15 Gorgeous Former Divas The WWE Likes To Ignore: Part 2

Although WWE isn’t the only wrestling company around, it’s still the biggest promotion in America, and it’s where everyone who dreams of being involved in the wrestling business ends up. With an owner like Vince McMahon in charge, being a gorgeous woman gives you a bit of an edge over other young woman looking to catch attention, and as a result dozens of beautiful women have stepped into WWE’s squared circle.

We’ve covered it before, but there’s no shortage of gorgeous women who worked for WWE only to be completely forgotten about a few years later. Most of these divas competed within the last decade or two, and yet fans and WWE programming alike seem to completely forget they even existed. There are a variety of reasons why, some more legitimate than others, but that doesn’t change what they all have in common: these are some absolutely gorgeous women.

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15 Candice Michelle - Posed For Playboy

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Candice Michelle is probably best remembered worldwide for her provocative series of television ads for GoDaddy.com. She debuted with WWE in 2004 as part of the first WWE Diva’s Search and in 2007 became the first Diva’s Search contestant to win the WWE Women’s Championship. Although she wasn’t the winner of the competition, she ended up receiving a WWE contract anyway, and was in fact one of only a few participants to immediately become a full-time wrestler (opposed to an interviewer or managerial role). Candice posed nude for Playboy in 2006 and left WWE in 2009. Her Playboy pictorial will likely keep her from being mentioned again for some time.

14 Joy Giovanni - Laid Off Due To Budget Cuts

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Joy Giovanni debuted as part of the 2004 WWE Diva’s Search, and although she came in third place, less than one month after her elimination she began appearing on SmackDown. She formed an on screen alliance and romantic relationship with the Big Show while feuding with the team of JBL and another contestant loser, Amy Weber. On the strength of these storylines she was named WWE’s Diva Rookie of the Year in February of 2005, but ended up being released due to budget cuts later that same year. Joy made a one-night return to WWE for WrestleMania XXV only to quickly be eliminated from the Miss WrestleMania Battle Royal.

13 Kelly Kelly - Left Due To Neck Problems

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Barbie Blank debuted in WWE as Kelly Kelly in 2006 when she was only 19 years old, making her the youngest female wrestler in WWE history. She debuted on ECW on Sci-Fi as an “exhibitionist,” regularly promising to strip naked on live television only to be stopped by various wrestlers. Over the next few years she became an accomplished wrestler, winning the WWE Diva’s Championship. She also teamed with E! host Maria Menounos at WrestleMania XXVIII in a high profile celebrity match. Kelly left WWE in 2012 due to neck problems, and given the risqué nature of her character when she debuted, it’s unlikely she’ll be brought back anytime soon. Blank is engaged to former NHL player Sheldon Souray and appears on the reality show WAGS, so it’s doubtful she has any intention of doing so, anyway.

12 Maryse - Brief And Successful Career


Maryse had been a model and actress in her native Canada for several years before debuting in WWE in 2006. In fact, her official WWE debut was to introduce the video for Timbaland’s “Throw It On Me,” which she appeared in along with a variety of other divas. In 2008, she won her first WWE Divas Championship, and two years later became the first woman to win the title twice. After losing the title for a second time she began appearing as a co-host of NXT before being released in 2011. Maryse continues to act and model and has been married to WWE superstar The Miz since 2014.

11 Ryan Shamrock - Testified Against Triple H

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Ryan Shamrock, also known as Alicia Webb, was the real life girlfriend and on screen sister of Ken Shamrock in 1999. That’s kind of icky and confusing, but regardless, Ryan was a pretty big part of WWE in early 1999, as the driving focus behind most of Ken’s storylines. Over the span of only a few months, she dated Billy Gunn, Goldust, and Val Venis as they feuded her “brother”.

After splitting with Ken, she formed PMS with Terri Runnels and Jacqueline before leaving the company in less than a year. In 2002, Webb testified against Triple H during Nicole Bass’s sexual harassment trial against WWE. Webb claimed Triple H walked in on her while she was in the women’s bathroom, a claim Triple H completely denies. Considering the power Triple H now has, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing or hearing from her ever again. She also appeared in WCW as Symphony and TNA as Aleesha.

10 Rochelle Loewen - Rumor Has It...

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Rochelle Loewen is a former model who debuted on WWE asking Eric Bischoff for a job on Raw. Rejected, she later showed up on SmackDown and competed in minor segments for less than a year before disappearing from wrestling. Loewen barely made a dent on WWE while she was with the company, but is well remembered on the Internet for a rumor involving Randy Orton. Shortly after joining WWE, Loewen apparently didn’t know who Orton was. Offended, Orton vandalized her belongings with baby oil.. Although the truth isn’t as bad as the rumor, it's still a damning indictment against a major WWE star. Orton has never publicly commented on the matter, but most believe Loewen to be telling the truth; regardless, she’s the one who WWE will never mention again.

9 Anastacia Rose - Terrible Interviewer


Anastacia Rose is an actress who became a WWE interviewer for all of three months in late 2007. Earlier in the year she appeared on The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For the Next Doll under her real name, Anastacia McPherson. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, although initially excited by her debut due to her past on the Pussycat Dolls show, most WWE executives simply felt she wasn’t very good at conducting interviews. Anastacia exclusively appeared on SmackDown, interviewing notable superstars like Batista and Rey Mysterio. Since leaving WWE she has appeared as an actress in minor roles on several big television shows, including Happy Endings and House of Cards.

8 Mike McGuirk - Left For "Travel Reasons"


Many young male WWE fans probably call Renee Young their favorite professional wrestling broadcaster, but the path to that booth was paved by a select few women before her. WWE’s first female ring announcer was Mike McGuirk, who started with the company in 1987. She also performed commentary on All-American Wrestling and WWE Wrestling Challenge alongside Brother Love and regularly got into comedic tiffs with Bobby Heenan ("Her name is Mike? What's her brother's name, Sally?").

Mike is the daughter of legendary promoter Leroy McGuirk. She was a go-getter in the industry who sold herself to Vince McMahon on the premise there were virtually no women in the company outside of a few female wrestlers. Despite a seedy rumor claiming she left due to sexual harassment by McMahon, she has gone on record to explain she left the company exclusively due to travel reasons, and actually loved working with him. That only makes it even stranger WWE ignores such a trailblazer for women in wrestling.

7 Daffney - Hired And Fired Before Appearing On WWE

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Daffney, real name Shannon Spruill, never officially appeared on WWE television, but she was one of the few important women during the final years of WCW. Daffney debuted in late 1999 as the mentally insane girlfriend of David Flair. With a character inspired in part by Mallory Knox and Harley Quinn, Daffney became one of only two women to win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship in 2000. She feuded with future WWE Divas Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson, but mostly acted as the manager of Flair and his tag team partner, Crowbar.

Since WCW went out of business in 2001, Daffney has had a variety of unfortunate career issues. First she was hired and then fired by WWE before she appeared on television because “creative didn’t have anything for her.” Next, Spruill had a lengthy career in TNA, which ended with her suing the company over worker’s compensation benefits. She is retired as a wrestler due to her TNA injuries, but she still appears as a manager and is a booker for the all female Shine Wrestling.

6 Francine - Francine Who?


Francine debuted in ECW in 1995 as Stevie Richards’ biggest fans and later girlfriend. After Stevie turned on her, she became known as “The Queen of Extreme,” managing top ECW stars including the Pitbulls, Shane Douglas and the Impact Players. Her suggestive dialogue and sultry attitude made her a hit with ECW’s top heel stars, and having the gorgeous Francine around the champion’s arm often seemed as important as having the belt itself. She wasn’t as hardcore in the ring as women like Beulah McGillicutty, but Francine did regularly get physically involved in the matches and frequently “catfight” with the other women of ECW. She debuted in WWE at One Night Stand in 2005 and made several appearances on ECW on Sci-Fi before being released in 2006. Francine has also made a few appearances with TNA.

5 Lena Yada - Feuded With Kelly Kelly

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Lena Yada was eliminated from two separate Diva’s Searches, but that didn’t stop her from eventually signing a contract with WWE in 2008. She appeared as an interviewer on SmackDown to replace Anastacia Rose, but only gave one report before transferring to ECW on Sci-Fi. She feuded with Kelly Kelly over which diva had the better body while continuing as an interviewer. She once stepped into the ring as part of a 16-Diva tag team match, but never actually tagged in. Just one week after appearing in the match, she was released from her contract, never mentioned again. Yada is married to David Draiman, the lead singer of Disturbed.

4 Katie Lea - Remember The Incest Gimmick?

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Katarina Waters wrestled for dozens of independent promotions before beginning to appear with former WWE’s developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2006. She debuted on WWE television as the onscreen girlfriend and sister of Paul Burchill, as part of a highly controversial incest gimmick. Lea seemed to actually like the idea (unlike Stephanie McMahon when she was offered a similar story), but it was very quickly dropped. The two still stayed together as a more normal brother and sister pairing, with Lea helping Burchill during his matches. She also competed in matches of her own against Mickie James, Melina, and Maryse, amongst others. Paul was released in February 2010 and Katie was released as well in April. She appeared in TNA as Winter and now wrestles for independent promotions.

3 Sofia Cortez - Now Stars In Lucha Underground

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Ivelisse Vélez made several appearances for WWE on NXT in 2012. She first appeared as a contestant on Tough Enough only to be eliminated due to an injury, but she still signed a contract with WWE in November of 2011. She wrestled as Sofia Cortez in matches against Paige, Natalya and Tamina before being released by her contract. Cortez claims she was the first person to speak to management regarding abuse by NXT trainer Bill DeMott, and believes she was fired because of her decision to do so. After her release she began making a name for herself in Asistencia Asesoría y Administración and she currently appears on Lucha Underground as Ivelisse.

2 Carmella DeCesare - Released Following A Pillow Fight


Carmella DeCesare is a former Playboy model who briefly worked for WWE in 2004. Although strikingly beautiful, it’s actually not terribly surprising WWE has chosen to ignore her, considering how the others divas openly felt about her while she was there. DeCesare was the runner-up in the 2004 WWE Diva Search, and as the competition progressed, it became more and more evident the other contestants absolutely hated her. In an infamous segment on Raw where the divas were asked to “diss” each other, Christy Hemme called Carmella “a c** guzzling gutter s***.” One can argue whether the person giving the insult or the person being insulted should be punished on that one, but most people would probably realize they shouldn’t be forced to continue working together. Vince McMahon isn’t most people, though, so Carmella was hired to feud with Hemme, eventually losing a Lingerie Pillow Fight and being released shortly thereafter.

1 Tiffany - From WWE To ECW To Out Of Work

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Taryn Terrell auditioned for the WWE Diva Search in 2007 and signed a contract with the company in 2008. She briefly trained at WWE’s developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling before debuting on ECW on Sci-Fi. At first she was the assistant to ECW General Manager Theodore Long, and was promoted to his job in June 2009. After ECW was canceled, she made appearances teaming with Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly in a feud against LayCool. Tiffany was abruptly released in 2010. She appeared using her real name in Total Nonstop Action starting in 2012, but announced she left the company in January of this year.

Sources: Wrestle Zone, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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