15 Embarrassing Things That Hillary Clinton Wants People To Forget

Everyone does embarrassing things. The nice thing about life is that most of us get to move past these moments by redeeming ourselves with good behavior or just by letting time heal all wounds. Unfortunately for people in the public eye, life does not work this way and this is due in great part to the internet never allowing a story to truly die. Or at least this is the case when someone runs for public office. You really can't hide much when you're trying to be President of the United States.

I'm sure all of the candidates are just hoping that all of their embarrassing moments will stay under wraps, but that isn't the case. The only way that would ever happen is if they have even more scandalous behavior than the things they are trying to hide because then those new stories would become the topic of conversation.

Case in point, Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye for a very long time. With a Google search and a lot of time on your hands, you can learn a lot about her. We all know about her husband Bill Clinton's extramarital activities. Most of us are tired of people talking about her secret email server every single day. But there is a pretty small upside to the focus on major scandals: a lot of the smaller, but still shameful, things can easily get swept under the rug. It is a far reach when looking for an "upside," but there are so many embarrassing things that Hillary Clinton does not want people to bring up ever again. I don't blame her, I feel the same way about my own life, but I am far from a public figure.

These are fifteen things that Hillary Clinton wants everyone to forget. But it's an election year so that's definitely not going to happen.


15 She Asked Millennials To Explain Student Debt With Emojis


I applaud Hillary Clinton trying to reach out to younger voters and I am all for emojis, but this tweet was just so awkward. Hillary Clinton wrote, "How does your student loan debt make you feel? Tell us in 3 emojis or less." I can see what she was trying to do, but it really trivialized an issue that is very important to a lot of young adults and it just was not at all sensitive. So people who were already angry about their student loan debt channeled their frustrations back at Hillary Clinton with their incensed replies to the tweet.

14 She Accidentally Tweeted About Anal


I have been cracking up about this one for months. This is so not Hillary's fault, but it was still pretty hilarious. Hillary Clinton reposted an article with a thumbnail heading that said "Hillary Clinton's Campaign Is Powered By Pizza, Anal...." And in front of that link she wrote "Guilty as charged" with a pizza emoji next to it. The title actually read "Hillary Clinton's Campaign Is Powered by Pizza, Analysis Shows," but it got cut off at the most awkward point and Hillary did not notice. So everyone thought that Hillary Clinton's campaign was powered by pizza and anal sex. And as expected the internet went crazy over it.

13 She Went To Donald Trump's Wedding


They may be sworn enemies now, but it turns out that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump did not always hate each other. Or at least, they did not act that way forever. Hillary and Bill Clinton actually attended Donald Trump's third wedding to wife Melania. Not only did the Clintons attend, but there were also a bunch of photos of the two couples laughing it up and enjoying the special day. That doesn't necessarily mean that Hillary and Donald were ever BFF's, but it is still kind of strange that she went to the wedding of someone who is so vocally against her these days. Maybe she just wanted a free dinner, but it still sends a little bit of a confusing message.

12 Bragged About "Fighting Children & Families"


Typos are the worst. I always feel so dumb when I send a text, email, or tweet with misspellings or grammar errors. It happens to the best of us though, even Hillary Clinton. On her website, Hillary bragged about how she's "fought children and families." Only one word was missing, but it was still a pretty embarrassing mishap. Of course, the sentence was meant to say that she has "fought FOR children and families," but the mistake actually conveyed the exact opposite message that she intended. We all make mistakes like this, but that's why it's important to double and triple check your words.

11 She Hasn't Driven A Car Since 1996

I actually understand this one. Some people have criticized Hillary Clinton because she said that she hasn't driven a car since 1996, but a lot of people in the public eye do not drive and it is pretty customary. It is not the best thing to say if you are trying to be relatable and have the voters identify with you, but it is not that weird for a former First Lady of the United States to have a driver or just be driven around on a regular basis. It is both a matter of tradition and safety. She did take some heat for the comment. It is just not making her at all relatable to voter demographics that she is trying hard to reach.

10 She Got "Berned" By A Barista


Hillary Clinton got a cup of coffee and posted about it on Instagram, which is something that many women do, so I can't fault her for that one. She even gave a shout out to the coffee shop in the caption, which I would think could help the store bring in more business. She wrote, "Inspired by the women who started @AvalonBakery. Highly recommend the coffee, too." Well the barista in the background was not having it and commented on the pic: "That's me and I'm voting Bernie. I'd like it if you took the pic down." How awkward. So then the caption was changed to "Highly recommend the coffee at Astro" because the photo was not actually taken at Avalon Bakery and she put the wrong shop name in the caption. So this seemingly innocent social media post had more than one embarrassing aspect. Talk about getting "Berned."

9 She Said She's "Just Like Your Abuela"

I think it is great that Hillary Clinton wanted to find a way to appeal to Hispanic voters. I really do, but she was not super sensitive when she decided that it was a great idea to post a listicle on her website titled "7 things Hillary Clinton has in common with your abuela" which also included the subtitle "She isn't afraid to talk about the importance of el respeto." The whole list completely missed the mark and her selective use of Spanglish was not at all professional or sensitive. Instead of saying that she was just like a Spanish grandmother, she should have just left it to being a grandmother in general. It was just so shoddily done and ended up doing more harm than good.


8 She Compared Her Potential Presidency To A Beyonce Performance


I am always making pop culture references, so I feel a little hypocritical by saying it's embarrassing when Hillary did so, but it was just really off base. In yet another attempt to appeal to young voters, Hillary Clinton said, "I want to be as good a president as Beyoncé is a performer." I really get what she was going for, but she doesn't need to make pop culture comparisons in order to appeal to younger voters. She could do that all on her own. It seems silly to compare what is arguably the most important job in the world to being a pop star. I see what she was trying to say, but it just didn't make her look like a serious candidate in that moment.

7 She Missed Some Of A Debate Due To A Bathroom Break

It was super awkward when Hillary Clinton was suddenly absent during one of the Democratic debates. Where was she? It isn't exactly professional to dip in and out of an event that is being televised live on TV. Apparently, Hillary was taking a bathroom break, which is totally understandable. Presidential candidates have the right to urinate. But I guess, she took longer than expected since she did not return to the stage in time. So what did she have to say about it? Hillary's camp said that the women's bathroom was significantly further away from the stage than the men's and that it was not her fault at all that she was late getting on the stage. I guess that's valid, but I figured she could have at least been able to cut the line since she was the only woman actually partaking in the debate. This isn't a major deal, but it is definitely not the best look for her.

6 She Selectively Has A Southern Accent


Hillary Clinton was born in Illinois so I have no idea why she would ever have any hint of a southern accent. Sure, her husband Bill Clinton was the governor of Arkansas so she did spend a good amount of time in the southeastern region of the United States, but I don't get why anyone would acquire an accent so much later in life. On top of that, it seems like Hillary's southern drawl only comes out when she makes campaign stops in southern states. We have all seen her in the media for years and know what her voice sounds like, so it is really weird to bring that twang out every now and again.

5 She Learned To Whip, Nae Nae, & Dab


I never understood what making appearances on entertainment talk shows has to do with politics, but everyone who runs for public office seems to think that it's mandatory. As into pop culture as I am, it just doesn't sway my opinion to see presidential candidates responding to pre-screened questions about the songs in their iTunes library. Hillary Clinton tried to be super cool and appeal to the millennial voters when she learned some modern dance moves with The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Hillary made her best attempt to whip, nae nae, and dab. It was nice to see her letting loose, but there is no way that benefitted her at all. Sometimes, not all media coverage is good media coverage. The whole segment was just kind of awkward and obviously forced. Maybe she should have done a dance that she was more comfortable with. It just seemed to be such an obvious play to get young voters, when most young voters aren't going to fall for that anyway.

4 She Joked About Wiping Email Server With A Cloth


This Hillary Clinton email scandal is a story that is never going to die and I'm sure that it is annoying Hillary more than it is annoying the rest of us. She did not make matters any better when she was questioned about wiping the server and she responded with either a lame joke or a really poor attempt at deflection when she said, “What, like with a cloth or something? … I don’t know how it works digitally at all.” That was really not a good thing to say. It made it seem like she was not taking the claims against her seriously and it also showed us all that she can't think on her feet and has a bad sense of humor. The moment was cringeworthy to say the least.

3 She Claimed To Be "Dead Broke"

Hillary Clinton really offended a lot of people during a Diane Sawyer interview  when she said, "We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt." What does "broke" actually mean for two prominently wealthy figures? Did she mean they were in financial trouble by their own standards, or actually dead broke in a more general sense. The Clintons were going through financial troubles because of the legal fees that they had to pay. In another interview, Hillary later stated that she regretted making those comments and that she has a good idea of her net worth, but refused to give a specific number. Although she did confirm it was in the millions. It really isn't the best idea to regret the debt comments and then talk about being worth millions in the same interview. I understand that everyone's problems are relative, but it is rarely going to seem reasonable when a rich person complains about money problems.

2 She Offended Stay-At-Home Moms


I figured that someone like Hillary Clinton, a woman who has made a good amount of speeches and public appearances throughout her lifetime, would be a lot more cognizant of her words. Sure, we all say things we don't mean or neglect to use the best wording, but Hillary really messed up and offended stay-at-home moms when she made this comment in 1992: "I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession." Obviously, that really incensed a lot of people since there is nothing at all wrong with being a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, or even some combination of the two. It was just such poor wording.

1 She Used To Be A Republican

It's kind of crazy to think that someone who wants to be the Democratic nominee for president was not always a Democrat, but that actually is the case when it comes to Hillary Clinton. As shocking as it sounds, Hillary used to be a very vocal Republican. She was member of the Young Republicans when she was in high school and was a "Goldwater Girl" in 1964 to support Senator Barry Goldwater. She switched over to the Democrat team to support Eugene McCarthy's campaign in 1968 and she has been a proud Democrat ever since. Hillary Clinton is not the only person whose political views and/or affiliations have changed over time, but I have to assume that Hillary Clinton doesn't want her Republican past to be remembered.


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