Models

Beauty and brains. That’s what these news reporters stand for. We watch them all the time and we wonder if they know how attractive they are. Some of them might be aware but they figured they had more to offer than their looks. In other cases, they knew that their physical features would give them a small boost in their career field because that’s just how the industry works sometimes.

Regardless of where they stand in terms of their attractiveness, there’s no doubt it’s easy to watch these ladies dish out on the latest headlines. Not only are they delivering the news from social issues to politics to entertainment, but they’re also charming with their personality. It seems like they have the whole package.

Although they already established themselves in the journalism field, we definitely wouldn’t mind if they decided to pursue a modeling career. It’s pretty obvious they would kill the industry, especially considering how diverse it has become. The modeling world doesn’t just embrace slim figures anymore, but it’s gradually becoming more open to all kinds of beauty from plus size to different shades of skin and other unique features.

With that in mind, these news reporters come from all different backgrounds-another factor that makes it easy to watch them. It’s definitely safe to say these journalists would be a great asset to the modeling industry. Even though realistically it’s not going to happen, we can always imagine by embracing their beauty whenever we turn on the screen. The following are 15 news reporters you might recognize and most likely agree that they should be models.

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15 Mary Beth McDade-KTLA Channel 5

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From KTLA Channel 5, Mary Beth McDade is an award-winning journalist who has covered everything from entertainment news to tragic headlines. She first went on to study at Manhattan College and graduated with honors. After, she pursued various reporting gigs where she filled in as a general assignment reporter and news anchor. She now delivers entertainment news stories on KTLA 5. Every time she pops up on the screen, you know it’s that time for the latest celebrity headlines. With her captivating looks, she’s a perfect fit for the job. Without knowing her background and what she currently does, you would quickly jump to conclusions that she does something involving modeling or somewhere in the looks department. But not even close. The blonde bombshell is a hard working woman who dedicates her time investigating some of the most underground stories. She inevitably received awards for her journalism work including a Gilbert Award for her “Gangs of Long Island” series.

14 Julie Chang-FOX 11 News

Julie Chang is an entertainment reporter on FOX 11 in Los Angeles. The Asian persuasion first discovered her passion for journalism while she was sailing through the exotic locations of South Africa, Cuba, Brazil, Kenya, Japan and more. She then decided she wanted to enlighten people with the art of storytelling despite having an education in economics with the thought of establishing a career in banking. Chang eventually landed reporting jobs with WPIX and had her own segment called “Truly Julie” on CW11 Morning News. She first joined the FOX family in New York then moved to Los Angeles as an entertainment anchor. Along with her passion for delivering news being recognized, her exotic looks also was noticeable. In 2007, she was featured in the high fashion magazine W where she was photographed for the February issue. She was also featured in Lucky magazine and New York Moves. Her looks also took her to landing a gig in the movie The Smurfs in 2011.

13 Olga Ospina-FOX 11 News

Via foxla.com

You can catch Olga Ospina bringing you the weather on Fox 11 news. With her blonde locks and sweet personality, Ospina was made to be on TV. She has made a number of appearances in a couple of movies playing the role of a news reporter. Throughout her journalism career, Ospina has covered everything from the red carpet to natural disasters to breaking news. The stunning TV personality was born in Los Angeles but raised in Columbia for a couple of years. She is fluent in Spanish. It is a no brainer Ospina grabs millions of viewers each time she’s ready to give us the deets on the weather. The Fox news reporter considers herself a beach girl at heart and says you can most likely catch her hanging out with her two dogs when she’s not giving you the latest on the forecast.

12 Nancy O'Dell-Entertainment Tonight

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Nancy O’Dell co-hosts the CBS entertainment TV show, Entertainment Tonight. She has also hosted Access Hollywood on NBC. The American TV personality and journalist has been recognized from across various entertainment news segments. Besides her television career, she was Miss South Carolina 1987. She hosted Miss USA and Miss Universe in 2004 and 2005. It’s no brainer that O’Dell’s beauty has played a big role in all her success. The entertainment journalist always manages to capture our eyes with her sophisticated persona whether she’s reporting the pop culture headline stories or interviewing Hollywood’s biggest stars on the red carpet. In 2015, she landed the title of Cover Girl. Her good looks has also lead her to a career in the acting biz, appearing in numerous shows such as Disney’s Hannah Montana, NBC’s Days of Our Lives, ABC’s General Hospital, and so much more.

11 Lauren Sivan-Fox 11 News

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Lauren Sivan is a FOX LA news anchor bringing you local headlines at 5 o’clock with Bobby DeCastro. The FOX News journalist is known for her witty charm, enthusiasm and of course, her crazy good looks. Her personality always shines through, never holding back on some bold statements she has about a certain headline. She'll even poke fun at herself from time to time. The blonde babe studied journalism and political science at Washington University. She then went on to pursue a few reporting gigs where eventually her personality got noticed. In 2010, she was given the title of New York’s funniest reporter which has followed her to this day. Lauren Sivan is an ultimate example of beauty and brains. She could have easily pursued a career that involved her looks but she knew she had more to offer. As of now, it is believed she is single, however, she was engaged with a Fox senior correspondent earlier in her career.

10 Tracey Edmonds-Extra

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Entrepreneur and beautiful, Tracy Edmonds has been active in the entertainment industry for a while now, from her dating life to her career. Edmonds was once linked to musician Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. The two got married in 1992 but unfortunately, they filed for divorce in 2005. Early on in their marriage, the brunette bombshell and music producer created Edmonds Entertainment group which produced Soul Food, its very first production. After her first marriage, she started dating Eddie Murphy but that relationship also didn't go anywhere.

Edmonds has been a success story throughout her career winning numerous awards for her work including Indiana Black Expo’s Women of Vision Award for Outstanding Work in Film, Television & Business and Ebony Magazine’s Outstanding Women in Marketing & Communications Entrepreneur Award. This pretty face is just more than a TV host as you can see. When she’s not interviewing celebrities and talking about the latest in entertainment news, Edmonds is a creator, executive producer and on-camera personality in the reality TV show, Deion’s Family Playbook on OWN.

9 Giuliana Rancic-E! News

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Perhaps one of the most well-known entertainment journalists out there, Giuliana Rancic is an American television personality and journalist. She became popular when she joined the entertainment TV news show, E!, which broadcasts everything pop culture and celebrity. The Italian-American first started pursuing her career as a journalist when she graduated from the University of Maryland. Throughout her reporting experience, she felt like entertainment news was her calling. She then moved to the entertainment capital, Los Angeles, and did everything she could to get her foot in the door even if it meant working in the mail room. Eventually, she landed a correspondent gig for E! News and then got the position of co-anchor where she hosted the news with Ryan Seacrest.

Aside from entertainment, Rancic has always had a passion for fashion and beauty. As she built her brand around those areas of interest, the 41-year-old became fascinating to many especially young girls with dreams of being an entertainment reporter as well. With her beauty, talent, sense of humor, and charm, Rancic has grabbed the hearts of many. Although she has been cyber-bullied for her small frame, the journalist has defended herself every time explaining she does not suffer from an eating disorder. Despite the down sides, Rancic has managed to capture the audience with her unique beauty and taste in fashion.

8 Maria Sansone-Fox 11 News

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This American news reporter basically grew up in front of the camera. Maria Sansone first appeared on TV when she was just 11 years old, during a kids slam dunk contest which she won. The toddler grabbed the audience’s attention when she was interviewed by the reporter but out of everyone, she managed to catch the eye of an ABC affiliate in Erie. At a young age, Sansone got her own sports segment and got to interview big names such as Jim Kelly from the Buffalo Bills and baseball legend, Tommy Lasorda. She eventually earned the title of “Youngest Reporter in the History of Network Television.” She then went on to establish herself as a host and reporter on various segments and shows. With talent cultivated at such a young age and blessed with those looks of hers, how could the reporter not have landed all those positions? She was destined to be on camera from the very start.

7 Cher Calvin-KTLA Channel 5

Via asianjournal.com

Cher Calvin is a news anchor for the KTLA newscast segments. If you’ve come across this brunette beauty while changing the channels, you’ll agree that her looks are to die for. She first began her broadcast journalism career in Manila, Philippines as a news anchor and features reporter for a few news outlets. Today, you can watch her deliver Los Angeles local and world news from the news desk. Beauty and brains, Calvin is a spokeswoman for the charity Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches. She is also an active participant for many Asian and Filipino community events. From the very beginning, Calvin knew she wanted to do something that gave back to the community and so, she went on to study at New York University and graduated with a BA in broadcast journalism. Aside from her credible work, we’re pretty sure the Asian-American reporter always gets feedback on her exotic, gorgeous looks.

6 Maria Menounos-E! News

Entertainment journalist Maria Menounos has appeared on our TV screens several times, delivering what’s hot in the celebrity world. You have probably seen her on pop culture outlets such as Extra, Today, Access Hollywood, and now for E! News. We can see why Menounos has conquered many television gigs throughout her years as a journalist. The brunette not only carries brains and passion for her work but she also has an appearance to admire. It seems like the actress and producer doesn’t age and just keeps getting more beautiful with time. Menounos has also expressed her interest in fitness and health which has probably played a big part in maintaining her looks. The girl knows how to take care of herself. Especially with being full-time in the showbiz industry, the 38-year-old must keep a strict regime to stay looking young and fresh.

5 Rocsi Diaz-VH1 Dating Naked

You probably recognize her from a few entertainment news outlets. Mainly known for BET’s music countdown show, 106 & Park, Rocsi Diaz is an entertainment news reporter who has also captured the audience with her good looks and charming personality. You can catch her flaunting her beauty on her Instagram and on the red carpet, interviewing some of the biggest celebrities in the world. She then went on to explore different platforms in the entertainment industry including Entertainment Tonight and HLN’s The Daily Share. But besides her natural talent for covering the latest pop culture headlines, it’s no secret Diaz is pleasant to the eye. She has appeared on a variety of magazines showcasing her fashion sense and beauty. Her talent and looks have taken her this far into her broadcasting career. This year, it was announced she was going to be the new host of VH1’s popular reality TV series “Dating Naked.”

4 Araksya Karapetyan-Fox 11 News

via alchetron.com

You can catch this brunette beauty on FOX 11’s Good Day LA where she reports all topics from politics to local headlines to the world of social media. Araksya Karapetyan is an American TV personality and journalist of Armenian descent. She was born in the city of Gyumri, the second largest city of Armenia. Her and her family decided to emigrate to the United States after a terrible earthquake had hit the city and before the ethnic conflict with Azerbaijan got worse. She then decided to pursue a degree in journalism at Syracuse University and landed internships with KABC-TV and KFI 640 AM radio in Los Angeles. Passionate and driven, Karapetyan has always been a leader in giving a voice to those who had no saying in what they were going through. Today, the Armenian beauty continues to deliver headlines where not only her caring heart makes her appealing to the audience but also her beautiful physical features. The FOX journalist is married with her first child, whom she just gave birth to this summer.

3 Liz Hernandez-Access Hollywood

Liz Hernandez is a Mexican American entertainment host and personality who got her first big break in the radio morning show, Big Boy’s Neighborhood, on Power 106 FM. Hernandez has then received a lot of attention, not just for her talent in reporting celebrity news, but her mesmerizing appearance. Her classy persona grabbed the attention of many but stood out to one particular network. MTV contacted her to be a correspondent for MTV News and that’s when she decided to make the transition from radio to television. With her good looks on top of her natural talent for delivering pop culture news, it only made sense she was a good fit for the cameras. She pursued a few modeling gigs while she was up and coming and today, you can still catch her showcasing her stuff on the NBC entertainment news show, Access Hollywood.

2 Catt Sadler-E! News

With her unique sense of style, entertainment journalist, Catt Sadler, has captured the attention of so many that she has become an essential attribute to the entertainment news show, E! News. The Indiana native first started reporting local news surrounding the areas of social and political issues. As she continued to report from various outlets, she discovered that entertainment was the route she wanted to go for. Ever since, Sadler has been delivering news of all things pop culture on the E! network. Along with her likable personality and sense of humor, it was her taste in fashion that grabbed the attention of many fans. She began pursuing more fashion and ultimately started a blog called The CattWalk that mainly concentrates on the fashion and beauty department. With her hip style and looks, you would never believe the 41-year-old has two children, and has already gone through two marriages. Through her social media profiles and TV job, there’s no question the journalist has a passion for looks and beauty. We wouldn’t mind seeing her pursuing a modeling gig in the near future.

1 Renee Bargh-Extra

Renee Bargh reports the news on all things celebrity on NBC’s Extra. Bargh has been in the entertainment industry for quite some time. Prior to becoming a presenter for showbiz news, she completed her Performing Arts certificate and then pursued a career as a performer herself as a part of the pop group, Girl Band. The band then separated in 2007, lasting only one year together. The Australian beauty soon began her career as a TV host in various segments including music station, Channel V Australia. During her time at Channel V, she got to travel to locations such as New York and Los Angeles. She eventually landed her gig in Los Angeles as a weekend correspondent for Extra. Ever since, the 29-year-old has captured the audience with her charming and sweet personality and of course her stunning looks. It’s almost as if she was destined to do something on camera. The girl is gorgeous.

SourcesWikipedia.com; Fox11.com

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