15 Hot Ladies We Would Love To See Prince Harry Marry

Who wouldn’t want to marry Prince Harry? The youngest son of the late Princess Diana is heading into his 30s and he is probably starting to feel the pressure to “settle down” and start a family. His b

Who wouldn’t want to marry Prince Harry? The youngest son of the late Princess Diana is heading into his 30s and he is probably starting to feel the pressure to “settle down” and start a family. His brother, Prince William, has been married to Kate Middleton (now known as the Duchess of Cambridge) for a few years now, and the couple have two lovely children together: Prince George and Princess Charlotte. As for Prince Harry, the red-headed, freckled royal has said that he loves kids, and he is often found playing with his niece and nephew and being the “Funcle” (fun uncle.) On a few occasions, Prince Harry himself has said that it would be nice to find a girl and settle down to start a family. Trouble is, Harry has been single for a while now, even though he had serious girlfriends in the past. Could it just be that he is so busy with his other endeavours like military service and charity work?

These ladies don’t seem to think so. We have chosen women from an American reality show, I Wanna Marry Harry, because we think it would be freaking awesome (and hilarious) to have the Prince end up with one of these “normal” women. And in the past, we were quite fond of the relationships that Prince Harry had with his ex-girlfriends, Chelsy Davy of Zimbabwe and Cressida Bonas of the United Kingdom. Why can’t he get with one of them? What a fantastic family they could make!

15 Kelley Andrews


Hailing from Mobile, Alabama in the United States, Kelley Andrews was a 25-year-old restaurant hostess who was looking to become Prince Harry’s main squeeze. So what did she do? She auditioned to be a contestant on I Wanna Marry Harry, of course! She got on the show and had to battle it out with 11 other girls who were vying for the Prince’s attention. Spoiler alert: they were actually competing to get with a Prince Harry look-a-like. Joke’s on them! Anyway, Kelley, an attractive curly-haired brunette who loved to dance, and while she looked cute as a button at first, she got annoying as the show progressed. When the “Prince” started spending more time with one of the other contestants, Kelley burst into tears and confided to the audience that she thought it wasn’t fair, and that she wanted to be in the Royal Suite. That greatly diminished her charm!

14 Maggie Toraason


Maggie Toraason was all bright pearly whites and flippy blonde hair. She was from Peru, but not in South Illinois, United States. The American gal was looking to find an everlasting soul mate in Prince Harry on the reality show I Wanna Marry Harry. Newsflash: it wasn’t actually Prince Harry, but a look-a-like named Matthew Hicks. Maggie was a self-described “hopeless romantic,” and we could see that attitude and personality trait in the way she handled herself throughout the show. Sure, she looks like she would be a good match for Prince Harry, but would this California native be able to hold her own in the Royal Palace? Maggie was also going into the show in the hopes of finding “The One,” and she held the belief that she would only get married once in her life. As long as they don’t ever wear Crocs. We wish her the best!

13 Carley Hawkins


This Missouri native was spending her time in Arizona as a student when she decided to audition for I Wanna Marry Harry. The 24-year-old certainly had the looks to be part of the British Royal Family: she had gorgeous long blonde hair and alluring eyes. She also seemed to have a good head on her shoulders (despite participating in a reality television show,) and she said that the only deal breaker for her would be if the Prince didn’t have moral standards. Not that she had to worry about that, because it wasn’t Prince Harry, it was his impersonator Matthew Hicks. Actually, Carley knew it was a fake Prince Harry right from the get-go. At least this girl had the brains to realize that a British royal wouldn’t participate in an American reality TV show. Anyway, Carley’s main reason for going on the show was that she was a student and she wanted to travel to distant lands.

12 Karina Kennedy


Karina Kennedy was a 25-year-old Illinois girl who made it to the final 12 girls competing for Prince Harry’s heart on I Wanna Marry Harry. The physical therapist made it clear that she didn’t want to deal with arrogant people and she was certainly not looking to date a self-righteous social elite. Maybe it was that attitude that got Karina to the finals on the reality competition show. In fact, she was the first runner-up. Matthew Hicks (the Prince Harry imposter) ended up spending a lot of time with Karina, and she was even allowed to stay in the Crown Suite with him. Karina was wary of the “Prince’s” true identity, and at the end of the day, it didn’t really matter for her. She wanted to get to know Hicks for who he really was, his personality, interests, etc. Aw...and she was almost a shoo-in to win, too!

11 Rose Copeland


This 23-year-old was so cute and sassy when she appeared on I Wanna Marry Harry. As a native of California, United States, Rose was definitely a girl who knew how to have fun. Her personality was shining through, and we actually found it quite admirable and sweet that she worked as a pre-school teacher. We thought that Rose could have been a great match, whether it was for the real Prince Harry or his look-a-like Matthew Hicks. Rose was passionate about her job, she was helpful and romantic (did you see her reaction to the roses?) and she has traveled across the globe. That all adds up to create a beautiful and globally-aware woman with an independent and generous spirit. She was actually doing quite well in winning Hicks over for a while. After the show, she did a nice job promoting it on Twitter, and she remained friends with some of the contestants as well as with Matthew Hicks.

10 Chelsea Brookshire


For I Wanna Marry Harry contestant Chelsea Brookshire, she definitely wanted to see Prince Harry marry, but she wasn’t desperate enough to fit for her chance to marry him. She voluntarily left the show after dealing with the drama that the “mean girls” put her through. We took a liking to Chelsea because besides being beautiful, the 22-year-old cashier seemed to be a no-nonsense type of girl. She wasn’t disillusioned with the fairytale lifestyle or the promise of riches and fame. She was interested in getting to know Matthew Hicks (she knew it wasn’t the real Prince Harry,) and she wasn’t going to get involved in dramatic back-and-forth conversation with the other contestants. Even though she left the show, we think that she would make a great girlfriend to someone. As long as she keeps her mindset steady, she seems like a young woman who would do well for herself. Obviously, she doesn’t need a man to complete her.

9 Cressida Bonas


This sexy strawberry blonde would be a great complement to Prince Harry. Cressida Bonas is also a societal elite, as her father is Jeffrey Bonas, a famous and wealthy entrepreneur. There is even royalty in Cressida’s family, as her mother is Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon. Cressida is also the granddaughter of the 6th Earl Howe, Edward Curzon. So you see, this would make a really nice pairing, and even Harry’s sisters-in-law, Kate and Pippa Middleton, think that Harry and Cressida would make a great match! Of course, the decision is ultimately up to Harry, but the 27-year-old Cressida seems like she would be wonderful as the Prince’s wife. For one, she already dated Harry in the past; plus she is an athlete and even attended school on a sports scholarship. Cressida is a successful dancer and model as well, and she is breaking into the acting industry. Sounds marvellous to us!

8 Victoria McRae


This Aussie has gone off the deep end, if you ask us. One thing is for sure: she is adamant and doesn’t give up on her dreams, no matter how outlandish they are. Victoria McRae from Sydney, Australia has proposed to Prince Harry not once, not twice, but THREE times. She has a tendency to sort of stalk him when he’s out in public, and she even had a wedding dress made that replicates the one that Princess Diana wore at her wedding. The 22-year-old was diligently waiting for Prince Harry when he made an appearance at the Sydney Opera House in 2015. She was in the front row of the crowds, wearing a crown and holding a sign that read “Marry Me, Prince Harry! Last Chance!” When the British royal offered to give her a hug, McRae leaned in closer to kiss him full on the lips (and snap it on her smartphone.) Sure, McRae is hot, but she’s a bit too delusional to marry the Prince.

7 Chelsy Davy


Chelsy Davy has a grand advantage over the other women on this list because she has dated Prince Harry in the past. The 30-year-old was Prince Harry’s girlfriend for a whopping seven years, so what’s to say that the two of them won’t get back together again? She does have to compete with Cressida Bonas, another Prince Harry ex-girlfriend, but Chelsy would be a great choice for the British royal. She is now a businesswoman in the jewelry, and she first met Harry when he made a trip to Africa to do some charity work (Chelsy was born in Zimbabwe.) She moved back to Leeds with him, showing that she can be loyal and easygoing. She can also stand on her own as an independent woman, as she previously worked for a well-known law firm, Allen and Overy. Kate and Pippa Middleton also hold Chelsy in high regard, so there might be some pressure for Harry to get back together with her.

6 Jacqueline Conroy


Yet another contestant on I Wanna Marry Harry was Jacqueline Conroy, a 25-year-old Long Island, New York native who had her eyes on the prize. Jacqueline works as a Nutritionist and she was one of the women on the show who seemed to have a solid set of moral values. She didn’t want to cheat or lie or jump to conclusions; she seemed very logical. Well, maybe aside from the fact that she went on a reality competition series to find love. The graduate student may have started to go a bit batty as she stayed longer and longer on the fancy estate on which the show was filmed. The graduate stated that the longer she stayed there, the more she started to believe that maybe it really was Prince Harry that she was wooing. Think again, Jacqueline! In the end, her bottom line takeaway was that she hoped to finish up the series on a good note and with a “good story” to tell.

5 Kimberly Birch


When Kimberly Birch was 24 years old, she joined the cast of I Wanna Marry Harry and ended up being chosen as the winner. However, the reality was that Kimberly was chosen by Matthew Hicks, a 23-year-old environmental consultant and impersonator of the Prince. It didn’t matter in the end, because Kimberly decided that she would give her relationship with Hicks a chance, and the two continued to see each other after the show ended. Kimberly is a slender, dark-haired social worker and aspiring actress, and she was a good choice for Hicks. Once the reality competition show was over, Kimberly and Hicks ended up trying their hand at a long-distance romance, but things were difficult. Skype and Facebook FaceTime can only do so much, you know? We do think that whatever happens between Kimberly and Hicks, it will all end up for the best. With looks and a career like hers (and the publicity,) Kimberly is bound to find someone.

4 Leah Thom


24-year-old Leah Thom was a cutie from Texas, a real Southern lass. She was vying for a man’s heart on I Wanna Marry Harry, but it turned out that the reality TV life was just not for her. The blonde cocktail waitress found the whole scenario to be bizarre and disconcerting. Add to that the fact that she wasn’t the primping type, and she was definitely a black sheep on the show. We do find it a bit weird that Leah auditioned for the show without really know what reality TV was all about, and without really know anything about Prince Harry. Maybe when she heard the word “Prince,” she just imagined her dream wedding or something. Needless to say, she was a strange person to put on the show, and she ended up being eliminated right away. Her nervousness on the show was apparent, but e do hope that she had a good time, and that she can date someone who is true blue!

3 Anna Lisa Matias


This exotic-looking beauty came from San Francisco, California (definitely way across the pond from the United Kingdom!) The 24-year-old was making her living as a pretty girl (her “occupation” was a pageant queen) when she competed on I Wanna Marry Harry. It was obvious why she was put on the show. Anyway, Anna Lisa was almost immediately convinced that the Prince Harry on this show was not a real Prince. She was correct, and she was also the most adamant about it. She was constantly speaking up about how it was not Prince Harry, and maybe it was the threat of being found out that made fake Harry (Matthew Hicks) give her the boot just four episodes into the series. It was quite a shock to the other women on the show because they seemed convinced that fake Prince Harry was going to invite Anna Lisa back to the Crown Suite with him to spend the night.

2 Andrea Fox


This svelte and dark-haired beauty hails from Texas and works as a technology sales representative. At 25 years of age she competed against 11 other women to be the girl of Prince Harry’s dreams. Andrea only lasted until the second episode of the reality competition series, bidding adieu to Matthew Hicks, who was pretending to be Prince Harry the whole time. Andrea was not able to impress the red-haired hottie, especially because she was lacking in the athletic department, and we all know that Prince Harry adores his sports. Andrea also had a lot of angry outbursts and angst on the show, which diminished her good looks. As she was parting from the show, Andrea proclaimed that he wasn’t her type anyway, because she didn’t want a guy who was pale white and had bad teeth. She also expressed her doubts that it really was Prince Harry on the show. Nothing gets past her!

1 Meghan Jones


A bright smile and a lovely figure made Meghan Jones a viable contestant for the reality competition show I Wanna Marry Harry. The 26-year-old California girl moved to Texas to pursue her career as an artist. Hmm, is that the kind of occupation that Prince Harry would take a liking to? We think so, considering his escapes during his schooling days were art and gym class. Yet, Meghan had an attitude that sort of turned us off. When introducing herself on the show, she bragged that she has had boyfriends in the past, and they have all spoiled her rotten. In fact, that is what she expects from a significant other. As for why she thinks that she should be the one that Prince Harry choses, she said that she’s “smart, hot, and she likes to cook and lounge around in a bikini.” No offense, but not exactly royal material.

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15 Hot Ladies We Would Love To See Prince Harry Marry