15 Form-Fitting Celebs Who Don't Deserve The Praise They Receive

What is it about curves that gets us going? A good rear end can drive a man or a woman crazy. But when females sport a nice behind, it can draw a major crowd. An amazing rear end can go a long way. When a beautiful woman wears a nice two-piece bikini, she is sure to draw a few looks. When that same woman has an amazing backside, she is certain to draw a crowd. A beautiful bum is an art form all to themselves. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some are big and some are small. Some are voluptuous and round while others are sleek and slim. Either way, the best part of a good rear end is how firm those cheeks can get. And a good firm rear end, whether bigger or smaller, will drive the men (and the Internet) crazy.

Certainly, some women enjoy displaying their curves because they know it garners them a great deal of attention. They do so by wearing tight shorts, bikini bottoms and posting a large variety of photos online for the masses to see. These women are attention seekers. Some of these women get the attention they deserve while others are overrated. These overrated curves get a lot of attention but they definitely don’t deserve it. There are many Internet sensations out there. But these are 15 Form-Fitting Celebs Who Don’t Deserve The Praise They Get.

15 Katy Perry

14 Katherine Heigl

13 Tara Reid

12 Lindsay Lohan

11 Jennifer Love Hewitt

10 Blac Chyna

9 Iggy Azalea

8 Jessica Simpson

7 Serena Williams

6 Nicki Minaj

5 Mariah Carey

4 Jennifer Lawrence

3 Scarlett Johansson

2 Jennifer Aniston

1 Kim Kardashian

The mother of all rear ends arrives! This one can go either way. Did Kim Kardashian get a butt implant? Did she release her own sex tape on purpose? How much of Kim’s photos are photoshopped? There are so many questions regarding Kim Kardashian’s rear end. Certainly, there were numerous times in which she was presented with an impressive figure. But much of her photos in magazines have been touched up. The candid photos of Kim Kardashian strolling down the street are not nearly as impressive as her reputation holds. There is no denying that Kim Kardashian is a beautiful woman. However, there is a massive hype machine that doesn’t seem to match up with reality. There is fit and sexy with a larger rear end and then there is just a big butt on a woman. As Kim has gotten older, she clearly has gone the way of a larger backside that lacks the kind of sexiness that her reputation would demand. Kim Kardashian had her day on the Internet, but that day has clearly passed. She tops the list as our most overrated.


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15 Form-Fitting Celebs Who Don't Deserve The Praise They Receive