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15 Celebs Who Complain About Being “Too Hot”

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15 Celebs Who Complain About Being “Too Hot”

Personally,  I don’t think it is possible to be “too hot,” but there are actually a lot of celebrities who complain about it. It makes zero sense to me. These people have so many opportunities because of their beautiful faces, toned bodies, and perfect hair. I cannot believe that having good looks cannot actually be that much of a disadvantage, especially in the entertainment industry. Maybe I just don’t understand because I am not a smoking hot celebrity, but the whole notion just seems outrageous to me.

I understand that there is typecasting in the acting world and that it is easy for an actor or actress to be pigeonholed with certain types of goals, but I just find it really tough to believe that physical attractiveness can actually hinder someone’s career. Nevertheless, there are celebrities who think that they are too sexy for their job and have voiced their problems to the public. And in all honesty, I find it pretty tough to feel bad for anyone who has been graced with the “Sexiest Woman Alive” title.  Don’t get me wrong, I can understand how being sexualized would be difficult to overcome when going after certain projects, but I just think it’s a little much to complain about being beautiful.

More times than not it just comes off rather arrogant. I can’t see any fans reading some of these interview quotes and feeling sorry for anyone who thinks that they are just too gorgeous to function. On top of that, beauty really is subjective so the fact that these people have stated that they are “too sexy” as a matter of fact and not opinion is just too much for me to handle.

So who thinks that they are too good looking? These fifteen celebrities have actually complained about being too hot.

15. Jessica Alba – Wants People To Get Past Her Hotness


There is no debating that Jessica Alba is hot. And I can imagine that it is hard for some people to see her for more than her good looks, but the way that Jessica Alba complains about her attractiveness is pretty cringe worthy to say the least. When talking about her work ethic and effort to be in more movies so people take her seriously as an actress, Jessica Alba stated that she hoped her streak of movies would help people with “getting past my hotness.” There is nothing humble about that, is there?

She also said, “I’m just exploring what my contribution to this business is—other than wearing a bikini and getting caught by the paparazzi.” I don’t see anything wrong with being proud of her body and being an actress, but apparently being hot is a serious problem for Jessica Alba.

14. Jessica Biel – Hates Being Called “The Sexiest”

shutterstock_90018016 (1)

Even though Jessica Biel has had success as an actress on television and in movies, she feels that she is stifled by her good looks. Biel was named as Esquire‘s “Sexiest Woman Alive” in 2005 and she feels that topping that list ruined her career. Jessica Biel complained that “it’s still a struggle” to get roles because she is so sexy. She elaborated by telling a story about a director who said, “I’m not looking for the sexiest woman; I’m looking for the girl next door.” Wow, that poor thing. I feel so awful for her – getting the title of “Sexiest Woman Alive” must be a major difficulty in life….

13. Megan Fox – Hates Being Too Beautiful


Anyone who has ever read an interview with Megan Fox knows that the actress has a penchant for swearing, so it is not super surprising when she cursed up a storm to complain about how hot she is and how people think Megan Fox is too pretty for dramatic roles. Megan Fox said, “It pissed me off when people f***ing complain that I’m too beautiful to get a part. That’s bullshit.” And I imagine that it annoys a lot of people when Megan complains about how beautiful she is, yet that still happens. I feel bad that she has been typecast to play certain types of roles, but it really can’t be too tough to look on the bright side when it comes to being as attractive as Megan Fox.

12. Jessica Simpson – Too Sexy For Christian Music

shutterstock_97012310 (2)

Before Jessica Simpson got into pop music, she actually wanted to be a Christian singer. Unfortunately for her, she was just too hot to pull off this goal. Jessica Simpson said, “I was always criticized for my looks in the Christian world. They said I was too sexy to sing Christian music.” She also said that her boobs used to be bigger when she was younger and that it inhibited her success: “I was always so shy about them because I felt they disabled me from achieving what I wanted to do. They would never let me sing solos in church, because they said I made the men in the congregation lust!” Thankfully Jessica has learned how to work her assets to her advantage and has become a successful singer and business woman.

11. Sofia Vergara – Too Pretty To Play An “Ordinary Girl”


Sofia Vergara has been a victim of some type casting over the years, but it really seems like she has found her niche as an actress. In contrast to my opinion, Sofia Vergara feels like she has really suffered because she is just too gorgeous to play a typical girl. Sofia has said, “I realized that having a good figure was an advantage on TV and getting attention and publicity. But it also means you can’t play more normal kinds of roles.” Getting attention in the entertaining industry seems like it would be okay to me, but apparently that is not the case. Sofia complained further when she said, “I can’t just play an ordinary girl. So I try to find roles which will let me capitalize on my looks and my personality and advance my career that way.” Sofia has made the best out of a “bad” situation with this one. I’m sure she will be able to survive being extremely attractive.

10. Cameron Diaz – Prejudice Against Her Good Genes


Cameron Diaz thinks that she deserves preferential treatment because of how hot she is which confuses me because I assume she was already getting that for the past couple decades as a famous actress. So I have no idea what she’s so mad about. I’m so sorry that you are good looking, Cameron Diaz. Cameron Diaz had the nerve to ask, “Why should there be prejudice against someone who’s had some success in films and looks a little better than average?” I had no idea that the beautiful people were so disadvantaged (cue eye roll). Cameron put the cherry on top when she also said, “It’s all in my genes, so don’t hold it against me.” That poor thing. I don’t know how she does it.

9. Rob Lowe- Was Too Pretty To Take Himself Seriously


Rob Lowe is the only dude on this list. I tried to keep things strictly female, but Rob’s quote about being too good looking is just one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard in my entire life. And I say this being a major fan of Rob Lowe and his good looks. Even though he has found great success with his acting roles, it is apparently difficult being so handsome.

Rob Lowe lamented, “There’s this unbelievable bias and prejudice against quote-unquote good-looking people, that they can’t be in pain or they can’t have rough lives or be deep or interesting. They can’t be any of the things that you long to play as an actor. I’m getting to play those parts now and loving it. When I was a teen idol, I was so goddamn pretty I wouldn’t have taken myself seriously.” Wow, what a struggle it is too be so “goddamn pretty.” I don’t even know how to respond to that one.

8. Charlize Theron – Pretty People Get Turned Away First


Charlize Theron is an Academy Award winning actress who has had plenty of films with commercial success. So aside from the normal troubles when it comes to moving forward in an entertainment career, I find it extremely difficult to pity her because of the prejudice that she faces from being so stunning. Charlize Theron really did not make a great case for herself when she said, “Jobs with real gravitas go to people that are physically right for them and that’s the end of the story. How many roles are out there for the gorgeous, f***ing, gown-wearing eight-foot model? When meaty roles come through, I’ve been in the room and pretty people get turned away first.” I cannot be the only one who lacks compassion for someone who describes herself as a pretty model.

7. Amber Heard

shutterstock_260118752 (1)

Actress Amber Heard has complained a lot about being too pretty and sexual for her chosen career path. Amber has said, “I wish I didn’t have to pick between being seen as sexually viable and something more substantial.” She also explained that it is tough for her to be cast in parts for attractive women: “I’ve worked really hard to bring something more to ‘pretty girl’ roles over the years.” In all honesty, this just sounds super pretentious to me. I don’t think that anyone should have to choose between being successful and sexy and I feel like Amber is really trying to find something to complain about for the sake of it.

6. Scarlett Johansson – Too Sexy To Work


Scarlett Johansson has complained plenty of times about her hotness and I just don’t get why. I don’t see why being pretty actually detracts from someone being smart, successful, or talented. It just does not actually have a correlation or causation in my mind, but apparently Scarlett has had a lot of trouble with being so smoking hot and that she has missed out on a lot of roles because she is “too sexy.” She also “defended” herself when she said “It is so interesting to see actors transform. There are certainly plenty of times when I am definitely not sexy.” I really do not feel bad for her. People think that she is sexy and talented so I can’t think it’s a bad thing that she is so beautiful.

5. Jennifer Garner – Didn’t Wear Makeup To Hide Beauty


This is one of those humble brags that had me scratching my head. When talking about her role in Dallas Buyers Club, Jennifer Garner complained that the director Jean-Marc Vallée told her, “I don’t want you to look pretty.” I am just not sure what to make of that “struggle” the multimillionaire actress was going through at the time. Garner also said, “He almost didn’t give me the job because he just assumed . . . and I said, ‘I don’t care. Never touch my face with makeup. I don’t care.’ And he didn’t. I never sat in the makeup chair.” I’m not sure if people are supposed to think that she is noble for neglecting hair and makeup or what, but it just really was a strange “problem” to have.

4. Keira Knightley – Nearly Lost A Part For Being Pretty


I’m not sure how anyone is supposed to feel sorry for Keira Knightley when she shared a story about how she almost lost out on her role in Pride and Prejudice because she was pretty on film and photogenic. She got the role because she wasn’t as perfect looking as the director Joe Wright originally thought. She said, “Joe Wright did not originally want me for Pride and Prejudice because he said I was too pretty and then he met me and said ‘oh no you’re fine.'” So I’m not sure if I’m supposed to feel bad that he initially thought she was too pretty or feel bad that he concluded that she looked fine. Either way, it really isn’t the kind of story that would ever evoke some kind of sympathy from me or any other human being.

3. Olivia Wilde – Thinks She’s Too Sexy For Roles


There’s no arguing that Olivia Wilde is smoking hot. This is not something that you need to tell her. She is very much aware of her good looks and actually feels that they hinder her. She felt so strongly about this that she dropped out of the Linda Lovelace biographical movie because she felt that she had too much sexual appeal. Wilde explained, “I pulled out of the Linda Lovelace biopic. I decided that it should go to someone who is not already sexualized by the public – Linda Lovelace was an innocent. Amanda will do an amazing job.” I can’t tell if that is a backhanded compliment or what, but I don’t get why she could think that she’s too sexy to play a famous adult star.

2. Halle Berry – Tired Of Being Too Pretty

shutterstock_274075715 (1)

Halle Berry has overcome a lot to get to this point in her career. But apparently she feels very stigmatized by her gorgeous looks. She did not think that she was getting enough respect as an actress or the roles that she deserves because of her beautiful appearance. In an interview with People, Berry said that it was tough for her to get gritty roles like she had in the movie Jungle Fever. Berry complained and said that the “‘too pretty’ thing got to be old.” Well, that is not at all humble. We can all agree that Halle Berry is stunning, but her phrasing is just kind of uncomfortable and odd.

1. Jennifer Lawrence – Almost Lost A Role For Being Too Pretty


To me, it seems like Jennifer Lawrence has struck that tough balance between being taken seriously as an actress and being appreciated for her beauty. But apparently this is not the case. She explained how she almost didn’t get the part in Winter’s Bone, which got Jennifer her first Oscar nomination, because she is “too pretty.” She explained how she was determined to land the role and did what she could to ugly herself up: “So that always helps. Red-eye. Not showering. No makeup. Eventually they went, ‘Oh, she’s right. She’s not cute!'” So it’s not like Jennifer Lawrence is bragging about the detriment of her good looks as bad as these other people, but she did say that she made an effort to be less attractive.

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