15 Form-Fitting Celebs Who Don't Deserve The Praise They Receive

What is it about curves that gets us going? A good rear end can drive a man or a woman crazy. But when females sport a nice behind, it can draw a major crowd. An amazing rear end can go a long way. When a beautiful woman wears a nice two-piece bikini, she is sure to draw a few looks. When that same woman has an amazing backside, she is certain to draw a crowd. A beautiful bum is an art form all to themselves. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some are big and some are small. Some are voluptuous and round while others are sleek and slim. Either way, the best part of a good rear end is how firm those cheeks can get. And a good firm rear end, whether bigger or smaller, will drive the men (and the Internet) crazy.

Certainly, some women enjoy displaying their curves because they know it garners them a great deal of attention. They do so by wearing tight shorts, bikini bottoms and posting a large variety of photos online for the masses to see. These women are attention seekers. Some of these women get the attention they deserve while others are overrated. These overrated curves get a lot of attention but they definitely don’t deserve it. There are many Internet sensations out there. But these are 15 Form-Fitting Celebs Who Don’t Deserve The Praise They Get.


15 Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a sensational singer with beautiful blue eyes and a pretty impressive chest. She has produced a ton of musical hits. It all started with “I kissed a Girl” back in 2008 and she hasn’t stopped since. She even headlined a Super Bowl halftime show. She became the first female to produce 5 number-one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 Songs. Perry has produced a number of awards and achieved massive worldwide success. However, despite her beautiful face and attractive figure, Perry’s rear end leaves a lot to be desired. Her backside tends to struggle in its appearance, showcasing the kind of normalcy we aren’t accustomed to seeing in big superstars these days. What makes Perry overrated is her sex symbol status, further cemented by GQ who labelled her a “full-on male fantasy.” In addition, Perry was named “Sexiest Woman of 2013” by Men’s Health Magazine. This sets her up to be considered overrated.

14 Katherine Heigl


It wasn’t too long ago when Katherine Heigl was a big time up-and-comer. She seemed ready for certain stardom as her career blossomed on the hit television show Grey’s Anatomy. Her run on the medical drama began in 2005 when she first appeared as Izzie Stevens. The busty blonde rode a wave of success up until her contract ran out on the show in 2010. It was at that time that her star was rising and her head got too big. Heigl’s ego grew and grew as she appeared as a lead in movies just as her run on Grey’s Anatomy was coming to an end. Knocked Up, 27 Dresses, The Ugly Truth and Life As We Know It were her hit movies. But as rumors of her difficult ego and personality surfaced more and more, the roles stopped coming. Heigl always had the facial features and a nice chest region. But she suffers mightily with a rear end that leaves a lot to be desired.

13 Tara Reid

Poor Tara Reid. She just can’t catch a break as she arrives on another negative list. Remember Tara Reid? Most people don’t. Tara Reid was another up-and-coming “it” girl when she appeared in the “American Pie” films. Following that, she played a key role in the classic “Van Wilder” film starring opposite Ryan Reynolds. Despite the early success, a few poor role choices, an awkward nude scene, and a bad boob job all led to Tara Reid’s career spiraling downward. The raspy-voiced blue-eyed beauty seemed to have such high hopes. But those high hopes were dashed by poor choices. What’s worse: the notorious party girl never was really fit. Although she carried a great deal of natural beauty, Reid’s figure lacked the kind of firmness and dedication that other celebs her age were presenting. Combine her uneven looks with her notoriously difficult attitude, and you have a recipe for disaster.

12 Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan seemed as though she was going to become the next “big” thing back in the day. She was literally on fire with multiple coming-of-age movies under her belt. Lindsay Lohan seemed unstoppable and even dropped into the music bizz to bust some tunes. Her talent and good looks seemed to have the red-headed freckled beauty on her way to big things. Then the Paris Hilton train pulled in and Lohan went Britney Spears on the world. She started to quickly fall nearly as quickly as she rose. Her partying ways with Hilton and other young celebrities got Lohan in hot water. She was lambasted by a super producer while filming the movie Georgia Rules and although she looked smoking hot in the movie, the end result was Lohan’s career crumbling. Not even a naked spread in Playboy could save Lohan’s career. She immediately became a punchline and couldn’t stay out of jail or court. And when you party hard, your body pays for it. The young woman suddenly aged 15 years in 5 and Lohan’s looks quickly fell away. Her booty just don’t pass the snuff test.

11 Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt, or J-Love, as her close friends call her, burst onto the scene with the hit show Party of Five. The show lasted four years and featured a budding young superstar growing up right before his eyes. As Jennifer Love Hewitt hit 18, her body became a showcase. She wore tighter and tighter sweaters. She appeared in the 1997 hit film I Know What You Did Last Summer. J-Love then starred as Melinda Gordon in the hit CBS show Ghost Whisperer. That show lasted 5 successful seasons. Then J-Love moved on and landed a sexy role on the show The Client List. There she played a prostitute and looked mighty fine doing it. J-Love’s face has always been beautiful. Her chest has always impressed. However, her rear end just doesn’t match up with the rest of her beauty.

10 Blac Chyna


Blac Chyna is known as an American model and entrepreneur, but we’ll use both those designations quite loosely when it comes to her. She likes to refer to herself as a “video vixen” for her many appearances in hip hop music videos. Blac Chyna started as a stripper and did some “urban modeling” (whatever the heck that means). Showing off a big time rear end that was reportedly artificially enhanced, Chyna attempted to lure a hip hop artist into bed and it worked. She hit the baby mama jackpot when Tyga fell for her and she got pregnant. Chyna was able to capitalize off of the child support and start a local business. After a well-publicized feud with the Kardashian girls, Chyna found her way to the ostracized Robert Kardashian. She is now working her way into the Kardashian fortune but nobody can repair the damage done to her oversized overrated rump.

9 Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea can sing and she has some solid looks. There is no denying Azalea has some impressive assets to cement her place in Internet lore. But in reality, is Azalea really as big a deal as she makes herself out to be online? Let’s dive in. The Sydney, Australia native is a hip hop and rapping sensation. This is a tough industry for a woman. Azalea’s success began where it has always thrived, on the Internet. She became a YouTube sensation in 2011 and impressed rapper T.I. enough that she jumped on board with his Hustle Records in 2012. Azalea rolled out some hits but it would be her relationships with rappers and hip hop artists that garnered a lot of attention. Azalea knew where her true audience was all along. She was savvy in her portrayal of her body, using the Internet to connect with her fans (Kim Kardashian anyone?). Azalea would post (and still does) provocative photos of her backside, amongst other assets, to get her fans whipped up into a frenzy. There have been numerous reports of Azalea getting implants in her derriere. Either way, her small body doesn’t take her over-exposed rear too well. Bigger is almost always better, but not in this case. We push back on the over-expanded rear end and say implants are bad. Fit and shapely are good.


8 Jessica Simpson


Jessica Simpson was once America’s ditzy sweetheart. With her sultry voice and kickin’ hourglass body, Simpson seemed to have the tools to go deep into the entertainment business as a duel threat. She was kicking down the door in television and movies shortly after conquering the music business. But then something strange happened, or as we like to put it, she had an affair. Jessica Simpson was then married to Nick Lachey and was enjoying success on her MTV reality television show. She was adorable and silly with her “chicken of the sea” comments. But while filming The Dukes of Hazzard (and looking absolutely incredible while doing so BTW), she allegedly had an affair with one of her co-stars. That set off a chain reaction that led to Simpson’s television show ending, her marriage collapsing and her disappearing off the face of the earth. Simpson withdrew from it all and put her efforts into business, no longer wanting the scrutiny of the entertainment business. She settled down and had children. Her once beautifully shapely body morphed into just something shapely and she is not the girl who once strutted her stuff during her brief film career. Simpson is most likely gone for good now, satisfied with her fortune and will make few attempts to rejoin the public with regard to her entertainment career. She also doesn’t sport the incredible body we once knew.

7 Serena Williams

Serena Williams likes to fancy herself a sex symbol. And we can’t blame her. There are many female tennis players who make millions off their celebrity and fame due to their appearance alone. Some are actually high quality tennis players as well which even add to their pocket books. But for Serena, she is kind of the ugly duckling that always wanted a lot of attention. Due to her tennis stardom, she has been allotted the opportunity to model and represent numerous fashion outfits. As far as Serena’s taste in fashion goes, she seems to hit a homerun. But that doesn’t mean she should be modeling the clothes she covets. Her body type is not prototypical for any female tennis athlete. Whereas many of them are long and slender, Serena is built like a fullback. She has thick powerful legs to go along with large muscular arms. Her body build is a big reason for her success. She is so much stronger than many other of the female athletes she competes against. Now, Serena’s chest definitely is bountiful. But unfortunately, her rear end is just as bountiful, but not in that tight, exciting, bubbly kind of way. Serena may strut her stuff on the court and try and model, but we aren’t impressed with the junk in her trunk. Just see a few candid beach shots for further reference.

6 Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj is like that angry annoying voice in your head that never seems to go away. She raps with fury and it has helped catapult her into a rarified air of success for female artists. It is very difficult being a woman in a male dominated industry. And that’s just what Nicki has done. She has successfully splashed her outgoing, anger-filled attitude towards the world with her sexual nature. See, Nicki knows that to be in a male dominated industry, she better have the goods. And Nicki certainly has some goods to carry with her. She displays her chest at every avenue. She is a regular online (see the theme here for successful female musical artists?) and posts half-naked pictures of herself almost as often as a Kardashian. She hypes up every aspect of who she is in order to establish her own identity. However, as Nicki raps about how awesome she is, we like to go to the candid footage for further proof. Nicki Minaj may bang out hit after hit, but candid picture after picture of her rear end shows that she isn’t all that she claims to be. Sure, she has the goods up top, but down below, she is just one heavy lyric away from busting her trousers in a bad way. Don’t play the players, Nicki. We on to you!

5 Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey was one of the biggest hitmakers of the 90s. She exploded onto the scene with “Vision of Love,” her first hit single that ultimately helped propel her to superstardom. Carey’s gift was her solid gold pipes. Her ability to hit high notes and sing with extraordinary power made her not just a hitmaker, but a legitimate diva. She was a cute slim beauty and as she amassed more and more hits, more and more money came rolling in. Carey sought to expand her physical gifts; literally. She got implants which took her from a nonexistent chest to a bountiful red-headed beauty. After the breast implants, Carey suddenly had an hourglass figure, further enhanced by having children. As the pounds came tumbling on, the candid photos of Carey followed. Carey liked to show off her cleavage, her new calling card. Whenever she posted a selfie or went out, there were her ta-tas. But her rear end came in a very distant second from her chest. One thing is for certain, Carey will always keep hitting the high notes but her rear end is definitely sagging toward the low ones.

4 Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence exploded on the big screen and into our hearts with her amazing portrayal of Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games franchise. The Louisville, Kentucky native achieved larger success when she appeared as Mystique in X-Men: First Class. Lawrence now holds the box office record for the highest-grossing action heroine of all time. Then came the accolades with her Academy Award winning role in Silver Linings Playbook in 2012. Lawrence has now evolved into one of the highest grossing actresses in all of Hollywood. Jennifer Lawrence has also evolved into a beautiful sex symbol. Her tight outfits and gorgeous looks have turned her into a sex symbol. Her fluffed up magazine cover shots only add to the allure. But the candid photos of Lawrence’s rear end show a different side of the superstar, and it’s not the good one. We were hoping for more from Lawrence and her reputation unfortunately far exceeds the real thing.

3 Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is a sexy, sultry blonde bombshell who made a huge impact when she starred in Lost in Translation in 2003. The New York City native exploded into the mainstream after her moving role in Sofia Coppola’s film. Moreover, Scarlett Johansson continued on with roles in which she displayed her body, tightly worn clothing clearly displaying her robust chest. Scarlett was anointed “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire Magazine in both 2006 and 2013. Playboy even chimed in to designate Scarlett as the “Sexiest Celebrity” by Playboy in 2007. Scarlett further cemented her epic celebrity status with her role as the Black Widow character. Once Scarlett’s phone was hacked, there was quite a bit of raw footage available and the public was able to see every inch of Scarlett’s body. And despite her beautiful face and impressive chest, Scarlett isn’t nearly as impressive from the back. Her candid photos of her derriere don’t match up with the photoshopped versions or the image portrayed.

2 Jennifer Aniston


The 1990s “it” girl was the star of the hit television show Friends. She was a key part of an ensemble cast. Jennifer made her first big impact with the crazy low budget horror movie Leprechaun. Jennifer Aniston stole the hearts of the world when she appeared on Friends as Rachel Green. Her character was elevated to new heights as she regularly dawned magazine covers and became a fashion icon. Women couldn’t wait to emulate her hair styles and the clothes she wore in public. Things got even crazier when she was married to Brad Pitt. Then things went to a whole other level when Pitt allegedly cheated on Aniston and left her for Angelina Jolie. Jennifer continued her run at success with various feature film roles. She was an impressive sexy vixen in the two Horrible Bosses movies and has always looked very sexy. But candid photos of Jennifer Aniston has shown another side of her, one that has displayed numerous flaws. In particular, her rear end doesn’t seem to be all that impressive and the hype just doesn’t match up with the portrayal in magazines.

1 Kim Kardashian

The mother of all rear ends arrives! This one can go either way. Did Kim Kardashian get a butt implant? Did she release her own sex tape on purpose? How much of Kim’s photos are photoshopped? There are so many questions regarding Kim Kardashian’s rear end. Certainly, there were numerous times in which she was presented with an impressive figure. But much of her photos in magazines have been touched up. The candid photos of Kim Kardashian strolling down the street are not nearly as impressive as her reputation holds. There is no denying that Kim Kardashian is a beautiful woman. However, there is a massive hype machine that doesn’t seem to match up with reality. There is fit and sexy with a larger rear end and then there is just a big butt on a woman. As Kim has gotten older, she clearly has gone the way of a larger backside that lacks the kind of sexiness that her reputation would demand. Kim Kardashian had her day on the Internet, but that day has clearly passed. She tops the list as our most overrated.


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