15 Gorgeous Divas WWE Wants You To Forget About

Professional wrestling has had no shortage of gorgeous women amongst its ranks, as we have proven time and time and time again. While there are plenty of factors that go into what makes a successful, well-rounded wrestler, it’s hard to deny the most important factor in a woman getting hired by Vince McMahon seems to be her natural good looks. That isn’t to say most of these woman aren’t multitalented in and out of the ring in addition to looking fantastic, but we know what made Vince look twice, and that same reason is what makes it so confusing when he stops looking so soon after hiring them.

So many dozens of wrestlers, male and female, go in and out of WWE each and every year without much explanation, so we aren’t trying to say these women should be entirely defined by their looks by any means. However, it’s often the case Vince would hire a beautiful woman, realize she wasn’t too great at the wrestling business, and quickly have to change his mind about that hire. Some of these other women absolutely loved the wrestling business, though, and stuck around for years, making their sudden disappearances from the wrestling consciousness all the more suspect. We’ve already given you a list of 45, but read on if you want to round that out to a full 60 former divas WWE continues to ignore.


15 Savannah - Star In Lucha Underground

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Fans of Lucha Underground unquestionably recognize the evil and mysterious Black Lotus, but they probably don’t realize she also spent a few months in WWE’s version of ECW and NXT under the name Savannah. Savannah started as a backstage interviewer and eventually became the ring announcer for ECW, and continued with that duty during the first season of NXT. Savannah also wrestled in a variety of dark matches, but never actually got in the ring on television. Now that she’s in a much bigger role on a rival wrestling show, it’s highly unlikely she longs for her times on the sidelines in WWE.

14 Elektra - ECW's Bada Bing Girl

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ECW fans remember Elektra for her unique flexibility and skimpy swimsuits, and eagle eyed WWE fans might have caught her as one of The Godfather’s escorts during one of his matches on Raw. Elektra managed several tag teams in ECW and was at one point married to ECW, but they divorced before Big Dick’s death in 2002. Outside of escorting the Godfather, Elektra also appeared on WWE television during the first One Night Stand, when The Sandman poured beer down her shirt and Tommy Dreamer drank it out. Always a minor side figure, Elektra has arguably had more success outside of wrestling, considering she also appeared as a stripper in multiple episodes of The Sopranos.

13 Marlena - Controversial Gimmicks and Bad Breakup


Marlena is arguably better known to wrestling fans under her married name of Terri Runnels, and old school fans might also recognize her as the former Alexandra York from WCW. Whatever she’s called, she has the distinction as being one of only a few women to hold the WWE Hardcore Title, and she made a pretty big impact on the wrestling world on top of that, always looking great while she did so. Unfortunately, her real life relationship with Dustin Rhodes, who she managed as Goldust, ended in a divorce in 1999. Terri stuck around with the company for a few years after that, but considering she formed a stable called PMS while she did so, it’s unlikely WWE sees those years as particularly fond ones. Terri also managed Perry Saturn while he was dating a mop, and in general her bad gimmicks outweigh the good ones.

12 Brooke Tessmacher - Jumped To TNA

Via Total Nonstop Action

Brooke is one of very few wrestlers much better known for her time in Total Nonstop Action than her cup of coffee in WWE. She only spent a few months on the ECW brand in early 2007, teaming with Kelly Kelly and Layla El as members of the Extreme Exposé. The Exposé were primarily comedic side characters who only served to dance and fawn over the male wrestlers. Although Brooke did get to compete in a few matches, she made almost no impact in WWE. She made her debut in TNA in 2010 as Ms. Tessmacher and went on to win the TNA Knockouts Championship on three separate occasions. Tessmacher left TNA in November of 2015, announcing she was pregnant with her first child a few months thereafter.

11 Amy Weber - Didn't Make Enough Money

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Amy Weber was actually a decently accomplished actress on a variety of TV dramas and sitcoms before she decided to enter the WWE Diva Search in 2004. Although she didn’t win, she was signed by WWE anyway, and began making appearances as the image consultant of JBL. Weber briefly feuded with another Diva Search expat, Joy Giovanni, and even wrestled a singles match against her, but her career ended almost immediately after the pin fall. We’ve written at length about the bullying in WWE, and mentioned before how the women seem to get the unspoken brunt of it onscreen and off, and Amy stands as another example of that. She walked out of the company in 2005 after complaining of a “frat like” environment, while also commenting that the pay wasn’t worth it.

10 Dawn Marie Johnston - Famous Name, Forgotten Era


The second Dawn Marie found her way into the third installment of our lists, but Dawn Marie Johnston remains forgotten by the vast majority of fans, which is how we never heard of her until now. The other Dawn Marie may have been more beautiful, but it isn’t entirely fair to compare the two since the eras of wrestling they came from were so wildly different. In fact, we’re not including Johnston on the list for her looks, but as an example of the fact WWE regularly ignores pretty much every single woman to work for them pre-1990 outside of the Fabulous Moolah, even though plenty of them existed. Some even have name value.

9 Rebecca DiPietro - Batista Controversy


Rebecca DiPietro was a former model for Playboy, Stuff, and Maxim before she ever headed towards WWE, so there’s really no denying she helped define the word gorgeous. Despite her modeling background, she was one of many women to enter and lose the WWE Diva Search and get hired anyway, finding her way into the company in 2006. Rebecca quickly became the backstage interviewer for ECW and appeared in a few segments accentuating her looks, but she left the company only a few months after joining. There were rumors DiPietro was dating Batista while with the company, and a dissolution of the relationship could have lead to her exit.


8 Akira Hokuto - Only WCW Women's Champion


Akira Hokuto is a legend of Japanese wrestling, but she never set foot in a WWE ring. She manages to make the list, though, because she did step into a WCW ring on quite a few occasions—even becoming the only ever WCW Women’s Champion when she did so. The belt only lasted a little over six months from late 1996 to 1997, but Hokuto did manage to defend it on several Nitro's and Pay-Per-Views against women like Madusa and Malia Hosaka. WWE doesn’t like admitting WCW was making creative strides they were failing at, so it’s most likely the one WCW Women’s Champion will gradually be forgotten once again. Hokuto is married to Japanese wrestler Kensuke Sasaki.

7 Hiroko Suzuki - Racist Undertones and a Forgotten Midcard

Via Shitloads of Wrestling

It seems like a great deal of the SmackDown midcard during the WWE roster split gradually erased from modern history, and Hiroko Suzuki can be included within the offshoots of that. Hiroko debuted as the valet of her real life husband Kenzo Suzuki, and managed him and his partner René Duprée to the WWE Tag Team Titles in 2004. During this time, she also began a minor feud with Torrie Wilson. There wasn’t much depth to the feud, and it came off as a poorly plotted excuse for a slightly offensive “kimono match.” It wasn’t long after the kimono match both Suzuki’s were released from the company.

6 Debra - Terrible Breakup With A Superstar

Via Shitloads of Wrestling

Several female wrestlers have been forgotten over the years due to an association with a more popular male wrestler, and no one is a sadder victim of this than Debra Marshall. Debra debuted in WCW as the valet of her then husband Steve McMichael, and jumped to WWE in 1998 to become the manager of Jeff Jarrett. In WWE she met and later married Hall of Fame superstar “Stone Cold” Steve Austin while he was at the peak of his career. The couple married in 2000 and divorced in 2003. According to Debra, Austin assaulted her three times during the marriage. She called the police after the final attack leading to Austin’s arrest, and the marriage ended the next year. It would be almost impossible to mention her without bringing up the domestic violence incident involving one of the top superstars in wrestling history, so WWE probably never will.

5 Lady Blossom - She's Stone Cold

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Jeanie Clark started her career as a model in her native United Kingdom before moving to America with her then boyfriend, Chris Adams, and becoming his wrestling valet. She broke up with Adams and briefly married Billy Jack Haynes, but that relationship dissolved as well and she later met Steve Austin, but he wasn’t Stone Cold yet. Clark and Austin were married in 1992, and it allegedly was Clark who inspired her husband’s famous moniker when she told him to finish drinking his tea before it got “stone cold.” In addition to coming up with his most famous sobriquet, Clark managed Austin as Lady Blossom during his earliest days in WCW. Obviously, the two divorced and Austin went on to remarry several times, leaving Blossom’s name for the history books.

4 Ashley Massaro - From Playboy To Her Family


Ashley Massaro was the winner of the third WWE Diva Search in 2005. Massaro was the first of the Diva Search winners to immediately stake an active role in competition, wrestling in several matches as the tag team partner of Trish Stratus against the likes of Torrie Wilson and Victoria. She posed for Playboy in February of 2007, and engaged in a variety of clichéd feuds where the other women were jealous of her over her photo shoot, despite the fact it was actually the third time she posed for the magazine. She requested her release from the company in 2008 to take care of her daughter, who was sick with an undisclosed illness.

3 Christy Hemme - Playboy and TNA Success

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Christy Hemme was the winner of the 2004 Diva Search, an honor achieved after she infamously referred to runner-up Carmella DeCesare as a “c** guzzling gutter slut” on national television. Obviously an insult like that meant Carmella was also Christy’s first feud as a wrestler. Shortly after winning that feud, Hemme became yet another woman of wrestling to pose for Playboy, appearing in the April 2005 issue. That very same year, WWE almost immediately ran out of ideas for her and asked her to relocate to Kentucky for further training. Hemme started making appearances in Total Nonstop Action the next year, and stayed with that company for almost 10 years in a constantly evolving capacity.

2 Torrie Wilson - Multiple Playboys

Via Bleacher Report

Torrie Wilson made her wrestling debut as “Samantha” in WCW in 1999, immediately finding herself near the top of the card in angles with the New World Order and Ric Flair. It wasn’t long before she was going by her real name, and her incredible good looks were making her a highlight of the dying WCW. After she made the jump to WWE, Wilson and Keibler were the female representatives of The Alliance, and both went on to pretty significant roles as the years went by. Wilson posed for Playboy twice, first by herself and later in a dual spread with Sable. She also feuded with Dawn Marie, with Wilson angry over Dawn’s infatuation with her elderly father. Torrie was also married to Billy Kidman for several years, but divorced in 2008. Kidman still works for WWE as a producer, and all of these factors combine to mean Wilson probably won’t be coming back ever again.

1 AJ Lee - Married To CM Punk


AJ Lee was a gigantic part of WWE storylines barely over one year before this article was written. She hasn’t been mentioned on TV once since her departure and retirement from WWE in 2015, and it’s highly unlikely the Geek Goddess will be ever again. AJ held the WWE Diva’s Championship on three separate occasions, once holding the title for 295 consecutive days. As soon as AJ left the company, Nikki Bella’s title reign was booked to eclipse hers, and things only got worse when AJ was officially wed to CM Punk. Punk, like AJ, made a huge impact on WWE over the past few years, and has since been vocal about the hugely negative impact WWE had on his personal health during that time. WWE has done everything they can to keep Punk’s complaints quiet, and that includes never again mentioning his wife.

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