15 Hot Celebrities Who Only Date Athletes

Hard working, disciplined, fit and healthy, are a few solid qualities that pretty much everyone wants in an ideal significant other. Err…a lavish mansion, a championship ring, and several millions of dollars can’t hurt either we guess. But it seems as though the famous people listed below know all of that already…maybe even a little bit too well. This list of 15 celebrities that only date athletes showcases some of the hottest names in Hollywood that just can’t seem to stay away from literally playing the field when it comes to their love life.

From cute quarterbacks to beautiful blonde tennis players, singers, actors and reality stars alike all have chased, fallen in love with and if they’re lucky, even have married some the best-looking and talented sportsmen and women out there and we can’t really blame them. Featuring celebrities like Victoria Beckham who has been together with her insanely-hot husband David Beckham for more than a decade, to serious serial athlete-only daters like curvaceous model Kate Upton, you’ll definitely be surprised by some of these odd celeb-athlete pairings.

Whether they’re hoping to meet someone to rev their engines on the racetrack, looking to score “love” on the tennis court or wishing to score a home run with their soul mate, here are 15 celebrities that only date athletes.

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15 Jessica Simpson

After her infamous split with now ex-husband Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson turned to athletes to heal her broken heart. The “I Wanna Love You Forever” singer and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo began dating in 2007 after Tony admitted that his celebrity crush was none other than the bubbly blonde singer. Fans doubted the relationship from the beginning and even went as far as to blame Simpson for Romo’s poor performance during a football game. The couple broke up in 2009 just one day before Simpson’s birthday. Shortly after, Simpson found love with former San Francisco 49ers Eric Johnson in 2010. The couple dated for nine months before becoming engaged. Four years and two kids together later, the blonde bombshell couple married in California in July of 2014.

14 Nicole Scherzinger

Former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger knows a thing or two when it comes to dating athletes. The Hawaii-born beauty had an on and off again seven-year relationship with British Formula One racecar driver Lewis Hamilton from 2007 until 2015, with ultimately busy schedules and long distance to blame for the break-up. After the split, Nicole was caught kissing Swiss soccer player Pajtim Kasami while vacationing in Greece in June 2015. The singer-turned-Broadway star, has also been rumored to be dating tennis pro Grigor Dimitoriv, who happens to be tennis star Maria Sharapova’s ex-boyfriend. Looks like athletes may not be all that “Your Love” singer is into nowadays, seeing that Nicole’s more than 13 years older than both Pajtim and Grigor.

13 Khloe Kardashian

The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star has been known to favor athletes as the leading men in her life. In 2009, Khloe and former Tampa Bay Bucaneers running back Derrick Ward were said to have dated for a very brief period of time. That same year, the Kocktails With Khloe talk show host met LA Lakers’ player Lamar Odom and married him just one month later. The couple stayed together for 4 years, before separating due to Lamar’s substance abuse addiction. In 2015, Khloe began dating Houston Rockets' James Harden, and despite rumors of a break-up after Lamar’s infamous overdose at a Las Vegas brothel in October, the couple is still going strong. Khloe has even credited James with helping her get through the difficult time.

12 Erin Andrews

via bigstockphoto.com

Having the job of being a famous and drop-dead gorgeous sportscaster sure looks like it has its perks, especially when it comes to the dating scene. Former ESPN reporter Erin Andrews is no stranger when it comes to linking up with athletes. The current Fox Sports reporter was rumored to have dated New York Mets third baseman David Wright for a brief period in 2007. In 2010, relationship rumors flew when Erin and pro-dancer Maksim Chermkovskiy were paired together to compete on the 10th season of Dancing With The Stars and neither party confirmed or denied them. Erin is dating current hockey player for the Minnesota Wild, Jarret Stoll.

11 Enrique Iglesias

The Huffington Post

While rumored to have dated a few celebrities here and there, Enrique Iglesias prefers the leading lady in his life to be an athlete. The longtime singer met tennis star Anna Kournikova back in 2001 when the blonde beauty appeared in his music video for his single “Escape.” The couple began dating shortly after they had met and have been together for over 15 years. In 2014, Enrique opened up to Billboard and admitted that although he and Anna had been dating for 14 years, his estranged father, Grammy Award winner Julio Iglesias had yet to meet her. And although Enrique has expressed that marriage isn’t necessary in order to maintain a healthy relationship, it sounds like it’s “game, set match” for the two lovebirds.

10 Kate Upton

via NY Daily News

We all know Kate Upton is famous for being insanely hot, but the swimsuit model also has been known to play the field with a few famous athletes. Although never officially confirmed, it’s been said that Kate and former New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez were romantically linked in 2011. A few years later in 2013, the Sports Illustrated model was seen holding hands with Los Angeles Clippers’ player Blake Griffin in New York. And it seems as though Kate and Erin Andrews may have more in common other than both being blonde bombshells, as Kate and pro-dancer Maskim Chemerkovskiy dated for a short six months, before reportedly calling it quits due to busy schedules. It’s only fitting that the Michigan-native model is currently dating Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander. The two met back in 2012 at a baseball event and started dating a short time after.

9 Carrie Underwood

It seems as though country-singing sweetheart Carrie Underwood has a thing or two for good-looking athletes. Carrie and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo dated briefly back in 2007 before splitting up. In a past interview with Esquire, Carrie alluded to the fact that the couple’s relationship wasn’t all that serious and that Tony cared too much about football to be in a committed relationship with her. In 2008, Carrie met her now-husband NHL player Mike Fisher at one of her concerts. The couple married in 2010, and welcomed baby boy Isaiah Michael Fisher in March of 2015.

8 Kendra Wilkinson

7 Victoria Beckham

Former Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham knows a thing or two about dating athletes, since she’s been together with the same one for over 19 years. In 1997, Victoria Adams and soccer stud David Beckham met at a charity football match and began dating shortly after. A couple years later, David popped the big question with a 3-carat diamond ring. The singer-turned-fashion designer gave birth to the couple’s first child, Brooklyn in 1999, followed by Romeo in 2001, Cruz in 2005 and Harper in 2011. In recent years, the power couple has faced rumors of a split but seem to be happy as ever.

6 Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn Lozada is all too familiar with chasing a jersey or two before finally seeming to settle down. In a 2014 radio interview with Russ Parr, former NBA player Antoine Walker revealed that he and Evelyn dated for 10 years before the Basketball Wives’ reality star left him when he went bankrupt. In 2010, Evelyn married former Cincinnati Bengals' player Chad Johnson, better known as Chad Ochocinco, before divorcing him the same year due to domestic violence. The reality star and Los Angeles Dodgers player Carl Crawford got engaged in 2013 and are parents to a son named after the left fielder.

5 Gabrielle Union

Uptown Magazine

Gabrielle Union is not only known for her stunning looks and epic ‘90s teen movie roles but also for her love of athletes. The actress met NFL running back Chris Howard at a party back in 1999 and the couple wed in 2001. Gabrielle and Chris were married for 5 years before divorcing in 2006. Soon after, it was rumored that the Nebraska-born stunner briefly dated former NFL player Darren Sharper, who years later, was arrested for sexual assault in other relationships he had. The “Bring It On” actress began dating current Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade in 2009 and the couple settled down and got married in 2014.

4 Jessie James Decker


Country superstar Jessie James sure seems to like a man in uniform…a football uniform that is. Before finding love with New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker, Jessie was linked to Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, San Francisco 49ers running back Reggie Bush. Rumors of a romance began swirling when the two were spotted hanging out in Vegas back in 2010, although a serious relationship was never officially confirmed. A few years later, Jessie and Eric’s relationship started out long-distance with phone calls and video chats before they ever met in person after a friend had set them up. In 2013, the good-looking couple tied the knot, and today are parents to two kids, Vivianne and Eric.

3 Vanessa Williams

2 Paris Hilton

The socialite has had her fair share of athlete love interests throughout her life. Way back in 2000, the Paris was said to have dated professional boxer Oscar De La Hoya very briefly. The “Stars Are Blind” singer was spotted several times hanging out and cuddling up for a few months with former NFL quarterback Matt Leinart back in 2006. That same year, the reality star was also rumored to have had a fling with tennis pro Andy Roddick.

1 Tara Reid

via bigstockphoto.com

Actress Tara Reid is another celebrity who just can’t seem to stop chasing jerseys when it comes to her love life. The American Pie actress pretty much confirmed the rumors that she and New England Patriots' Tom Brady had a short-lived fling back in 2002, when she admitted on an Australian radio show that she has kissed him before. The Sharknado actress has also been linked to former NFL players Jeremy Shockey, Kyle Boller, NHL player Sergei Fedorov and Australian tennis pro Mark Philippoussis.

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