15 Gorgeous Divas WWE Wants You To Forget About

Professional wrestling has had no shortage of gorgeous women amongst its ranks, as we have proven time and time and time again. While there are plenty of factors that go into what makes a successful, well-rounded wrestler, it’s hard to deny the most important factor in a woman getting hired by Vince McMahon seems to be her natural good looks. That isn’t to say most of these woman aren’t multitalented in and out of the ring in addition to looking fantastic, but we know what made Vince look twice, and that same reason is what makes it so confusing when he stops looking so soon after hiring them.

So many dozens of wrestlers, male and female, go in and out of WWE each and every year without much explanation, so we aren’t trying to say these women should be entirely defined by their looks by any means. However, it’s often the case Vince would hire a beautiful woman, realize she wasn’t too great at the wrestling business, and quickly have to change his mind about that hire. Some of these other women absolutely loved the wrestling business, though, and stuck around for years, making their sudden disappearances from the wrestling consciousness all the more suspect. We’ve already given you a list of 45, but read on if you want to round that out to a full 60 former divas WWE continues to ignore.

15 Savannah - Star In Lucha Underground

Via Lucha Underground

14 Elektra - ECW's Bada Bing Girl

Via The Sportster

13 Marlena - Controversial Gimmicks and Bad Breakup


12 Brooke Tessmacher - Jumped To TNA

Via Total Nonstop Action

11 Amy Weber - Didn't Make Enough Money

Via Rotten Tomatoes

10 Dawn Marie Johnston - Famous Name, Forgotten Era


9 Rebecca DiPietro - Batista Controversy


8 Akira Hokuto - Only WCW Women's Champion


7 Hiroko Suzuki - Racist Undertones and a Forgotten Midcard

Via Shitloads of Wrestling

6 Debra - Terrible Breakup With A Superstar

Via Shitloads of Wrestling

5 Lady Blossom - She's Stone Cold

Via The Sportster

4 Ashley Massaro - From Playboy To Her Family

3 Christy Hemme - Playboy and TNA Success

Via Fanpop

2 Torrie Wilson - Multiple Playboys

Via Bleacher Report

1 AJ Lee - Married To CM Punk


AJ Lee was a gigantic part of WWE storylines barely over one year before this article was written. She hasn’t been mentioned on TV once since her departure and retirement from WWE in 2015, and it’s highly unlikely the Geek Goddess will be ever again. AJ held the WWE Diva’s Championship on three separate occasions, once holding the title for 295 consecutive days. As soon as AJ left the company, Nikki Bella’s title reign was booked to eclipse hers, and things only got worse when AJ was officially wed to CM Punk. Punk, like AJ, made a huge impact on WWE over the past few years, and has since been vocal about the hugely negative impact WWE had on his personal health during that time. WWE has done everything they can to keep Punk’s complaints quiet, and that includes never again mentioning his wife.

Sources: WWE

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15 Gorgeous Divas WWE Wants You To Forget About