15 Gorgeous Softball Players You Must See

Softball has a reputation that doesn’t always jive with men envisioning beautiful athletes. There is a stigma that follows softball as the sport of choice for girls who may not be as fit as women participating in other sports. And while they may be true in some cases, being that softball requires a certain amount of strength and size, it is also true that there are some truly beautiful women playing softball. And anyone who thinks this is an easy sport has never stood in the batter’s box and seen a fastball zooming by their faces. I personally have played baseball through college and seen some real wicked heat. But the only time I was ever fearful was when facing a college D1 softball pitcher who was letting it fly from 43 feet away. That scared the crap out of me.

The difference between baseball’s 60.5 feet where a pitcher hurls from and the softball pitcher at 43 feet is huge. Take a softball pitcher throwing in the high 70s and you got the equivalent of Aldoris Chapman (baseball’s hardest throwing relief pitcher) plus 6! It’s nearly equivalent to 110MPH in baseball terms. That is insane. The ability for softball hitters to adjust and simply react is truly a testament to their abilities and the skill involved to master the game.

And yes, we are also here because some of these payers are downright gorgeous. Apologies to anyone’s favorites who were left off this list. Behold, The 15 Hottest Softball Players.


15 Caitlin Lowe

The University of Arizona is like a factory for young beautiful women. Caitlin Lowe is another beauty who made her way through the highly successful softball program. She, to, was on the 2006 and 2007 championship teams. Lowe wasn’t messing around, either. She was a 4-time First Team All-American. She is also just one of a handful of collegiate athletes in Division 1 to have accumulated 300 hits, 200 runs and 100 stolen bases while batting .400 during the course of her collegiate career. Lowe, an absolute beast on the diamond, represented the United States on the National Level while playing for the USSSA Florida Pride. In 2014, Lowe announced her retirement from the sport she loved and it was immediately announced that she would enter the Softball Hall of Fame and her number 26 jersey would be retired (take notes MLB…see how easy that was!).

14 Jenn Brown

When you are the daughter of two Olympic gymnastics coaches, it is pretty much predetermined that you are going to be a stud athlete. Jenn Brown not only is a phenomenal softball player, she competed at volleyball, basketball, track and softball. Pretty much, she dominated high school sports. Jenn went on to the University of Florida where she made the team as a freshman and played all four years. Jenn kicked so much ass on the diamond that she was chosen as one of the top 10 athletes in Central Florida back in 1999. She graduated and went on to become an ESPN announcer for College Game Day. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention that she is downright beautiful.

13 Taryne Mowatt

Taryne Mowatt is a one of the many beautiful female athletes to stroll through the hallowed doors of the University of Arizona. Known for being a hotbed of beautiful, tanned women, Taryne definitely fits the bill. But instead of just strutting herself on campus and looking pretty, she busted her ass and played softball for the Wildcats' program from 2005-2008. Back in 2007, Mowatt was one of the foundations that helped the Wildcats win back-to-back collegiate championship. She was then drafted by the National Pro Fastpitch team, the Washington Glory. Well done, Taryne.

12 Lauren Peters

Okay, so Lauren Peters may be more beautiful than accomplished when it comes to making the Softball Hall of Fame. But this beauty attended North Carolina State University. Her freshman season was a wash due to a strain in her elbow. She returned to the team as a red shirt freshman in 2008 and started 42 of 46 games after her Tommy John Surgery. After a successful and fruitful college career, the beautiful Peters went on to business. She entered real estate and worked as a broker. Then she managed properties. Finally, Peters returned back to her calling and is the owner and operator of Xtra Innings Baseball and Softball Training Facility. She is also smoking hot.

11 Madi Osias

Madi Osias is one of the numerous beautiful softball players competing in the SEC. She plays Ole Miss and will be a senior this upcoming season. She was the 6th ranked player in the entire SEC. Madi not only is a machine at the plate, she is a flamethrower on the mound. This business major has aspirations of going into sports management with a focus on baseball. The California native is a beautiful addition to the already smoking hot SEC and is sure to make a major impact this upcoming season.

10 Kimi Pohlman

Kimi Pohlman is a gem from up in the Northwest representing the Washington Huskies. The former outfielder was a stunning blonde with lightning speed on the base paths. She nabbed 89 stolen bases during the course of her career and was drafted by the National Professional Fastpitch softball league by the Chicago Bandits. Her career .378 batting average and 275 hits are all top 10 records in Huskie Nation. Her athletic ability is off the charts and her looks follow suit.

9 Megan Gibson

Megan Gibson attended Texas A&M from 2004-2008. During the 2008 season, Gibson was a force for the Aggies, winning collegiate National Player of The Week honors from February 25th to March 2nd. Later that season she became the first Big 12 ever to be named both big 12 Player of the Year and Pitcher of the Year. Gibson led her Aggies to the Finals of the College World Series. Gibson was selected by the Philadelphia Force as the 2nd overall pick in the 2008 NPF Senior Draft. In 2010 she moved on and played for the Tennessee Diamonds. Gibson now is the pitching coach for the Penn State Nittany Lions Softball Team.


8 Callista Balko

Another Wildcat tops this list. Callista Balko wore the “tools of ignorance” during the Arizona Wildcats epic 2006-7 runs to National Championship prominence. There is a stigma with catchers that they are stocky and heavy set. Balko definitely does not fit that bill. This blonde is both beautiful and extremely athletic at her position. Balko was signed by the Washington Glory in the NPF. After a short stint, she opted to return back to Tuscon and hang up her cleats.

7 Amber Tramp

Amber Tramp is another SEC star for Ole Miss that tops this list. Tramp is downright gorgeous, easily one of the most beautiful women on this list. Hailing from Keller, Texas, Tramp is another catcher who killed it with both her play and looks on the diamond. She was a Rebel star for Ole Miss and was Miss Consistency out on the field. Tramp was awarded the title of Miss Co-ed in 2010. Her stats won’t blow anyone away; always a solid contributor on the field, but her looks are devastating. If there is a model in this group, Tramp certainly has the chops for it.

6 Cat Osterman

Cat Osterman is another Texas native that kills it with her amazing beauty. This Southern Belle went on to study and play at the University of Texas at Austin. Osterman was a 4-Time All-American at school, a devastating left-handed pitcher that dominated her opponents. After college, Osterman went on to pitch for the USA Olympic Team in 2008. The team finished with a silver medal that year. She became the first overall draft pick in the NPF, chosen by the Connecticut Brakettes. Osterman most recently retired, stepping away from softball for good.

5 Kayla Cox

Kayla Cox most recently played for the University of Tampa. It was quite the journey to get to the top and lead Tampa to the number 2 ranked team in all of college softball. Cox initially committed to NC State but it wasn’t meant to be for Cox to be part of Wolfpack Nation. Cox got cold feet in North Carolina, growing homesick. She missed her palm trees and transferred to University of Tampa where she lead her new team to a 31-6 overall record and a share of the Sunshine State Conference Title as a senior. A dominating pitcher, a beautiful woman and a spiritual soul, Cox now hopes to make an impact in the world as a model.

4 Angela Tincher

Angela Tincher is one of those pitchers who absolutely dominated her competition whenever she took the mound. The All-American right-handed pitcher from Eagle Rock, Virginia signed to go to Virginia Tech and became the Hokies most valuable player. Tincher was an All-American both her junior and senior seasons and broke single season records for wins, ERA, WHIP and shutouts, opponent’s batting averages and strikeout ratio. Tincher went on to play professionally getting drafted by the Akron Races before moving on to the Washington Glory in the NPF. She lead the league with 157 strikeouts during her rookie campaign, just four strikeouts shy from breaking the NPF record.

3 Katie Fleury

Katie Fleury played for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame from 2008-2011. Whenever Katie takes the field, she dawns her signature eye black. She is a force at the plate. Fleury pounded out 20 collegiate home runs. She was an All-American as well as scoring All Big East Second Team honors. The infielder from San Jose, California was able to land in the top 10 of many top numbers in the Notre Dame record books. Her skills on the field are only outdone by her amazing looks.

2 Whitney Baker

Whitney Baker was an impact pitcher for the UCLA Bruins from 2007-2009. This stunning beauty always seemed to struggle to stay healthy. She was a high school stud, dominating her opponents on the diamond while slamming balls on the volleyball court. Her Washington high school record of 949 batters struck out is borderline ridiculous. Baker has since moved on to sell medical supplies. We have a sneaking suspicion she is always welcome at the doctor’s offices.

1 Adrienne Acton

Adrienne Acton is yet another member of the championship Arizona Wildcats Softball Team. The impressive team boasted some of the most beautiful softball players to ever walk the earth. She played outfield for the Wildcats from 2005-2008. In 2007, she nabbed an All-Pac 10 Honorable Mention. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Criminal Law and Sociology. She followed that up by happily getting married. Acton is amazingly gorgeous and we wish her well in her travels.

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