15 Celebrity Careers Overshadowed By Infidelity

People tend to look at Hollywood couples with a side eye when it comes to the sanctity of marriage. While a six month long relationship may seem like a flash in the pan in the real world, it’s thought of as something buzz-worthy in Hollywood. With hookups and breakups occurring on a daily basis, it sends the world into a frenzy when a celebrity couple actually does make it down the aisle. It’s virtually impossible for a Hollywood wedding to go off without a media storm, and couples have been known to take drastic measures to keep it private. From collecting their guests’ cell phones to large tenting to block paparazzi helicopters, a celebrity wedding is considered a monumental event.

With so much effort going into the wedding, it’s surprising that so many celebrities have been caught up in cheating scandals that have led to the demise of their marriages. Those outside of the entertainment industry often look upon celebrity break-ups with shock and amazement, since they don’t seem to be plagued by the standard problems that most married couples face. With enough money to hire maids, drivers, private planes, and chefs; what could be so bad about joining two millionaires in holy matrimony? However, there is a universal factor that leads to the end of most marriages: Cheating.

While there have been some celebrities that were able to deal with their cheating habits under the radar, not all of them have been so lucky. Check out our list of 15 celebrities that became overshadowed by their cheating habits, and see how shocking and scandalous things can truly get in Hollywood.

15 Ashton Kutcher

14 Billy Crudup

13 Simon Cowell

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12 Hulk Hogan

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11 Tony Parker

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10 Hugh Grant

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9 Eric Benet

8 Kristen Stewart

7 Arnold Schwarzenegger

6 Tiger Woods

5 LeAnn Rimes

4 Ethan Hawke

3 Sienna Miller

2 Jesse James

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1 Brad Pitt

While no one really knows what the dynamic was between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt during their marriage, everyone can agree that Angelina Jolie was the reason why they broke up. Seemingly in love and happy on the red carpet, it only took one movie with Angelina Jolie for that to come to a swift end. The filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith showed their chemistry, but it was the infamous Steve Klein photo shoot with W Magazine that really got people talking. A married man depicted in “Domestic Bliss” with his drop-dead-gorgeous co-star isn’t exactly what fans want to see in the husband of the beloved Friends star.


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15 Celebrity Careers Overshadowed By Infidelity