15 Celebrity Careers Overshadowed By Infidelity

People tend to look at Hollywood couples with a side eye when it comes to the sanctity of marriage. While a six month long relationship may seem like a flash in the pan in the real world, it’s thought of as something buzz-worthy in Hollywood. With hookups and breakups occurring on a daily basis, it sends the world into a frenzy when a celebrity couple actually does make it down the aisle. It’s virtually impossible for a Hollywood wedding to go off without a media storm, and couples have been known to take drastic measures to keep it private. From collecting their guests’ cell phones to large tenting to block paparazzi helicopters, a celebrity wedding is considered a monumental event.

With so much effort going into the wedding, it’s surprising that so many celebrities have been caught up in cheating scandals that have led to the demise of their marriages. Those outside of the entertainment industry often look upon celebrity break-ups with shock and amazement, since they don’t seem to be plagued by the standard problems that most married couples face. With enough money to hire maids, drivers, private planes, and chefs; what could be so bad about joining two millionaires in holy matrimony? However, there is a universal factor that leads to the end of most marriages: Cheating.

While there have been some celebrities that were able to deal with their cheating habits under the radar, not all of them have been so lucky. Check out our list of 15 celebrities that became overshadowed by their cheating habits, and see how shocking and scandalous things can truly get in Hollywood.


15 Ashton Kutcher

Before dating Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher was mostly known for his roles on the television series, That 70’s Show. Pairing him with an A-list actor was one thing, but having him date an actress 15 years his senior was quite another. The media storm that inflamed their relationship practically birthed the name “cougar,” and arguably became part of the reason he started to get legitimate roles on the big screen. His appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show during those early years, showed him utterly devoted to Demi but that infatuation was fleeting. Towards the end of their relationship, numerous cheating allegations came forth regarding Ashton and his tendencies towards other women (younger than him, and far younger than Demi). From a tell-all by a 22-year-old with US Magazine to a 21-year-old who revealed texts and alleged having sex with him in the home he shared with Demi, the relationship didn’t go out with a fizzle but went out with a big bang (or two)!

14 Billy Crudup


While previously known for his role in films like Big Fish and Spotlight, Billy Crudup later became better known for cheating on his wife, Mary-Louise Parker. Since Parker was friends with Claire Danes, she evidently didn’t see any harm in socializing with the starlet around her husband. Proven to be a huge mistake, Crudup and Danes began having an affair that ultimately resulted in him leaving her when she was 7 months pregnant. The Weeds star was completely shocked over the revelation, and went on to write a best-selling book entitled, “Dear Mr. You.” While the book was supposed to be a bit cryptic in its letters to real and imaginary men, there was a portion regarding her ex-husband Billy Crudup that made women dislike him even more (if that was possible).

13 Simon Cowell

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Simon Cowell didn’t exactly create a reputation of being all warm and fuzzy, since his television persona on American Idol caused people to think he could be a bit cruel (especially towards hopefuls that couldn’t sing). Public perception started to change towards Cowell once they saw him cry a few times on X Factor and show how generous and kind he was towards his ex-girlfriends, even being quoted by The Daily Mail as saying, “it would not be the right thing to cut off a life of luxury the women had become accustomed to.” So, when it was revealed that he was having an affair with his friend’s wife, Lauren Silverman, the world became shocked at his version of what he felt as “the right thing to do.” After news of the affair broke, it was also revealed that she was pregnant with Cowell’s child and the two began dating publicly.

12 Hulk Hogan

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The public might have been able to forgive Hulk Hogan for cheating on his then-wife, Linda, during the time that they were still taping Hogan Knows Best. Since the show depicted her as cold and frigid, audiences might have been able to look the other way if a young unknown cocktail waitress would have come forward with a torrid one-night-stand story. However, the truth was much more scandalous and difficult to overlook. Having sex with his best friend’s wife, Heather Cole (then Heather Clem), the whole torrid affair was caught on tape with a hidden camera. While you’d think that was bad enough, allegedly Bubba gave permission to sleep with his wife, and amazingly the sex tape was anonymously leaked and picked up by Gawker. Although Hogan ended up winning $140 million from the lawsuit that resulted, the damage was already done in the eyes of the public.

11 Tony Parker

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During the height of Eva Longoria’s popularity on the television series, Desperate Housewives, people became enthralled by the new dating relationship she had with NBA star, Tony Parker. French, tall, and apparently smitten with Eva, audiences could see his appeal and how he could reel in a catch like Eva. However, after only three years of marriage, Eva allegedly found numerous text messages on Parker’s phone to Erin Barry, the former wife of one of Parker’s former teammates. While it was bad enough that he was carrying on this affair, he was doing it with a woman that the couple frequently socialized with in their personal lives.

10 Hugh Grant

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Long before David Beckham and Victoria Beckham became the standing King and Queen of celebrity British couples, Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley were the ones people couldn’t wait to see on the red carpet. With her stunning good looks and his shy and awkward personality on film, no one would have ever guessed that he would be the one to end up cheating. But cheat he did, with a prostitute named Divine Brown in 1995. As if it couldn’t get any worse, he was arrested with a misdemeanor lewd conduct charge when he was allegedly caught in the act with her in his car. The tabloids went crazy over publishing the mugshots of both Grant and the prostitute, and people everywhere wondered “what the hell was he thinking?”

9 Eric Benet

Eric Benet is a music artist that is best known for his heartfelt and soulful songs, including ultra romantic hits like, “Spend My Life With You.” So, when he married Halle Berry, audiences felt that he was a worthy partner for the woman Esquire Magazine once named the “Sexiest Woman Alive.” Oscar winner, producer, former fashion model, and ground-breaker as the first black Bond girl for 17 years; Halle Berry seemed to have it all until the news broke of Eric Benet’s numerous infidelities. Women everywhere wondered, “if Halle Berry gets cheated on, what chance do regular women have?” Eric Benet ultimately tried to excuse the affairs by saying it was an illness issue, since he was plagued with sex addiction, but that didn’t really seem to win back public perception that he was just another cheater.


8 Kristen Stewart


Just when you thought the fascination over the Twilight film series couldn’t get any crazier, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson took their onscreen chemistry into their personal lives. Fans became obsessed with the fact that Edward and Bella were a real item, and people longed to see their real life wedding play out in the tabloids. So, when paparazzi caught Kristen cheating with Rupert Sanders, her director in Snow White and the Huntsman, people were more than shocked. Not only was Sanders married, to the actress that actually played Kristen’s mother in the film, but he was not at all seeking to perpetuate their relationship into something fans would root for. Instead, a long drawn out ordeal ensued that showed him begging forgiveness from his wife, and leaving Kristen looking like the fool that messed up a good thing with heartthrob, Robert Pattinson.

7 Arnold Schwarzenegger

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was in such films as Conan the Barbarian and Twins, no one would ever imagine he would go on to be the Governor of California. However, once you marry into the Kennedy family, all of a sudden you are given legitimacy in the political world. Maria Shriver was the epitome of class and sophistication, and she seemed like the perfect counterpart that would help him to settle down. However, the marriage came to its demise once it was discovered he was having an affair with their maid, Mildred Baena. While it isn’t exactly new for a celebrity to be caught cheating with “the help,” the public was shocked by the mistress looking like “Mildred the Maid” rather than some young, hot nanny.

6 Tiger Woods


Achieving ultimate success in the sports world, Tiger Woods seemed to only be missing one thing in his life to make it complete: A family. So, when he married Elin Nordegren, the public thought he would make the ultimate family man. Just as videos of Tiger Woods playing golf with his dad as a toddler endeared him to fans, so did his marriage to the blonde and beautiful Elin. Proving that not everyone is cut out for the domestic life, a clown car of women came forward claiming they had been having a sexual relationship with Tiger while he was married. He ultimately came forward and offered a public apology to his wife, friends, and the public but the damage is done and he will most likely always be remembered for his cheating ways.

5 LeAnn Rimes

Although LeAnn Rimes was married to Dean Sheremet and Eddie Cibrian was married to Brandi Glanville when they worked together on the film, Northern Lights, the two wound up having an affair that ended both of their marriages. Brandi Glanville has since become a controversial reality TV star, and has been quite vocal about her anger over the relationship. While some may not have known Eddie Cibrian before, Brandi definitely let the world know about the affair and wouldn’t let anyone forget it. While LeAnn and Eddie tried to move forward as a married couple, with even a short stint on a reality show together, LeAnn is still seen as “the other woman” by many.

4 Ethan Hawke


Meeting and falling in love on the set of their 1997 film, Gattaca, Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman seemed like a Hollywood couple that somehow found happiness while staying quietly under the radar. Although they were often seen together on the red carpet, their names stayed out of the tabloids for the most part, and pictures taken by the paparazzi were mostly centered around them as a happy family. After six years of marriage, Ethan fell into the stereotypical Hollywood trap, and allegedly had an affair with their nanny. While there was never a formal apology, Ethan wound up marrying the couple’s nanny, Ryan Shawhughes, after his divorce from Uma.

3 Sienna Miller

It’s hard to say who was most overshadowed by their cheating habits in regards to the failed marriage between Jude Law and Sienna Miller. While Jude seemed to get the brunt of the attack by the public after it was revealed he was having an affair with their nanny, new discoveries have been brought to light that gives more insight behind this dysfunctional marriage. During a trial put forth due to a hacking scandal that involved The News of the World hacking into Daniel Craig’s voicemail, Sienna could be heard on the messages saying, “I love you” during a time when she was still married to Jude Law. However, this didn’t come out in public until after the world had already condemned him for allegedly cheating with the nanny. During the trial, she ultimately admitted to a “brief encounter” with the Bond actor and even opened up to Esquire U.K. about another affair she had with Balthazar Getty when he was married with four children. So, between the two cheaters, it’s Sienna that takes the cake and earns the number three spot on our list.

2 Jesse James

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There aren’t many Hollywood actresses that have been able to maintain a positive public perception through the years. While people started off loving Anne Hathaway, that quickly changed and she became worthy of an eye-roll when seen on the red carpet. However, Sandra Bullock has not only kept the public in her good graces but she has actually earned more accolades and respect in her field. Winning the Oscar in 2009 for her film, The Blind Side, the world was so happy that she finally made her mark on the industry and had her dream man by her side as she did it. So, when it came out that Jesse James had been cheating on her during the marriage, and with numerous women no less, he became public enemy number one.

1 Brad Pitt

While no one really knows what the dynamic was between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt during their marriage, everyone can agree that Angelina Jolie was the reason why they broke up. Seemingly in love and happy on the red carpet, it only took one movie with Angelina Jolie for that to come to a swift end. The filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith showed their chemistry, but it was the infamous Steve Klein photo shoot with W Magazine that really got people talking. A married man depicted in “Domestic Bliss” with his drop-dead-gorgeous co-star isn’t exactly what fans want to see in the husband of the beloved Friends star.

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