15 Celebs That You Didn't Realize Were Muslim

It's pretty sad that it's 2016 and we are still subjected to people perpetuating negative Muslim stereotypes in the media and in real life. I thought we were way further as a society, but apparently I could not be more wrong.  I can't believe this nonsense is a constant topic in modern conversation. The Islamic culture has come under fire due to the actions of a few individuals and it is unjust and illogical to categorize an entire group of people based on some of its members.

It is foolish to judge someone's character based on just one attribute, especially religion. Not all Muslims look, talk, act, and think alike. And I feel dumb that I even had to say that. That should be a very obvious sentiment, but that is sadly not the case. "Being Muslim" should not evoke the negative stereotypes that it does, but a lot of people are caught in these views. They probably don't even realize that a lot of their favorite singers, actors, models, and athletes believe in Islam. It just goes to show that the old saying is true: "you cannot judge a book by its cover." For example, there are plenty of Muslims with fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes, so you cannot "tell" what religion someone believes in based on physical appearances or clothing style.

Maybe if more fans realized that the stars they love believe in Islam, then it could be more accepted like other cultures are. There are so many people who are beloved celebrities who practice Islam, but a lot of the loyal fans do not even realize it.

For instance, these 15 popular celebrities are Muslim and you probably had no idea.

23 Snoop Dogg


21 Janet Jackson

20 French Montana


18 Zayn Malik

17 Gigi Hadid


15 Shaquille O'Neal


13 Akon


11 Aziz Ansari


9 Dr. Oz

8 Amal Clooney

7 T-Pain


5 Dave Chappelle

4 Iman

3 Rita Ora

2 Mike Tyson


Mike Tyson is a man full of contradictions.  Aside from being a fighter with a lisp, Mike Tyson is also a Muslim who supports Donald Trump's bid for presidency. Yes, you read that correctly. Mike Tyson converted to Islam while he was in prison. When asked about the Muslim ban proposed by Trump, Tyson said, “It’s just not gonna happen. He’s just not gonna do that. Congress just won’t do that. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be president, you know what I mean?” No, I don't completely get what he's saying, but it is definitely interesting to see a proud Muslim supporting the controversial candidate.

This list shows us all that we should not make assumptions about people's religion and culture. With all of the negative stereotypes surrounding Islam, hopefully people become more accepting when they see that their beloved celebrities practice Islam or have been raised with a Muslim influence.


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15 Celebs That You Didn't Realize Were Muslim