15 Facts About The "Real" Adam Sandler Even True Fans Don't Know

Adam Sandler, a world-renowned comedian, actor, and musician, received his start on Saturday Night Live before moving on to star in a wide variety of films. Some of those films have done quite well at the box office, while others seriously flopped. Today, the man is both one of the most loved and hated comedic actors in the known world.

Despite having significant opinions of the man, most fans and haters don't actually know much about Sandler. For instance, Adam Richard Sandler was born in Brooklyn, New York, on September 9, 1966. His father, an electrical engineer, and his mother, a nursery school teacher, raised him in Manchester, New Hampshire.

As mentioned, he received his start in the comedy world on Saturday Night Live before shifting his attention to films. Sandler recently struck a deal with Netflix to produce and star in a variety of comedy films, including The Ridiculous 6 and The Do-Over, starring David Spade. He is probably most well-known for his classics, which many grew up watching, such as The Waterboy, Billy Madison, and Happy Gilmore, all of which released in the mid to late 90's. At the time, Sandler was considered a staple in most homes. His movies brought everyone together for a family film night on the weekends. Today, his performances are lacking in some regards, with many viewers spending more time cringing than laughing. Sandler has to compete with a lot of newcomers in Hollywood, though, many of whom are quite funny all on their own. Sandler is an old dog in a new world.


15 The Love of His Life

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On June 22, 2003, Adam Sandler married the love of his life, Jackie Sandler, formerly known as Jacqueline Samantha Titone. Many will completely blank on who Jackie is, though she was once a star in her own right. Originally, Jackie became known for her modeling career, which later blossomed into an acting career. She has since starred in a variety of films, including Hotel Transylvania, Big Daddy, Eight Crazy Nights, and most recently in The Do-Over as Joan.

The happy couple met while filming Big Daddy after fellow actor Rob Schneider introduced the two. One year later, Sandler and Titone found themselves in a budding relationship, which later resulted in an engagement. Two years later, Titone was offered the part of Jennifer in Eight Crazy Nights, marking the first time she would star in a feature film alongside a major star in Hollywood. One year later, the two were married and the rest is history.

14 Fatherly Influence

Despite not actually deciding to enter the world of comedy until he was at least seventeen, Sandler states that his father was one of the major reasons for his entrance into the world of comedy and stand-up shows.

According to Sandler, his father was never the type to offer words of encouragement or tell him what he should be or how to get there when he was older. Instead, he learned everything he knows about comedy and being a father by listening and watching his own dad in action. For example, his father was known to have a short temper and would often grow increasingly more intense and upset. In response to this situation, Sandler claims to have developed his trademark sense of humor in an effort to calm the old man during one of his moods.

The biggest lesson he learned from his father, however, was that family was the single most important thing in life, second to none.

13 An Astounding Musical Career


Along with his astounding success as both a comedian and an actor, Adam Sandler is also known for his musical abilities. In fact, his very first album, They’re All Going to Laugh at You, was nominated for its very own Grammy, then went on to become double platinum. His second musical album, What the Hell Happened to Me?, also went double platinum after it was released.

Sandler has since gone on to release three more music albums, including What’s Your Name, which went gold, Stan and Judy’s Kid, which also went gold, and finally Shhh…Don’t Tell, which is his final release as of 2004.

For What the Hell Happened to Me? and Stan and Judy’s Kid, Sandler was nominated for the Best Comedy Album at the Grammy Awards. Once in 1997 and another in 2000. Unfortunately, the comedian did not receive either award from the nominations, though that did not deter him from continuing his musical career.

12 Boys and Girls Club


Sandler, in his youth, spent time in the Boys and Girls Club within his hometown of Manchester, New Hampshire. In 2007, Sandler made an announcement via video to reveal he would be donating $1,000,000 to the club from his hometown. He stated that he had fond memories of his time with the club, which included playing basketball, enjoying the ping pong tables, and “peeing his pants.” This is the Sandler we know and love, of course.

Sandler, who is worth an estimated $360 million today, had no qualms of spending the one million on the club. His charitable act was broadcast across the entire world, with many news outlets covering the incredible act of charity from the comedian. Some may question how he acts around children, especially after pictures of him traveling with his young daughter in a golf cart with no car seat surfaced. Despite the controversy, Sandler continues to be an astoundingly charitable individual for children’s groups.

11 Hollywood Walk of Fame


On February 1, 2011, Adam Sandler was recognized in the motion picture category by receiving his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This honor was actually the 2,431st star on the walk. The star is currently located at 6262 Hollywood Blvd, directly in front of the W Hollywood Hotel.

At the event, Henry Winkler appeared as an honorary guest speaker for Sandler. The ceremony was attended by thousands of fans and tourists visiting the area, along with a few notable Hollywood stars and comedians who showed up in support of the actor and comedian. The Walk of Fame was sure to note Sandler’s charity work, which they called “legendary” at the time.

The star was awarded to Sandler in anticipation of his then upcoming film, Just Go With It, which released in theaters across the country on February 11, 2011. Later that year, Sandler would lend his voice to Zookeeper.

10 The Class Clown

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Despite not entering the world of comedy until his late teens as a career, Sandler was almost always known as the class clown while in school. This career as a class clown began when he first attended kindergarten and then went on to high school, too. His brother later suggested he make a career of his funny jokes and comedic timing, which helped influence him towards the acting and stand-up career that fans have come to know.

Not long after that fateful conversation with his brother, Sandler found himself performing in a comedy club in Boston, which would then lead to a few other comedy bookings and more work along the same lines. He continued to perform stand-up shows long after he left Boston for New York University. Upon graduating, where he was still known as the class clown, he found himself on MTV’s game show, Remote Control. Movies and Saturday Night Live followed soon after.

9 Great Friendships


You have probably realized by now that Adam Sandler enjoys casting his close friends in the majority of his films. Fans have seen Allen Covert, Peter Dante, and Rob Schneider in many films that Sandler produced and starred in at one point or another. In fact, Sandler’s huge production company, Happy Madison, is known for producing Kevin James’ movies, Rob Schneider’s movies, and Grandma’s Boy, which was Allen Covert’s first leading role in Hollywood.

A few other notable actors who tend to appear in his movies quite often include David Spade, Steve Buscemi, Chris Rock, and John Turturro. Unfortunately, the majority of films from his production company have negative reviews from the critics, with three of them considered to be some of the worst ever made in movie history.

The very first movie from the production company was his fellow SNL member Rob Schneider’s Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo in 1999.


8 Writer's Quirk


Like many writers in the world today, Adam Sandler has his very own quirks that he tends to implement into all of his screenwriting. In Sandler’s case, this quirk tends to come in the form of character names in each of his films.

For instance, his character in his movies will almost always end with a “y” sound, such as Billy, Happy, Robbie, Sonny, Whitey, Nicky, etc. The quirk does not end there, however, as the romantic interests in his films are always quite similar. For the female interests, the names tend to begin with “V”: Veronica Vaughn, Vicki Vallencurt, Vanessa, Valerie Veran, etc.

This little writer’s quirk shows no sign of ending, though it has begun to even out as of late. For example, he has numerous characters called Max throughout his film history, such as in The Do-Over and The Cobbler. The trend does continue, though, as he went by Donny in 2012’s That’s My Boy.

7 Meatball


Sandler is known for his love of animals, including his very own dog, Meatball. Meatball, an English bulldog, unfortunately, passed away in 2004. The beloved dog, who Sandler considered to be his “first son” passed due to a heart attack.

Meatball was actually the son to Mr. Beefy, the bulldog who talked in Little Nicky (2000). Meatball would eventually go on to be the best “man” at Sandler and Jackie’s wedding, and even donned a tuxedo and a yarmulke for the event. He was a constant companion to the actor and comedian, loved food, kittens, basketballs, and chilling on the movie sets.

Following the death of Meatball, Sandler, who was grieving, carried the dog’s collar down the red carpet for the premiere of 50 First Dates. Today, Meatball is remembered via Sandler’s official website, which features an entire page of photographs and videos. He is survived by Sandler’s other bulldog, Matzoball, who he considered to be his second “son.”

6 Wrestling Fan


Sandler, despite being a major Hollywood star, is an incredibly down to Earth individual who has the same likes and dislikes as average, ordinary individuals across the country. One such interest, which tends to make an appearance in his major motion pictures, is his love of professional wrestling.

The majority of his self-written movies have references and appearances from professional wrestlers. For example, the principal in Billy Madison, Captain Insano in The Waterboy, and Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister – also known as WWF’s Zeus – in Little Nicky. Sandler appeared on WWE SmackDown in an effort to promote Little Nicky.

In one of his recent movies, The Longest Yard, a few different famous wrestlers made appearances as football players; most notably were Kevin Nash, Bill Goldberg, and Steve Austin. In 50 First Dates, wrestler and producer Anthony Begonia nearly made an appearance as a ukulele player in the romantic comedy film.

5 The Paycheques Keep Growing

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As most already know, Adam Sandler is one of the most well-known names in all of Hollywood, especially within the comedy genre. Despite the criticism towards his acting and the jokes he delivers, the man has gone nowhere but up since he first began his acting career. In fact, his rates have gone up nearly 20 times within just a span of five years back in the 90’s, when he was at his most popular.

To begin, Sandler received a respectable $1.7 million for his appearance in Billy Madison back in 1995, a film he wrote and starred in. In Bulletproof (1996), he received $2.5 million. Wedding Singer (1998), he saw a paycheck for $5.5 million. Fast forward five years after the release of Billy Madison and Sandler would receive an incredible $20 million for starring in Little Nicky, which some would consider his very best comedic film to date.

4 Overpaid Actor

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This little tidbit certainly stems from all of the hate Sandler has received over the years for his movies. For two years in a row, in 2013 and 2014, Forbes listed the comedic actor as one of the most overpaid actors in all of Hollywood. The notable website claimed the actor was certainly not worth the massive payday he received for his films. In fact, Grown Ups 2, one of his most recent movies, was a hit, but still did not earn enough income to compensate for the massive losses seen in Jack and Jill and That’s My Boy, two of the worst rated movies in Hollywood.

Believe it or not, Sandler is responsible for some of the worst reviewed movies in the past fifteen years. Titles such as Grown Ups, You Don’t Mess With the Zohan, Click, and Grandma’s Boy have rated well under 30 and 40 percent from the majority of critics.

3 Joking Around

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As previously mentioned, Adam Sandler received his start in the world of comedy at the tender age of seventeen after his brother encouraged him to pursue his funny bone in a more professional manner. Since then, the man has starred in numerous stand-up comedy shows, movies, and even on SNL. However, most don’t know that Sandler has never written a single joke in his life. Instead, the man prefers to hop on the stage and simply wing the entire performance. He makes all of the jokes and content up on the spot, allowing for a completely unique, random show every single time he hits the stage in a new city.

This makes many wonder about his films, where the dialogue tends to feel more cringe-inducing than anything else. Sandler could very well have transferred his stand-up style to movies, where the lines are made up on the spot instead of written down.

2 Famous Roommate

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While trying to make his way in the Valley, Adam Sandler inevitably found himself living in a $900 per month apartment alongside Judd Apatow, the famous producer and writer. This relationship finally was broadcast to the world when the two comedians sat down with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes Overtime to relive the memories they so fondly enjoyed long ago.

According to Apatow, the two men would often sleep well into the afternoon before stumbling out on the town in search of work late at night. He said their work sometimes only lasted around 15 minutes.

Apatow also revealed that Sandler would always use a rental car and had refused to actually purchase his own vehicle for around 12 years. This rental vehicle would then subsequently be filled with trash and fast-food bags. Sandler did not consider them to be broke individuals, though, despite how the living situation seemed to many.

1 Net Worth

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Despite all of his critics, Adam Sandler has done incredibly well for himself over the past few decades since he began working in Hollywood. As of this year, his net worth is over $300 million. Most would not know this considering how the man is usually dressed. He regularly dons sweaters, relaxed t-shirts, and pretty standard pants when he is out on the town or visiting a famous talk show host on their late-night shows.

This impressive net worth stems from all of the movies he has produced. The vast majority of his films have done quite badly in terms of ratings, but somehow make a lot of money at the box office and in sales following the theatrical release. Combined, all of his movies have grossed well over one billion dollars across the entire world. His serious movies, however, tend to do worse than his comedy films, which are usually rated worse.


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