15 Hot Celebs Who Are Almost As Short As Little People

When one thinks of a gorgeous female celebrity, there are a few things that come to mind. Tall, beautiful, and with a nice body are all things that people think about right away. One thing that does not come to mind right away is for her to be short.

But the thing is, a lot of women in the business really are quite short- probably a lot more than you would think. And, of course, a lot of guys, especially short ones, love women that are a little vertically challenged.

So who are these women that are making a lot of bank as big time Hollywood celebrities and starlets but still need a ladder to reach something on the top shelf? Who are the famous women out there that you could compete with in a wife carrying race? I mean I know that none of these women would ever marry you or I, but that is beside the point.

So what is the point? Glad you asked. A woman does not have to be tall to be gorgeous, to be a star, or to be filthy rich and successful. Don't believe me? Well, let me prove it to you then. Here are 15 celebrity hotties that are under 5’3'' tall.

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15 Kourtney Kardashian - 5'0"

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Really? Kourtney is only five feet tall? I had no idea; it is amazing what one doesn’t notice when you tend to be looking at other things all the time. Another few inches shorter and I can pretty much guarantee that a lot of her fame would be gone- I think five feet is sort of the cut off to be a sex symbol, even if you do have one of the biggest butts of all time, next to her sister anyway. Still, though, there is no doubt that she is hot, as these photos can certainly attest to. She has a certain something, she is not totally gorgeous, and certainly not tall or statuesque, but there is no doubt there is something going on there you can’t look away from. Kind of like a car crash now that I think of it.

Kourtney, like many women on this list, shows us all that you don’t have to be tall to be famous; you just have to make a total fool of yourself on a reality show. Wait, did I just say that out loud? Whoops, my bad. She won’t notice anyway, she is too busy paying attention to herself.

14 Lady Gaga - 5'1"

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On the other end of the spectrum is Lady Gaga. It seems like Lady Gaga has been around forever now, doing pretty much anything that someone could possibly do to be in the public eye. And for someone in the public eye, she sure is ridiculously short. If she was another couple of inches shorter she would not be the star that she is, even a big pair of platform shoes could not save her. She at times looks bigger than she is, as she is often sporting a pair of platform heels, but when she is casual, it is obvious how tiny she is.

The thing about her, is that she is just so darn confident about herself. She does not give off the vibe of being small in any way shape or form. Lady Gaga recently teamed up with Joe Biden to fight against sexual violence in just another example of how big Gaga is in more important ways than her height. But, she still is super short. Sorry Gaga, people do not tell you the truth a whole lot, I know, so it must be kind of hard to hear.

13 Kim Kardashian - 5'2"

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I know this one might be a little bit of a reach since this is supposed to be a story about famous women: have you ever heard of Kim Kardashian? Yeah, well anyway, she is only 5’2″, which coincidentally is the exact measurement around her butt. Regardless of what you think of Kim there is no doubt that she is an enormous star, and has broken a lot of molds about what people think stars should look like. Short and incredibly curvy is not really what someone usually thinks of when they think of a hot female star. But you know fair is fair, Kim has always broken the mold a bit. I bet she has also broken a belt or two from time to time.

I wonder if Kim is taller when she is laying on her stomach then when she is standing up? But all kidding aside, Kim has shown short women everywhere that they don’t have to be tall and blonde to have guys going crazy over them. As long as you have your own reality TV show are kind of gorgeous and act totally crazy the guys are going to like you just fine.

12 Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen - 5'1"

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I know, I know Ashley and Mary Kate are not the same person, but they are twins so it seems that giving them two separate entries would be a waste of time, and I am all about efficiency. I wonder if twins take things like that as compliments or if they get all mad about it? Anyway I can totally tell them apart, one of them had a problem with drugs and the other one didn’t. Other than that I am pretty sure they are the exact same person.

Regardless, enough has been written about these two former child stars to fill a book, in fact I bet there has been someone that has written a book about these two, so I won’t bother giving you background, I will just come right out and say these two are short. They are not only short, but tiny as well; it was like they never should have actually become adults at all. But, you know, they do have the whole twins thing going on, and that makes up for a lot. Read on to see if there are any photos of any super hot short triplets. You know that you want to.

11 Ariana Grande - 5'1"

via shutterstock.com

Everyone once in a very great while a celebrity comes along that gives us, both the adoring public and the all knowing media, false information. When that happens it is the job of media to really do some digging and get the truth out there, no matter who it hurts. This is one of those times. It pains me at times to have to do this, especially to someone that seems as nice as Ariana is, but I have no choice. I have a job to do.

Ariana Grande, tells tall tales about how tall she is. Ariana seems to have no idea how tall she is. According to various websites, she has changed her tune numerous times. On celebheight.com it says 5’1″. In 2009, on Twitter, she first said of her height: “I'm 5’3!!! I grew! Yay!,” although later that year she said “I’m 5’2! I love being #funsized :]”. Ariana changed her tune in 2011, saying both “i am 5 feet tall”and “5 feet or a little more, i’m miniature. haha.” Okay we get it Ariana, you are embarrassed about how short you are, so we’ll just say in advance we’re sorry about this article.

10 Jessica Simpson - 5'2"

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Jessica is another celebrity that one does not think of right away when you think of the word short. Personally I am too busy thinking about how hot she is to even wonder how tall she might be. What the heck is it about her anyway? Is it just me? I tend to doubt it. Any way that you look at is Jessica Simpson has been a huge success in show business for a really long time now, and seems to have the staying power to last for a little bit longer.

While Jessica is often portrayed as an airhead, there is no doubt that she is a super-smart businesswoman, as well as a super hot smoke-show. When you think about it if she really was stupid, then would she be as successful as she is? No way. Whether she is 5 feet tall or 6 feet tall she is a bit of a force of nature, which is something that she has in common with almost all of the women on this list. Does anyone ever say the word “spunky” when it is about a chick that is 6 feet tall and walking down a runway? No way.

9 Jada Pinkett Smith - 5'0"

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Being too short kept Jada from being on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but it did not keep her from hooking up with, and then marrying that show’s breakout star, Will Smith. Jada met Will when she auditioned for the role of his girlfriend on the show, but they said she was too short. This is rather ironic as, even though she was deemed too short to play his girlfriend on the show, she ended up marrying him in real life. The two have since become one of Hollywood’s true power couples.

Jada was at one point a huge star in her own right, and has starred in movies with everyone from Billy Cosby to Eddie Murphy, but has mellowed out a little bit over the past few years. She is now 44 years old and still looks totally amazing. She got her start in 1990 when she was just 20 years old. Like many others on this list she does not really give off the vibe of being short, especially not being 5 feet tall. When a woman is gorgeous, talented, smart and confident, it seems that no one even thinks about how tall she is, and Jada has all of that going on for sure.

8 Anna Kendrick - 5'2"

via shutterstock.com

Anna may be short, but she more than makes up for it with five very distinct things. What five things, you ask? She is hot, she is confident, she has talent, she has a great personality, and most importantly of all, she is from one of the coolest places in the entire world – Portland, Maine which is where I sit as I type this. We tend to like our local girls around here, and Anna is always going to be one of those no matter how successful she becomes.

Anna is another one on this list that when you see her, you don’t even think of the fact that she is kind of on the tiny side, as her energy, looks and talent are all that you truly notice. While she started as someone that had roles in indie movies, over the last few years her career has been blowing up and she is thought of as one of the biggest female A-list stars around. Her career shows no signs of slowing down; sadly it does appear that she has stopped growing though, which makes her short enough to be on this list.

7 Blac Chyna - 5'2"

via latimes.com

Blac Chyna is well known for being a model and an entrepreneur who soon will be marrying Rob Kardashian, and yes that is pretty much all she is known for, is that not enough? This is the third entry in this article where the words “Kardashian” have been written. Any more than that and we risk opening the 7th gate of Hell, so that will be it for mentioning that particular name. Congrats Blac and Rob! We are sure that the two of you will be together forever; you seem like you are so in love! Sorry, writing that just made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. It is interesting that Rob has hooked up with Blac Chyna as she has the same sort of scene going on the other ladies on this list with that name. They are totally vertically challenged, but pretty tall front to back if you know what I am saying, and I am pretty sure that you do.

Blac and Rob recently announced they were going to have a baby. One never knows, but with that body shape they both have I highly doubt that we are looking for the baby to be the next Lakers big man.

6 Salma Hayek - 5'2"

via shutterstock.com

Salma is so ridiculously gorgeous that it is hard to think of her as being short. In fact when describing her, I would not use the word short. I would describe her more as “flawless.” Or maybe “perfect.” She is one of those ladies that just has a classic beauty. She is almost 50 years old at this point and still looks incredible. She has long been an A list movie star of course, but also spends much of her time working on causes that she cares about, including violence against women and helping immigrants. Salma is just a class act all the way around, this is something that simply can not be denied.

As to what she thinks of her own height? She once said “I act tall!…But look how short I am…I can’t even act to be tall. I’m five-two. I can’t even create the illusion that I am tall!” Salma, I speak for all of us when I say we simply don’t care how tall you are, you just keep on doing whatever you are doing and don’t go changing, not even a little bit.

5 Mila Kunis - 5'3"

via shutterstock.com

Mila is one of the hottest women on this, or any other list, and it is hard to think of any sort of piece about hot celebs that also are short that would not have her on it. There are a lot of women out there that I imagine are inspirations for young women everywhere that don’t meet the standards of what a typical hot chick looks like, and Mila is one of them. She is living proof that short chicks with brown hair can get the guy just as much as the tall blonde model can.

She of course is currently hooked up to Ashton Kutcher, and by “currently” I mean this probably is not going to last. Which makes her the second women on this list, along with Jada Pinkett Smith, to be with a tall famous actor that she first met on some “terribad” sitcom years ago, as she met Ashton on That 70’s Show, then wound up with him again later after Ashton and Demi Moore hit the skids. And Demi isn’t that short, although she is kind of old. I mean didn’t we all think that Ashton and Demi were going to be together forever? Umm…

4 Kristen Bell - 5'1"

via shutterstock.com

Speaking of Mila, both she and Kristen Bell starred in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which, if you have not seen it, is pretty awesome. Both she and Mila played competing love interests of actor Jason Segel, who just might be taller than both of them combined. She is currently married to actor and comedian Dax Shepard, who is not only funny, but is also a lucky dude, as Kristen is totally hot.

She is another one that you don’t look at and think “short” right away. I think the firs thing guys usually think of when they see her is “wow” then “I wonder if she has a boyfriend”.

Kristen is not only a champion for short and hot women everywhere she also does work that is a little more important. She has depression and also suffers from anxiety, and instead of hiding it away, she has come out with the whole thing, which is obviously inspirational to a lot of other women out there, especially short ones. She got her big break when she starred in the TV show Veronica Mars and has appeared in many other TV shows and movies since then.

3 Shakira - 5'1"

via shutterstock.com

Shakira is known in some circles for her talent, and others for her butt. I tend to fall in the latter camp– most people don’t think of her as short right away, but she is. She was born in Columbia and still has that vibe although at this point she has taken her talents around the world and pretty much everyone in it knows who she is, and well they should she is a talented woman, who is hardworking as well as gorgeous, and oh yeah - that butt.

She once had this to say: “When I was little, they used to make up all kinds of things, always playing on my name, like Cachita instead of Shakira. And now I get Shak, Shak Attack, Shaki, Shakazulu, Shakarita…but my classmates also used to call me Enana, which means dwarf, because I was always the tiniest one in my class.”

A dwarf? Come on, I mean yeah Shakira may be a little on the short side, but I don’t see her appearing in any stage adaptation of Snow White and the 7 Dwarves at any point soon. Unless they decided to change it up and then she could be the Disney dwarf called “Hotty.”

2 Vanessa Hudgens - 5'1"

via shutterstock.com

Vanessa is another example of a hottie that is challenged in the height department. If you like her looks, and most people do, and want to see more of her, check out some hot photos of her here. She once said that she likes guys that are taller than her, which is pretty normal; if she liked guys that were shorter she would be dealing with actors that could have been extras in the Wizard of Oz or Willy Wonka. Oh really Vanessa? You don’t have a big interest in guys that are 4 and a half feet tall? By the way, how bad would it be to be a short guy? It has to be said, I mean that is brutal. I am not talking 5’8'' or so either, I mean that guy who is like 5’3''. It just has to be a total drag.

Oh yeah, back to Vanessa, While she is short, her height does nothing to slow down her looks or her career. She is a gorgeous young woman and her career continues to ascend. Now if only she could get people to stop talking so much about her and Zac Efron.

1 Christina Aguilera - 5'2"

via shutterstock.com

If you had been paying attention to this list, then you must have been waiting for this name to come up. Can you believe that Christina Aguilera is only thirty-five years old? It’s not that she does not look good; she is smoking hot and she still looks fabulous. It is more that it is hard to even remember a time that she was not a huge star. While she might be big as a star, she is not as a human, and stands only 5’2″. She is the perfect example, though, of a woman, like all of them on this list that has way more to offer than just her height. While they are small in stature, all of these ladies are giants in the business.

It makes one wonder sometimes if these same ladies would be as successful if they were tall, gorgeous, but all of them, even those dreaded Kardashians, are where they are today because of how hard they busted it, and not by how long their legs are. We salute all of you short ladies on this list, even though we are looking down to do it.

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