15 Hilarious Cat Videos That Will Leave You In Stitches

Think cats are boring pets to have? Well these videos will have you rethinking everything you previously thought about our feline friends. They can actually be downright amusing and rib-tickling funny! Here is our list of 20 of the Most Hilarious Cat Videos You’ll Ever See. These kitties will make you laugh out loud with their quizzical facial expressions, feline flops, cute actions, and other shenanigans.

Just take a look at these cats while they jump, nap, smile, and just sit there looking funny and cute. From big adult cats to tiny fluffy kittens, these videos have it all. We have cats playing by themselves, with other cats, with humans, with technology, with everyday objects, and with other animals. Have you ever wanted to watch a match between a cat and a crocodile? How about a cat that is having an identity crisis?

You will love these videos, whether you consider yourself a cat lover or not. Cat videos are definitely here to stay and these are 20 of the best. So ditch your work, forget your inbox, and hunker down to watch these videos now! Your boss may not be happy about it, but maybe they will understand if you share these vids with them.


15 Shark Cat

You will love this video, even if you do not find cats to be particularly cute. Really, we challenge you to watch this video and not smile or laugh. Here is the jist of it: a cat, a Roomba, and a shark suit. Where the person taking this video got a shark suit is beyond us, but it is one cute get-up for a kitty-cat. As the shark-cat rides on the Roomba, it looks as though he is on the prowl in the kitchen. As most of us know, a Roomba is an automated vacuum cleaner in the shape of a disk. Really, you need to just see the video to get the full picture.

14 Cat Pranks Other Cat


If you thought that cats just cared only about themselves, then just watch this short clip of a feline getting his scare on! The fluffy feline is just chilling on a bed while sniffing around at a plastic bag. A harmless plastic bag, right? Wrong! A few seconds into the video and his cat buddy pops out of that plastic bag and almost scares the poo out of the other guy. The victim cat shoots up into the sky and almost hits his head on the ceiling. No lie! That was one scaredy cat. He lands on the floor (on his feet of course) but he was scared-stiff. The owner is heard laughing in the background.

13 Cat vs. Chipmunk

What happens when a cat messes with the wrong chipmunk? This video. A big ol’ calico cat is outside doing his natural-predator thing. He goes after a little chipmunk and holds it in his mouth. He scruffs the chipmunk up a little bit, and then the little guy gets loose. And then he decides to get his revenge on the cat. He wants to tell him to pick on someone his own size! That chipmunk goes hog-wild on the pussycat and hits him in the nose, in the head, and then jumps around on his head and body. The cat is just like “what is going on?” and it is a great Tom-and-Jerry moment.

12 High-Fiving Cat


We only wish we had a cat that was this cool. First of all, it is entirely jet-black, upping its cool factor before we even see it do anything. Secondly, this little dude is just chilling on the headrest of an armchair looking all badass. Finally, its owner shuffles on over, holds out his hand, and that cat gives him a winning high-five. It was the epitome of cool. This cat also gets bonus points for lounging around in a house that looks as though it is sitting pretty in the middle of Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, California. Seriously, there is a nice fireplace, beautiful floors, and pristine white décor.

11 Cat Bully

We all already knew that cats were not exactly team players or super-nice all the time. Most cats are just downright mean! Yet this one cat bully will leave you laughing and feeling sorry for the other guy, too. The video will leave you with wet eyes from laughing and sympathizing with the poor cat that disappears into the dark abyss of the basement. Two cats are looking into a cellar that is pitch-dark. One cat inches forward and starts to go down the stairs. The other cat is getting antsy and decides to give the other cat a push in the tush. The other cat vanishes into the darkness.

10 Cat Jump Fail


Ah, nothing like a cat being un-cat-like. In this video, we want to not laugh, but we just can’t help it. There is something oddly satisfying about watching an animal that thinks they are so superior make a huge fool of itself. This cat jump fail is impressively bad. Watch as the cat does the signature feline butt twitch before taking off. Actually, cats do this so that they can get a better sense of visualizing their surroundings. It helps with their depth perception. Something must have been off with this cat though. He jumps, he misses and the result is hilarious!

9 Cat-in-the-Mirror Revelation

This video starts out with a parent taking a cute video of their baby. As the little guy tots around on his wobbly baby-fat legs, the parent gives a little giggle. Then we hear an off-screen meow and the camera pans to the family cat. The feline is poised next to a full-length mirror and when the cat turns around and looks into that mirror. Horror. This cat is obviously shocked to discover that it is a cat, and it does not look happy about it. For a good few seconds, this cat is just staring back at the reflection in the mirror, with wide eyes and a sourpuss face.


8 Bath Time Cat


Just the words “cat” and “bath time” do not go together at all. We already know this is going to be one hilarious video before we even watch it. As with many funny videos, this one starts with a baby. This little humanoid is getting his bath on in the bathtub. Bubbles galore! Bubbles are quite interesting for cats. The light, the rainbows, the pleasant smell! The family cat ambles closer and closer to the edge of the tub when the baby just grabs him and yanks him into the tub. Cat, meet water. The poor feline gets totally submerged and scrambles out of the tub in a flash.

7 Cat vs. Alligator

This is one tough cat! We are not sure where he is in this video, but there are some people watching him and they decide to capture the stand-off, lucky for us! The cat is on the riverbank and sees an alligator approaching. So what does he do? He fights it, of course. Hey, you gotta protect your territory. And that alligator belongs in the water. The ground is for the cats! So the alligator is about to come on land and the cat just goes full-on karate-chop on him and hits him in the head. The alligator then backs away and descends back into the river.

6 Contortionist Cat


We know that cats are amazing animals. They are aloof and then cuddly. They are quiet as a mouse and then super-vocal. They are also the animal equivalent of a Cirque d’Soleil performer. Just take a look at this cat, who squeezes itself into metal jar. Perfectly. Honestly, we have never seen a cat get into a rounded vessel so perfectly and show no signs of struggle. Once the cat is completely inside, we can’t even see the little guy anymore! And this is a tiny, tiny metal jar, mind you. This video is just another example of the amazing cat body.

5 Cat Masseuse

This cat video is not only hilarious, but heart-warming as well. Here we have natural-born enemies: a cat and a dog. There is also nice juxtaposition here with the dog being white and the cat being black. Light versus darkness, awesome! Anyway, we see these two critters from behind, and the cat is giving the dog (who is three times the cat’s size, by the way) a friendly massage. The cat uses its powerful paws to give that dog’s back some much-needed TLC. It is so cute, so funny, and so not natural. Still, we would not mind using that cat’s services for our own back!

4 Tired Cat


This is one tired cat! Here we have a kitty cat just chillin’ on the bed and the blankets must be so comfy, and the cat just so tired, and the little guy just zonks out. But we have never seen a cat go to sleep like this before. One second, the cat is just sitting there with its head up and its eyes partly open. The next, it is face-first on the blanket and totally cat-napping. This little feline probably stayed asleep for hours. After all, we know that the typical cat nap is about 8 hours. Hey, it is exhausting being a cat!

3 Sleeping Cat

Cats can be so cute. We also know that they just love to get their snooze on. So when we saw this video of a cat sitting like a human while it sleeps, we were smitten and left cracking up. Not only is this kitty zonking out, but he has his tongue sticking out and everything. He is sitting in a seemingly impossible posture for a cat, and his legs are sprawled out in front of him. His front legs are sitting on his belly, and his head is tilted to one side a bit. It is full-on sleepy time sitting! Hilarious!

2 Cat in Sleeve


Here is a cat video that will leave you rolling on the floor laughing and wishing that you had one cute kitty like this in your home. In this video, someone’s cat got the brilliant idea of shimmying into a sweatshirt. We can see the appeal. It is warm and cozy and smells like the outside world (or body odor.) Yet this cat takes it a step further. He does not hide in the torso, oh no. He cuddles inside of the sleeve. He gets all the way up to the wrists and that is where his face pops out, but his ears stay inside. It is adorable.

1 Pattycake Kitty

Finally, we have the video that encapsulates the cuteness and comedic relief of owning a kitten. Here we have the cutest little kitten that we have ever seen. It is sitting in its owners lap on its back so that all four of its legs are sitting up in the air. Then comes a game that we are dying to play with a kitten. The person tickles the kitten in the tummy and the kitten curls up into a ball. Then the person stops and puts his hands in the air. The kitten follows suit and looks like a little monkey. It is adorable, hilarious, and heart-warming.



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