15 Celebs Who Complain About Being "Too Hot"

Personally,  I don't think it is possible to be "too hot," but there are actually a lot of celebrities who complain about it. It makes zero sense to me. These people have so many opportunities because of their beautiful faces, toned bodies, and perfect hair. I cannot believe that having good looks cannot actually be that much of a disadvantage, especially in the entertainment industry. Maybe I just don't understand because I am not a smoking hot celebrity, but the whole notion just seems outrageous to me.

I understand that there is typecasting in the acting world and that it is easy for an actor or actress to be pigeonholed with certain types of goals, but I just find it really tough to believe that physical attractiveness can actually hinder someone's career. Nevertheless, there are celebrities who think that they are too sexy for their job and have voiced their problems to the public. And in all honesty, I find it pretty tough to feel bad for anyone who has been graced with the "Sexiest Woman Alive" title.  Don't get me wrong, I can understand how being sexualized would be difficult to overcome when going after certain projects, but I just think it's a little much to complain about being beautiful.

More times than not it just comes off rather arrogant. I can't see any fans reading some of these interview quotes and feeling sorry for anyone who thinks that they are just too gorgeous to function. On top of that, beauty really is subjective so the fact that these people have stated that they are "too sexy" as a matter of fact and not opinion is just too much for me to handle.

So who thinks that they are too good looking? These fifteen celebrities have actually complained about being too hot.

15 Jessica Alba - Wants People To Get Past Her Hotness

There is no debating that Jessica Alba is hot. And I can imagine that it is hard for some people to see her for more than her good looks, but the way that Jessica Alba complains about her attractiveness is pretty cringe worthy to say the least. When talking about her work ethic and effort to be in more movies so people take her seriously as an actress, Jessica Alba stated that she hoped her streak of movies would help people with "getting past my hotness." There is nothing humble about that, is there?

14 Jessica Biel - Hates Being Called "The Sexiest"

13 Megan Fox - Hates Being Too Beautiful

12 Jessica Simpson - Too Sexy For Christian Music

11 Sofia Vergara - Too Pretty To Play An "Ordinary Girl"

10 Cameron Diaz - Prejudice Against Her Good Genes

9 Rob Lowe- Was Too Pretty To Take Himself Seriously

Rob Lowe is the only dude on this list. I tried to keep things strictly female, but Rob's quote about being too good looking is just one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard in my entire life. And I say this being a major fan of Rob Lowe and his good looks. Even though he has found great success with his acting roles, it is apparently difficult being so handsome.

8 Charlize Theron - Pretty People Get Turned Away First

7 Amber Heard

6 Scarlett Johansson - Too Sexy To Work

5 Jennifer Garner - Didn't Wear Makeup To Hide Beauty

4 Keira Knightley - Nearly Lost A Part For Being Pretty

3 Olivia Wilde - Thinks She's Too Sexy For Roles

2 Halle Berry - Tired Of Being Too Pretty

1 Jennifer Lawrence - Almost Lost A Role For Being Too Pretty

To me, it seems like Jennifer Lawrence has struck that tough balance between being taken seriously as an actress and being appreciated for her beauty. But apparently this is not the case. She explained how she almost didn't get the part in Winter's Bone, which got Jennifer her first Oscar nomination, because she is "too pretty." She explained how she was determined to land the role and did what she could to ugly herself up: "So that always helps. Red-eye. Not showering. No makeup. Eventually they went, 'Oh, she's right. She's not cute!'" So it's not like Jennifer Lawrence is bragging about the detriment of her good looks as bad as these other people, but she did say that she made an effort to be less attractive.

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15 Celebs Who Complain About Being "Too Hot"