15 Embarrassing Things That Hillary Clinton Wants People To Forget

Everyone does embarrassing things. The nice thing about life is that most of us get to move past these moments by redeeming ourselves with good behavior or just by letting time heal all wounds. Unfortunately for people in the public eye, life does not work this way and this is due in great part to the internet never allowing a story to truly die. Or at least this is the case when someone runs for public office. You really can't hide much when you're trying to be President of the United States.

I'm sure all of the candidates are just hoping that all of their embarrassing moments will stay under wraps, but that isn't the case. The only way that would ever happen is if they have even more scandalous behavior than the things they are trying to hide because then those new stories would become the topic of conversation.

Case in point, Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye for a very long time. With a Google search and a lot of time on your hands, you can learn a lot about her. We all know about her husband Bill Clinton's extramarital activities. Most of us are tired of people talking about her secret email server every single day. But there is a pretty small upside to the focus on major scandals: a lot of the smaller, but still shameful, things can easily get swept under the rug. It is a far reach when looking for an "upside," but there are so many embarrassing things that Hillary Clinton does not want people to bring up ever again. I don't blame her, I feel the same way about my own life, but I am far from a public figure.

These are fifteen things that Hillary Clinton wants everyone to forget. But it's an election year so that's definitely not going to happen.

15 She Asked Millennials To Explain Student Debt With Emojis


14 She Accidentally Tweeted About Anal


13 She Went To Donald Trump's Wedding


12 Bragged About "Fighting Children & Families"


11 She Hasn't Driven A Car Since 1996

10 She Got "Berned" By A Barista


9 She Said She's "Just Like Your Abuela"

8 She Compared Her Potential Presidency To A Beyonce Performance

7 She Missed Some Of A Debate Due To A Bathroom Break

6 She Selectively Has A Southern Accent

5 She Learned To Whip, Nae Nae, & Dab


4 She Joked About Wiping Email Server With A Cloth

3 She Claimed To Be "Dead Broke"

2 She Offended Stay-At-Home Moms

1 She Used To Be A Republican

It's kind of crazy to think that someone who wants to be the Democratic nominee for president was not always a Democrat, but that actually is the case when it comes to Hillary Clinton. As shocking as it sounds, Hillary used to be a very vocal Republican. She was member of the Young Republicans when she was in high school and was a "Goldwater Girl" in 1964 to support Senator Barry Goldwater. She switched over to the Democrat team to support Eugene McCarthy's campaign in 1968 and she has been a proud Democrat ever since. Hillary Clinton is not the only person whose political views and/or affiliations have changed over time, but I have to assume that Hillary Clinton doesn't want her Republican past to be remembered.


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15 Embarrassing Things That Hillary Clinton Wants People To Forget