15 Game of Thrones Characters We Wish Were Running For President

With one of the most popular shows about power and leadership coming to an end, at least for another year, and the real life presidential race growing more heated everyday, it's hard not to make comparisons among these two monumental moments in American pop and political history. Many of the candidates have been paralleled with characters on the show in a plethora of memes across the internet, but what would happen if the characters in Game of Thrones were real and actually running for president alongside Hillary and Donald? We're not just talking about the actors of the show, but the characters they portray on the series.

Some are smarter than others, some are braver than others, and some have all the qualities an ideal president of the country should have. Many have leadership experience, while others may lack ever holding a position in politics. It's pretty obvious that's never stopped someone from running for president, though.

It's been made abundantly clear that most of the characters of Game of Thrones are advocates for the death penalty, but issues like abortion, foreign policy, gay rights, and climate change aren't hot topics on the fantasy show. We do have an idea of the integrity, character, and overall good vs. evil mentality of the characters, though, so here are 15 characters we've chosen as people we would love to see running for president this fall.

Major spoilers are ahead, so if you're not completely caught up with the current season and care about having plot points spoiled, do not proceed.

15 Tormund Giantsbane


Although there’s immense prejudice against Wildlings in the show, the people of America might show more favoritism to a weapon-wielding candidate who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. The last place Giantsbane would want to end up is in a suit inside one of the most famous offices in America, but there’s no doubt he’d make an excellent candidate. He’s proven his ability to form alliances and put what’s best for his people first. Though he may have different ideas when it comes to law enforcement, his name would definitely be welcomed on the ballot this November.

14 Samwell Tarly


Sam has gone from the dopey sidekick of Jon to a noble man who saved Gilly and her baby by killing a Whitewalker looking to snack on Sam Jr. He’s now finally found his home in the most beautiful library he’s been in, but his home in the white house would be welcomed by Americans as well. Although under-qualified by being too young and having very little leadership experience, we know that he would be an honest, noble, and dedicated leader of the country. Gilly may not be top choice for first lady, but she’s tough and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, showing definite potential from her as well.

13 Davos Seaworth


Davos won the hearts of fans with his relationship with Princess Shireen and as a loyal companion to both Jon and Stannis. He sits low on the list, however, due to the fact that he can’t read, and he hasn’t always placed his loyalties in the most ideal leaders. He’s shown persistence and dedication, losing fingers to prove loyalty to Stannis. His kind nature, good intentions, and wise advisement has still landed him on the list. He even had a part in bringing back Jon, so of course he deserves to make the list as a possible presidential candidate.

12 Jorah Mormont


We know Jorah as being extremely loyal to Daenerys, though he was originally sent to kill her. But even after his true intentions were exposed, he still remained as dedicated as ever. This shows commitment- commitment that a country would hope to see in a presidential candidate. Although he is so dedicated due to his giant crush on Dany, we’re sure he would still show the same commitment to a country that voted him as president. Even if he were just a running mate along Dany, we’d still be satisfied.

11 The Hound


Though the Hound was once on Arya’s hit list, we still would love to see him running for president this year. This season we got to see a softer side to him, one who wanted to refrain from violence, at least momentarily. He also survived a battle against one of the most skilled swordsmen we’ve seen, and not many can say they’ve done that. We know we could count on him to get the job done and wouldn’t worry about his strength as a candidate. Though he does have a slightly violent history, he’d still be more qualified than certain candidates we’ve seen running this year.

10 Margaery Tyrell


At this point in the show, Marjorie’s lost all chances of ruling from the Iron Throne, since, well, she’s dead. But if her name appeared on the ballot for presidential candidate this fall, she might stand a chance of becoming leader of the free world. She is honest, compassionate, and has experience as a ruler. One thing that might not make her the best candidate to vote for was her attempt at a political and religious hybrid. But had she not been blown up at the end of this season, she might have craftily worked her way out of the situation, making us hopeful she’d be a decent presidential candidate.

9 Cersei Lannister


OK, so we may not vote for Cersei, but there’s no doubt she’d be an interesting candidate to watch run this fall. She’s definitely got the ruling skills on her resume, but after murdering innocent people (mixed in with the bad) for her own retribution, she may not be the most stable person to vote for in November. She would still do her best to dig up the past of her opponents and pull crafty stunts to try and make her way to the top, so there’s no doubt it’d be an interesting race to watch.

8 Sansa Stark


Sansa Stark is a character who’s grown tremendously throughout the show. She started as a young girl obsessed with the idea of marrying an evil king and has transformed into a noble leader alongside Jon Snow. She’s intelligent, crafty, and has first hand experience ruling gained from her family as well as her evil spouse. She’s too young to run; however, with the help of her brother, or now confirmed cousin, we know she would be nothing less than an outstanding ruler. She even gave mercy to the very man, Littlefinger, who subjected her to the evils of her ex-hubby.

7 Brienne of Tarth


Although only a knight and never a ruler, Brienne has never had an issue showing us her skills as a leader. She’s stayed dedicated to the Starks and protected some of our favorite characters of the show thus far. She’s taught Podrick some valuable skills and has always stayed true to her word. She may be better fitted as a leader of the armed forces rather than a president. However, we would still feel a little more confident voting for her rather than certain candidates running this year.

6 Robb Stark


Robb is another ruler who has no chance of becoming king of the seven kingdoms and ruling from the iron throne, but we still can’t help but wish he was on our ballot this November. He was one of the most qualified leaders to rule the kingdom after the fall of Robert Baratheon, and would be one of the most qualified presidential candidates on this list. He had loyal followers in the North, and would have no problem gaining just as dedicated of a following during his presidential run. Although he did betray his word for true love, we still wouldn’t mind voting for him against other candidates for our president.

5 Arya Stark


Though the youngest on the list, and too young to even vote, Arya Stark still makes it to the top five. She's become one of the toughest and most intelligent characters on the show. She’s does seem to have a thirst for vengeance, but in her journey for retribution, she’s taken out a lot of bad guys, so we can’t hate too much. If she’s already this amazing as a young girl, just imagine how great of a ruler she’d be after she becomes an adult. Arya is courageous, intelligent, and passionate about spreading good and destroying evil. What more could you ask for in a potential presidential candidate?

4 Tyrion Lannister


If the show had only lasted one season, Tyrion might not have made the list. He started off as a spoiled son of a Lannister, spending money on prostitutes and alcohol, a typical party boy. But throughout the seasons, Tyrion’s grown into one of the most noble men, even becoming Daenerys’ Hand of the King. There’s no doubt that if he became a possible candidate, he would win the hearts of many Americans deciding who should run the country this November. He’s a world traveler as well as a scholar, ensuring he’s more than qualified as a candidate.

3 Ned Stark


Although he didn’t make it past season one, fans of the show are still mourning the loss of one of the greatest Starks. Not only would he meet the age requirements (unlike several of the other candidates), he also has some of the most firsthand experience of being a ruler. Although he’s lost his chance of even having the possibility of ruling from the Iron Throne, we still like to imagine the possibility of calling him Mr. President.

2 Jon Snow


Jon Snow has proved time and time again that he is an outstanding leader. Leading the victorious side at the Battle of the Bastards, and winning over those who have doubted him, Jon Snow has shown he’s more than qualified to lead the country. However, we’re not sure how well he’d do in a suit behind a desk in the oval office instead of on the battle field, sword in hand... But there’s no doubt he’d be a qualified candidate. Even as a vice president to other candidates we’d still be satisfied voting for him this November.

1 Daenerys Targaryen


Of course Daenerys is our number one pick for a presidential hopeful. She went from a young princess to mother of dragons in just one season. She’s always done what she’s thought was best for her people even if it may have not had the greatest outcome. She’s honest, caring, compassionate, and strong-willed. She may be too young to even run in our presidential system, but many would still feel the most confident voting her in as the first female president.

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