15 Hot Blonde Actresses Hollywood Is Starting To Forget

Back when Marilyn Monroe was the epitome of beauty and glamour in Hollywood, films like Gentlemen Prefer Blondes definitely made an impression on fans and actresses alike. Numerous actresses have decided to change up their look by going blonde, even if they were previously known for their dark ebony hair. Even celebs from Kim Kardashian to Miley Cyrus have gone the blonde route, even if it’s just a momentary change.

While it used to be that the standard of beauty in Hollywood depended on how platinum blonde an actress could get their hair, the new trend in hair strays from the same old blonde look. From Megan Fox and her ebony locks to Jessica Chastain and her famous red-haired look, not all celebrities are looking toward the blonde style to gain public appeal.

Knowing this all too well are some of the hottest blonde actresses that have seemed to dwindle in their popularity in recent years. While they were once thought of as the epitome of beauty and fame in the entertainment industry, they weren’t able to maintain their celebrity status after reaching their peak.

Since the public can tend to have a short memory when it comes to who remains hot in the celebrity world, it’s important for actresses to maintain a long list of hit films throughout their careers. While some actresses have been able to pick just the right roles to continue their momentum, not everyone can be the next Jennifer Lawrence in the entertainment industry. Check out our list of 15 hot blonde actresses that the public is starting to forget, and see how some starlets have lost their appeal in the public eye in recent years.

15 Michelle Pfeiffer


The double standard in Hollywood regarding aging starlets is pretty much accepted by all, even though there are some celebrities that have been able to find fame in their latter years. While Dame Maggie Smith and Betty White may have been able to recapture their fan base through hit shows like Downton Abbey and Hot in Cleveland, not all actresses have had that same success. Once considered ultra-beautiful and unattainable from her roles in Scarface and Batman Returns, Pfeiffer isn’t exactly in the same form to don the Catwoman pleather outfit.

14 Elisha Cuthbert


The world first fell in love with Elisha Cuthbert in her portrayal as Kim Bauer in 24, but it wasn’t just her damsel in distress persona that gained the attention of fans. Parlaying her TV fame to land a number of roles on the big screen, her most memorable was as the super-seductress in The Girl Next Door. Yet, not everyone can achieve the same level of public appeal playing someone in the sex industry as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

13 Mena Suvari


Oftentimes, the film industry goes through waves of differing themes when it comes to the movies that are put onto the big screen. From a phase of romantic dramas to a series of parody films, actresses don’t always have the best options when it comes to film opportunities. This might be the case for Mena Suvari, since she became popular onscreen in the late '90s.

12 Hayden Panettiere


Although Hayden Panettiere starred in a number of television roles early in her career, it was her portrayal as Claire Bennet in Heroes that truly introduced her to the public. Starring as the cheerleader that couldn’t be killed, she made an impression on audiences for more than just her various attempts at killing herself. While the Heroes show may not have lasted, she definitely used her time on television to help land further roles.

11 Kate Hudson


As the daughter of Goldie Hawn and musician, Bill Hudson, Kate Hudson was first introduced to the public as the young daughter walking the red carpet with her family. Although Hawn and Hudson weren’t able to maintain a relationship, it was actually Kurt Russell that took the role of the male parent figure in Kate Hudson’s life. Yet, Kate Hudson was able to create her own celebrity through her acting career.

10 Rachel McAdams


Although Rachel McAdams has received a number of awards and accolades for her film portrayals in such hits as The Notebook and The Vow, she has also received her fair share of criticism. While she may have been able to pull off the young character in The Notebook, it was a little more difficult to portray the young flashback scenes in the 2012 film, The Vow. Critics slammed her aged look when trying to portray a much younger character in the film, and the simple fact is that time has definitely passed since she was first introduced to audiences in Mean Girls in 2004.

9 Kristen Bell


Kristen Bell may have first gained commercial appeal through her television series, Veronica Mars, but her origins actually trace back to the Broadway stage. While she did receive some success through a film career that included hit films like The Boss and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, most of her biggest successes have been through animation and endorsement deals. Nowadays, she is more known for being the wife of Dax Shepard and those cute commercials for Samsung.

8 Amanda Seyfried


Starting off with a soap opera and television background, it was a huge accomplishment for Amanda Seyfried to make it onto the big screen. Although she received some high praise for her portrayal in HBO’s Big Love, being an actress on the silver screen is a way to broaden her audience and her commercial appeal. With hit films like Dear John and Mamma Mia!, Seyfried started a respectable career in the film industry. Starring alongside A-list actors like Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore, Seyfried hasn’t been a slouch in finding films with costars that upgrade her performances.

7 Kirsten Dunst


First introduced to audiences as a child actress, audiences fell in love with her during her performance in the film adaptation for Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire. Growing up in the public eye, Dunst was able to avoid all the pitfalls of child celebrity and wasn’t the type of actress to be photographed stumbling out of Hollywood bars. Her film career featured a number of successes over the years, but the opportunities and coveted roles have seemed to dwindle as of late.

6 Anna Faris

Although Anna Faris has been in a number of films throughout her career, it’s a bit difficult to consider her on the same level as other A-list actresses when her resume includes movies like the Scary Movie film series and the Alvin and the Chipmunks film series. Nowadays, she’s mostly known for being the woman married to the mega-film star Chris Pratt, rather than being a quality film actress herself. While Pratt used to be the overweight “Plus 1” on her arm on the red carpet, the roles have switched and he is now the ripped breakout star from the latest Jurassic Park film series and she is just the blonde on his arm.

5 Teresa Palmer


Teresa Palmer has a career that’s filled with a number of horror flicks that slated her to become the next scream queen on the big screen. Films like The Grudge 2 and Wolf Creek showed that she could be the beautiful blonde in the horror films to help pull the story-line along, but she also starred in some great love stories in film as well. From The Choice to Warm Bodies (if falling in love with a zombie counts), Palmer hasn’t exactly been an actress hard up for work.

4 Viva Bianca


First introduced to audiences through her television performance in Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Viva Bianca tried to transition to film in an attempt to become Hollywood’s newest leading lady. While many actresses try their hand at varying character portrayals to show depth in their craft, Bianca may have pulled this trick a little too early in her career. From the former call girl in X: Night of Vengeance to the wholesome character in the romantic film, Love at the Christmas Table, it was difficult for audiences to decipher what type of actor she was or what spot she would fill in Hollywood.

3 Julianne Hough


First introduced to fans through the dancing show, Dancing with the Stars, it’s not often that the professional dancer becomes the true celebrity on the show. Using her time on Dancing With The Stars as a launching pad to help further her career in film, Julianne Hough had a few roles that made audiences feel like she might just have a true shot at celebrity status. While Footloose and Rock of Ages played to her strengths in dancing and performing, it was Safe Haven that tried to transform her into leading lady material.

2 Alice Eve

Alice Eve actually has a long list of acting roles both on television and the silver screen throughout her professional career. Yet many of her roles didn’t quite reach leading lady status, and the films didn’t help to further her career. Becoming engaged to the Vincent Chase leading character in the hit HBO series Entourage, you’d think this would be a role to really introduce herself to the public.

1 Emilie de Ravin


Australian-born actress, Emilie de Ravin, was first introduced to audiences through her portrayal as Claire Littleton in the hit television series, Lost. Hoping to transition into film like her fellow cast member, Evangeline Lilly, she was actually cast in a number of films that were considered commercial successes. However, many of her roles were a bit forgettable, even though she starred alongside some of Hollywood’s hottest A-listers.

From Johnny Depp in Public Enemies to Robert Pattinson in Remember Me, it would seem that she had a bright future in the film industry as the next leading lady. Yet it was her portrayal in The Hills Have Eyes that was her biggest film success, and seemed to be her last. Since scream queens seem to come and go in Hollywood, this wasn’t a film that was able to catapult her into film infamy. Instead, she has been pretty much forgotten by audiences and filmmakers alike.

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