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15 Hot Actresses You’ve Never Heard Of, But Will Soon

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15 Hot Actresses You’ve Never Heard Of, But Will Soon

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If you’re like us here at TheRichest, you’re always in the mood to ogle at some hot chicks. But how many times can we argue over Scarlet Johansson’s hot test look: whether it’s as Black Widow in Avengers, the equally awesomely-lethal Lucy or even as the Girl with the Pearl Earring? How many publicity shots do we need to see of Jennifer Lawrence? OK, OK, we admit it, we don’t really get tired of those two and their super-famous peers. But a little variety is nice every now and then, too, don’t you think?

That’s why we’ve compiled the following list of hot actresses you probably haven’t screened yet. Some of them were once child stars who disappeared only to return as smoking hot adults. Some of them ply their trade in the lost regions of daytime TV where nobody ever sees them. And some of them are poised right on the verge of breaking through to superstardom. Whatever their story, though, they all share one all-important trait. They’re all too hot to be ignored.

15. Courtney Peldon


It’s hard to believe but this looker is best known for her voiceover work in children’s animated shows like W.I.T.C.H. and The Emperor’s New School as well as Disney’s Frozen (no, she wasn’t Elsa). She had a small career as a child actress and even starred in an ABC afterschool special but we’d really like to see her in something she starred in called Jesus Sex Scandal. Now that sounds like a film where she put her talents to good use!

14. Ashley Peldon


The younger sister of Courtney is even more of a stunner than her sis. She started her career on the Guiding Light as a four-year old and was prolific throughout her early years as a guest star on TV. While in college (she’s got a degree in Child Psychology so she’s got brains, too) her acting roles slowed down a bit but she’s still has done voiceover work in recent years in big animated films like Aliens in the Attic and the Ice Age christmas special.

13. Kathy Wagner


While Kathy might be getting a little older now she (she’s an ancient 36) she had a long career as a child actress, most notably on sitcoms like Silver Spoons, The Wonder Years and Our House. After taking a break for college, she played Laurie Partridge in the Partridge Family movie C’Mon, Get Happy and even starred with Method Man and Redman in the cult-classic Stoner movie How High. She doesn’t act too much these days but we think you’ll agree she’s still pretty hot.

12. Sharni Vinson


This super-hot Australian is better known on her native shores than in the U.S.A. She’s guest starred on TV shows like Cold Case and NCIS as well as starred in the horror flick You’re Next. She’s probably best known in her homeland, where she starred in the long-running Australian TV series Home and Away. Apparently Sharni is also quite the swimmer, having been a state record holder in high school. We think a swimsuit issue appearance for her somewhere would be just the ticket.

11. Antje Traue


Alright, we know her name sounds a little weird to American ears. It’s doesn’t exactly sound hot. Perhaps it’s because she was born in the former East Germany, where nothing was ever hot or cool. She still does most of her work in German film, after all. But Antje, who starred in the creepily underrated Pandorum with Dennis Quaid and Man of Steel, might be ready to explode into our consciousness. She’s starring in this year’s Criminal with Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Oldman. Talk about moving up in the world!

10. Alicia Leigh Willis


Alicia had a recurring role on 7th Heaven when she was younger but really made her bones on General Hospital, where she starred for 5 seasons. The classically beautiful blonde also had a recurring role in The L word and is currently starring in The Bay. She may not be the next “It” girl but Alicia’s plenty hot enough for us.

9. Brianna Brown


There was no way we couldn’t include Brianna on this list. An alumnus of Judd Apatow’s legendary cult high school series Freak & Geeks (where she played a hot cheerleader, of course) she bounced around TV for years, guest starring in just about the entire prime time docket for a decade. Like a few other gals on this list, Brianna finally found a home on General Hospital. She’s turned that into a series regular gig on Lifetime’s Devious Maids.

8. Ivana Milicevic


Ivana seemed poised to bust out when she starred in Casino Royale with Daniel Craig but it just didn’t quite happen. Never mind, though, because this blond bombshell is still going strong on the underrated series Banshee where she is a regular cast member. She was born in the former Yugoslavia but, fortunately for guys everywhere, the family immigrated to America and Ivana took up acting.

7. Tia Texada


Here’s another one who does a ton of voiceover work. We don’t know if it‘s because hot chicks usually have hot voices or if it’s because hot chicks start taking on voice roles as they get a little bit older and we don’t care. Tia grew up in Cajun country in Louisiana and her exotic looks sure are spicy! She’s been in stuff like Phone Booth and The Amazing Spider-Man, as well as tons of TV work, but we also hear she’s a singer – she could serenade us any day!

6. Felicity Jones


Sometimes just having an English accent is enough to make the guys go mad. It’s nice when those hot English chicks can act too, though. Felicity started off in England starring in weird children’s fare like The Worst Witch. She graduated to greater BBC glory with Masterpiece productions like The Diary of Anne Frank but really hit her stride with The Amazing Spider Man 2 and the Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything. She’s starring opposite Tom Hanks in the upcoming Da Vinci code franchise movie Inferno so expect to hear a lot more about Felicity.

5. Stephanie Leigh Schlund


If you happened to be watching The Price is Right sometime in 2008 you probably saw Stephanie strutting her stuff as one of the models. If you saw The Hunger Games: Catching Fire you probably saw her playing “Cashmere.” If you saw her in between those two gigs… Oh wait, you probably didn’t. No matter, she was probably just as hot in all of those, too.

4. Agnes Bruckner


A former child star on The Bold & the Beautiful, Agnes took the normal Hollywood route after her childhood gig was over by guest starring on Law & Order. Doesn’t everybody? She also starred in whatever other TV offers were out there, it seems, but has made good on her early promise with a recurring role in A&E’s current hit The Returned. We won’t talk about her “Wilderness Years” when she starred in a string of horror flops like Venom and The Woods.

3. Esme Bianco


Esme doesn’t have many credits to her name but the one big whopper she does have is more than enough to make Fanboys everywhere drool. You see, she played Ros on Game of Thrones between 2011-13. Need we say more? She’s already got a lifetime pass to the “Cult of Nerdy Hotties” club. We suppose it doesn’t hurt that she’s British and Ginger as well. As if all of that weren’t enough, Esme models lingerie and heads up a Cabaret company. Wow. She can visit our throne-room any time.

2. Tristin Mays


A lot of child models (especially ones who starred in commercials for things like Play Skool and Kool Aid) don’t tend to make it big later in life. Fortunately for us, Tristin grew up into a big-time hottie who, more importantly, is still working in front of the camera. After starring in stuff like Fail and the Vampire Diaries, she landed a part on this fall’s Supergirl. Way to go Tristin – we’ll be watching you!

1. Gina Rodriguez



Gina’s starting to make a big name for herself due to the success of her TV series Jane the Virgin, in which she plays the title character. People are ready for her to be “The Next Big Thing” and considering she just won the Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy she just might be. And no wonder – not only is she hot as hell, she’s also got mad acting chops. This Puerto Rican-American stunner made her bones in TV junk like The Bold & the Beautiful, Army Wives and Rizzoli & Isles, so you know Gina’s ready for primetime!

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