15 Gorgeous Softball Players You Must See

Softball has a reputation that doesn’t always jive with men envisioning beautiful athletes. There is a stigma that follows softball as the sport of choice for girls who may not be as fit as women participating in other sports. And while they may be true in some cases, being that softball requires a certain amount of strength and size, it is also true that there are some truly beautiful women playing softball. And anyone who thinks this is an easy sport has never stood in the batter’s box and seen a fastball zooming by their faces. I personally have played baseball through college and seen some real wicked heat. But the only time I was ever fearful was when facing a college D1 softball pitcher who was letting it fly from 43 feet away. That scared the crap out of me.

The difference between baseball’s 60.5 feet where a pitcher hurls from and the softball pitcher at 43 feet is huge. Take a softball pitcher throwing in the high 70s and you got the equivalent of Aldoris Chapman (baseball’s hardest throwing relief pitcher) plus 6! It’s nearly equivalent to 110MPH in baseball terms. That is insane. The ability for softball hitters to adjust and simply react is truly a testament to their abilities and the skill involved to master the game.

And yes, we are also here because some of these payers are downright gorgeous. Apologies to anyone’s favorites who were left off this list. Behold, The 15 Hottest Softball Players.

15 Caitlin Lowe

14 Jenn Brown

13 Taryne Mowatt

12 Lauren Peters

11 Madi Osias

10 Kimi Pohlman

9 Megan Gibson

8 Callista Balko

7 Amber Tramp

6 Cat Osterman

5 Kayla Cox

4 Angela Tincher

3 Katie Fleury

2 Whitney Baker

1 Adrienne Acton

Adrienne Acton is yet another member of the championship Arizona Wildcats Softball Team. The impressive team boasted some of the most beautiful softball players to ever walk the earth. She played outfield for the Wildcats from 2005-2008. In 2007, she nabbed an All-Pac 10 Honorable Mention. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Criminal Law and Sociology. She followed that up by happily getting married. Acton is amazingly gorgeous and we wish her well in her travels.


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15 Gorgeous Softball Players You Must See