15 Hot Celebs Who Slept With Football Players

Almost everyone in high school wanted to date the star football player. Hollywood is pretty much just like that except that these star football players are in the NFL. There are lot of hot celebs who have a thing for football players. Some of them have married pro footballers. Others have been in serious relationships with more than one of them. No matter what the case is, football players dating famous ladies is nothing new.

It makes sense for many reasons. Both football players and celebrities tend to be in tip top shape. They both make a shit ton of money (if they are good at what they do...or if someone else just thinks that they have potential to be good at what they do). They are both well known and can raise each other's social status, which can sadly be important since it might increase the likelihood for a person to get paid endorsements.

Both celebrities and football players understand the demands of being a public person so they would be able to understand the demands of each other's lives. At the same time, they are not in the same industry, so they would not be easily compared or be considered as competitors in any way. So they would have enough in common without actually interfering in each other's lives.

And really above all else, it's just a tale as old as time. Famous singers and actresses have been getting with professional football players (practically) since the beginning of time, so there's no point in reinventing the wheel when it comes to entering the dating pool.

These fifteen celebs love to date football players and they're proud of it (for the most part).


15 Kerry Washington - Nnamdi Asomugha


Kerry Washington is more secretive than her Scandal alter ego. She is arguably the most popular actress on television these days, but no one really knows anything about her. Then all of a sudden she's married to a former NFL player named Nnamdi Asomugha. Or at least it seemed sudden since she usually keeps her private life private. Then they had a baby with the same secrecy and surprise reveal. And now it looks like they have baby number two on the way, but for all we know she gave birth months ago and this is just some front to trick the media. Nevertheless, Kerry is very happy with her football player (or so I assume) and she enjoys keeping her personal life on the low.

14 Jessie James-Decker - Eric Decker


Jessie James-Decker and Eric Decker are arguably the hottest NFL couple. Jessie and Eric are both just absolutely perfect looking and I personally miss that short-lived reality show that they had on E! It was so cute and showed that they are such a loving and supportive couple. I feel like he is one of the few professional athletes who does not actually cheat on his wife. Eric seems like he is all about Jessie and their adorable offspring. They are just such a nice couple and they're equally matched in the looks department so I totally get why they were initially drawn to each other.

13 Carrie Underwood - Tony Romo

If you're a fan of Carrie Underwood, you probably know that she is married to a hockey player named Mike Fisher and that they have a child together. Before that, she dated Tony Romo and was weirdly not hated on by the public for it. This makes sense to me since it is impossible to hate someone who is so genuine and so talented. People really went in on Jessica Simpson when she dated Tony Romo though, so it's strange that Carrie was pretty much revered during that relationship. Carrie might have moved on from football to hockey, but that relationship will never be forgotten.

12 Jamie-Lynn Sigler - Mark Sanchez


I am really not trying to throw shade here, but I feel like Jamie-Lynn Sigler just doesn't have the best taste in men- but, who am I to talk? Nevertheless, I wish that she would get back together with Jerry Ferrara. Jamie-Lynn and Turtle forever. But anyway, Jamie-Lynn was dating football player Mark Sanchez and in the least shocking turn of events, the dude fulfilled a well known athlete stereotype: they broke up because he had a wandering eye. Poor Jamie-Lynn. Although that really isn't a surprising story, it is sad that he acted like such a dog with Jamie-Lynn.

11 Jessica Simpson - Tony Romo, Eric Johnson

Truth be told, I had absolutely no idea who Eric Johnson was until Jessica Simpson started dating him and they got married. And to be honest, I still don't really know who the dude is. He could walk right in front of me and there is zero chance that I would recognize him. He played for the San Francisco 49ers and the New Orleans Saints. And as we all know, Jessica Simpson infamously dated Tony Romo and was accused of being a jinx- which was pretty unfair since he played poorly on his own. No need to blame Jessica Simpson for that one.

10 Gisele Bündchen - Tom Brady


Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is from Brazil so this means that the only "football" she grew up with is what we know as "soccer." Nevertheless, she seems super comfortable as an NFL wife. She has been happily married to Tom Brady for a while which is pretty crazy since the start of their relationship was quite scandalous. It was a pretty shady timeline with Tom's ex revealing that she was pregnant with their baby after we found out that he was dating the model. They've moved past that now and at this point Gisele is more known for going batshit crazy and blaming everyone else on the Patriots when Tom Brady has a bad game.

9 Olivia Munn - Aaron Rodgers

I have no real reason for caring about Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers, but I ship the two of them inexplicably. I don't really know anything about them as a couple other than the fact that they are together. And you know what, I kind of like that. Their lack of fame seeking is actually pretty refreshing. It honestly seems like they are in a relationship just because they want to be together and it's weirdly unusual for two people who are so well known and famous. Good for them though. These two seem like a pretty happy couple no matter what anyone else thinks.


8 Ciara - Russell Wilson, Cam Newton


As a member of the Future Hive, I am really not a fan of Ciara these days. I think the same can be said for the fans of any man that Ciara has ever dated. I have no idea what's going on, but it seems like there is some sort of Ciara curse. She dated Cam Newton and after that breakup he was absolutely killing it, giving further proof to the supposed Ciara Curse. And Russell Wilson's fans started a GoFundMe page to raise money so Ciara could record music to get away from him since his last season didn't go so well.

7 Kristin Cavallari - Jay Cutler, Matt Leinart

Aside from getting into fake relationships with fellow reality stars, Kristin Cavallari has also dating some professional football players. Kristin got with Matt Leinart while he was still a quarterback at USC. Kristin ended up settling down with a football player too. She is married and has three children with Jay Cutler, who is a quarterback for the Chicago Bears. And I'm happy she did. That is a lot better than pretending to date random dudes for reality TV story lines. Props to Kristin. It's clear that a life without drama actually suits her very well which is ironic considering that she rose to fame as a TV shit stirrer.

6 Kendra Wilkinson - Hank Basket


Kendra Wilkinson's relationship with her husband Hank Baskett seemed wonderful in the beginning. He really came off as the ideal gentleman at first. They really seemed super in love and then shit really hit the fan. He cheated on Kendra with a transexual "model" while she was pregnant with their second child and totally humiliated her. The scandal was even worse than the cheating itself because it all got so dragged out with him refusing to admit to Kendra what exactly went down with him and the other women. It was just way too much and it honestly got old with the constant press coverage when there were no actual revelations being made. It was the weirdest scandal: crazy, but then boring as hell because there was so much news about how there was no actual information being revealed.

5 Taraji P. Henson - Kelvin Hayden

I was happy for Taraji P. Henson when I found out that she was dating hot NFL player Kelvin Hayden. That was until he turned out to be another one of those nasty cheaters. This is the clear downside of dating professional athletes: so many women want them...even though they are already with so many other women. It's something gross that I just don't really understand, but then again I'm not a smoking hot celeb who's getting hit on by professional athletes, so I don't think I'll ever really get it. Thankfully it seems like Taraji has moved on from this dude... or at least I hope so.

4 Amber Rose - Reggie Bush


Everyone and their grandmother knows that Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian have Kanye West in common, but a lot of people don't realize that Amber Rose also got with Reggie Bush. I have to assume that it was some sort of revenge play since she has publicly stated that Kanye and Kim were very inappropriate with the sexting and possibly cheating while she was still with the rapper. Nevertheless, Reggie Bush is attractive whether she was going for a revenge hook up or not, so I don't blame her for being into the NFL player. They're both super hot, so all power to them. I'm sure they thoroughly enjoyed the pettiness.

3 Porsha Williams - Kordell Stewart

When Porsha Williams first came on to Real Housewives of Atlanta she was Porsha Stewart, the dutiful wife to revered NFL player Kordell Stewart. Well, unfortunately that didn't last forever. On the show, Porsha revealed that she found out he filed for divorce because she read about it on Twitter which is beyond tacky. But anyway, that wasn't Porsha's last love interest from the NFL. It's unclear how long these two actually "dated," but Porsha brought football player Duke Williams which sounds kind of icky since they have the same last name, but that is just a really odd coincidence. But anyway, clearly the girl has a thing for ballers.

2 Kim Kardashian - Reggie Bush, Miles Austin


All of the longtime Keeping Up With the Kardashians viewers really thought that Kim Kardashian was going to end up with NFL star Reggie Bush. God, that seems like a lifetime ago, but they really were a solid couple for a long time. That didn't work out- obviously, hello Kimye. But after Kim dated Reggie Bush and before she married that Kris Humphries, she dated another football player named Miles Austin. He appeared on KUWTK and seemed like a really nice guy, but he just was not at all comfortable living his life in the spotlight, so he clearly was not the ideal match for the social media queen.

1 Eva Longoria - Mark Sanchez

We all know that Tony Parker is one of the dumbest men alive since he cheated on Eva Longoria while they were married with a teammate's wife. It was just ridiculous. Who in his right mind would actually cheat on Eva Longoria? That is insane. So I can see why she would be done with the NBA players after that. She had a short-lived relationship with football player Mark Sanchez. Apparently they broke up after three months because they could not line up their schedules, which makes sense to me since they both are pretty busy people. Thank god, she didn't get cheated on again. She's way too good for that athlete stereotype.



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