15 Women Who Are Hotter Than Jen Selter

Jen Selter has one of the most famous booties on the planet, but is it really the best one? No offence to Jen, it's all love, but saying that she has the best booty is kind of like saying the Beatles are the best band.

Don't get me wrong, they're great and there's nothing inherently wrong with having them as your top pick, but let's face it - it's kind of a pedestrian answer. It's the easy choice. You've got to dig a little deeper if you want to uncover the real treasures, no pun intended at all.

But you're busy, you've got a lot of important things to do. You definitely don't have time to be poking around the internet trying to find the best butts all day. Don't worry, we've got you covered. We've put in the man-hours to track down nothing but the most primo booties that the internet has to offer. We're not really sure what the internet was like before apps like Instagram were filled with ladies making a career out of flaunting their assets, but it sounds like a terrible place and it's good news that we don't have to suffer like that anymore. It's 2016, and we're living in a golden era of internet booty pics.

For the ladies, this post could serve as that little extra motivation to hit the gym and put in some work in the squat rack, if you're into that sort of thing. For the guys? Who are we kidding, the guys aren't reading this introduction anymore...

You're welcome, internet...

15 Sunamys Villalba


Let's start this list off with a big bang. You might not be able to pronounce her name on your first try, but you can definitely appreciate this booty right from the get-go. According to her Instagram, her name is pronounced like "Tsu-na-mi". The definition of a tsunami is "a series of waves in a water body caused by the displacement of a large volume of water." There's probably a joke there somewhere, but let's focus on what's most important - this is serious business.

14 Hafiia Mira


Hafiia has the type of butt that looks vulgar even when she's fully clothed. You can imagine her walking down the street in regular clothes, and women are still covering their children's eyes as their husbands walk into telephone poles while trying to scope a sneak peek. Who are we kidding, even the wives are checking her out.

13 Yovanna Ventura

via instagram

No relation to Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, at least not that we could find, but she could definitely charm a snake. She's another member of the exclusive club of smoking hot chicks who have dated Justin Bieber. Say what you want about the kid, but he's got good taste when it comes to the ladies and basically has his pick of whoever he wants, because women are lining up at his door.

12 Ashley Martelle


Ashley Martelle's butt is no joke. She runs with this group called "Taz's Angels". We're not really sure who they are or what they do besides partying and showing off their butts, but that's okay - we're not mad at that. Who says you have to do anything else besides that, anyways?

11 Delianna Urena


A lot of the ladies on this list will have very toned bottoms, but for the lovers of just pure, raw curvature, here is something just for you. Delianna doesn't just have a unique name, she also has a unique and captivating figure that is sure to capture anyone's attention. She kind of has that Kardashian look to her, even if the net worth doesn't quite match Kardashian levels just yet.

10 Candice Swanepoel


Candice is an angel, but not the type of angel that sits on your shoulder and tries to convince you to do the right thing. She's the kind of angel that gets on stage for Victoria's Secret and makes incredible amounts of money as one of the top paid models in the world. Having over 9 million Instagram followers certainly helps with that. Currently, she's making headlines for rocking a baby bump, but historically it's a whole other set of bumps that has gotten her a lot of attention.

9 Dai Macedo


If you haven't heard of the Miss Bum Bum competition, it's Brazil's annual competition to find out who has the best bum bum, obviously. Dai took home the 1st place prize back in 2013, and she hasn't slowed down at all since then. The Miss Bum contest is serious business, because we're talking about the cream of the crop from the country that's known worldwide for producing some of the finest butts of all time.

8 Ruby Sayed


It's no wonder that her first name is Ruby because this girl right here is a real gem. Are you getting sick of the puns yet? Don't worry, most people aren't reading the words in this article anyways. If you're reading the words, consider yourself intellectually superior. It's like buying a Playboy for the articles, but that's okay. She's also a member of that "Taz's Angels" group. Hey Taz, if you're out there reading this, we're not really sure who you are or what you do, but please keep it up.

7 Rosa Acosta


A Rosa by any other name still has an amazing booty. That's what our boy Shakespeare really meant to say, probably. He just wasn't as good as describing things. Rosa is a unique gal. She's a personal trainer, which is a great line of work for people who are in shape and have a ton of fans. She's also a ballet dancer, which you might not expect since you usually don't see ballet dancers with curves like these. She's also a self-proclaimed "scar kisser" and "nippologist", which means she's obsessed with nips. She's also obsessed with posting hot pictures of herself online all the time, which is a great obsession to have.

6 Julia Gilas


This stunning fitness model is absolutely killing the game. She has well over 3 million followers who flock to her Instagram page everyday to get inspired. Some of them are getting inspired to change their slothful ways and to get in shape, some of them are probably getting inspired to do other things. In any case, she's in great shape and likes to show off. She seems to make a lot of money off of sponsored posts on her IG, which is par for the course, but when you have this many followers it's got to add up really quickly.

5 Kathy Ferreiro


AKA Kathyzworld, she's known as "The Cuban Kim Kardashian" and chances are that you can guess why. She's making this list mostly for pure quantity, her booty just doesn't quit. This booty is the first one into the office in the morning, and the last one to leave. She's basically Miami wrapped up into human form. Her curves are insane, she has a beautiful face, and she turns heads wherever she goes. Now that the relationship between America and Cuba is starting to get better, here's to hoping our Cuban friends have some more fine import models to send our way.

4 Michelle Lewin


Michelle "The Body" Lewin is the OG of this whole thing. She's one of the most-followed fitness models online, and it's no wonder why. She's been at the top of the game for a long, long time. She seems to have a very fun and engaging personality, a great attitude, and loves to inspire others - so it's no surprise that people flock to follow her and live by the example that she sets. She's more than just a great body, she seems like an awesome person, too.

3 Caitlin Rice


Like a lot of the ladies on this list, Caitlin also has the entrepreneurial spirit. She's taken some heat in various online fitness communities for selling less-than-in-depth workout plans (One comment on Reddit mentioned paying $30 for a 1 page PDF file with 5 very common exercises on it).

She's also been accused of having booty implants, although she probably wouldn't be the first on this list. Not to say she doesn't put in a lot of hard work in the gym, but it's kind of strange to build a career off of inspiring people to pay you money to help them get a nicer butt, meanwhile allegedly having implants. But we're not here to judge, we're here to admire.

2 Nicole Mejia


Nicole runs a company and a movement called Get Fit and Thick, and she's obviously been taking her own advice. She's dedicated her life to helping other ladies get thick, so she's kind of like the Johnny Appleseed of butts. Respect.

Besides just having insane curves and working out really hard, she's all about encouraging women to be body positive and to not feel bad about the way that they look. That's a good move, because confidence is one of the sexiest features that any woman can have.

1 Bruna Lima


If you aren't falling in love with this hardbodied hottie, you probably have some coal in your heart like the Grinch or something. Before you go and try to steal Christmas, make sure you check out Bruna's Instagram for hundreds of other photos showing off what she's working with. She's only 20 years old and she's already featured at the top of this list, what else is there to accomplish? It might seem like it's all downhill from here, but she's got the world at her fingertips.

Having a huge following these days is priceless, it sets her up as an internet celebrity with a built-in audience for anything she wants to pursue in the future. She's probably getting hounded by brands looking to sponsor her on a daily basis, and she's not even old enough to hit the clubs in the States yet.

Keep an eye on Bruna Lima, this is a name you're going to be hearing a lot more from in the coming years.

Sources: instagram

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15 Women Who Are Hotter Than Jen Selter