15 Childhood Characters Ruined by Jessica Nigri

If you're unfamiliar with the gaming world then the name Jessica Nigri probably means nothing to you. But if you're the type to subscribe to Twitch, know the name of every game sequel about to be dropped in 2017, and have attended what is known as a Comic Convention, then the Nigri name has probably been shoved down your throat one time or another. We're sorry to say, but this is going to be another one of those times.

Since the internet sensation's instant success in 2009 when she dressed up as the infamous "sexy Pikachu," Jessica Nigri has slowly put her foot in the door of the gaming community. Nigri's rise was slow, hitting a peak in 2013 when her fan page hit a million likes - and it now has nearly 4.5 million.

So what's the catch? Jessica is a self-proclaimed "cosplayer" - someone who dresses up in nerdy costumes and attends conventions like San Diego Comic Con, WonderCon, Blizzcon, and many more. Oh and did I mention, all of these costumes to be extremely provocative and almost always baring cleavage?

Now I have to give it to the girl; she found a niche, capitalized on it, and made thousands if not millions from it. But in between the over amplification of already fake breasts, the excessive make-up and an extremely fit body, Nigri has unfortunately sought her rise to fame by over-sexualizing some not-so-sexy characters (even children!). Jessica Nigri has shown talent before in making extremely accurate and well put together cosplays so it's a shame to see her fall below par. To show you what we mean, here are our 15 worst Jessica Nigri cosplays.

15 Freddy Krueger

Via Deviant Art and Jessica Nigri Official

14 Ash Ketchum


13 Mario 

Via Sonic and Comic Book Movie

12 Umbreon

Via Deviant Art and Cosplay Spot

11 Vegeta

Via Game Faqs and Pinterest

10 Litten 

Via Geeklandmag and Pokemon-Sunmoon

9 Tiny Teena

Via Pinterest and Youtube

8 Slowking 

Via Deviant Art and Comicbookmovie

7 Assassin's Creed

Via Cosplay Culture and Assassinscreedwiki

6 Teemo 

Via Pinterest and Leagueoflegends

5 Pikachu 

Via Jessicanigriofficial and

4 Ewok

Via Zimbio and Imgur

3 Iron Man

Via Sideshowtoy and Pinterest

2 Rick and Morty

Via Reddit and Adult swim

1 Cubone

Via Deviantart and Pinterest

Last but not least is Cubone! Cubone is a Pokémon character that first appeared in Pokémon Red and Blue. This character has the similarities of a cute dinosaur wearing a skull helmet and yielding a bone as a weapon. Jessica got the helmet and bone correct but the rest of the outfit looked like it was made of belts. This cosplay has more paint covering Jessica's body than the actual fabric covering her nipples and hooha! Not to mention this is a classic example of over-sexualization of a childhood character - an entire franchise that is targeted towards children. So it's a little questionable that Jessica's fascination with the franchise has left her 3/4 naked holding a fake bone.

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15 Childhood Characters Ruined by Jessica Nigri