15 Celebrities You Didn't Know Went To Jail In 2016

Are you having yourself a nice 2016? At the very least I hope that you haven't spent some time with the police this year, which is more than I can say for the 15 celebrities on this list. When you're famous you better make sure you're always on your best behaviour, because if you do stupid things, like many people on this list, people are definitely going to take note.

Some of these offenses are incredibly serious, like having 10+ guns and close to 5 ounces of marijuana (oops). Others are more humorous than anything, like 50 Cent's run-in with the law. For our number 1 person on this list (who has been arrested 5 times this year) it's a bit of both!

Read through and you'll find that for a lot of celebrities, the most memorable thing they're going to pose for all year is their mugshot.


15 Nick Carter

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Nick Carter may have made the argument that "Boys Will Be Boys" to the police, but that wasn't enough to stop the former Backstreet Boy to hit the slammer this past January. Carter was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor battery charge after getting into a bar scuffle at Key West's Hog Breath Saloon.

Carter and his friend Papayans were denied service by a bartender, causing Carter to grab a bouncer by the throat and his friend to head-butt a worker. Carter has openly talked about his past addictions to drugs and alcohol. On a positive note Carter and his wife welcomed their son, who they named Odin, into the world on April 19th. We can only hope having a family will help him clean his act up.

Either way, it's clear he's had himself an eventful year!

14 Mos Def

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Whether you know him as Mos Def or his more recent stage name Yasiin Bey, it is clear that he got himself in a bit of hot water in 2016. Def was arrested in January and ordered to leave South Africa after it became clear that he had lived illegally in the country since 2014.

Originally he was only given a tourist visa in May 2013. Part of the punishment also came from the fact that Def produced a "World Passport" when he tried to leave the country. Ironically, as punishment for this, he was ordered to leave the country and banned from South Africa for the next 5 years.

When looking for people to help defend him, Def reached out to Kanye West of all people. Mos Def also used this experience as a platform to announce his retirement from show business.

13 Don McLean

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Don McLean may be able to improve your mood when you put on his classic song "American Pie" but there was nothing cheery about the scene on January 18th, 2016. Police were called to his home and arrested McLean, charging him with domestic violence.

McLean lived in the home with his two children but did not choose to make an official statement on the matter. That didn't stop his (now ex) wife, who said " He pressed the palms of his hands against my temples and squeezed as though my head were in a vice."

McLean had been with his wife for 30 years, but in March she filed for divorce, citing "adultery, cruel and abusive treatment, and irreconcilable differences," and that he had been abusive throughout their relationship (primarily in the first 10 years). As well as this, McLean had reportedly said that he was going to kill her with a gun and had terrorized her for hours prior to the phone call being placed.

You can imagine his past success made it pretty easy for him to be able to afford his $10,000 bail that he posted almost immediately. Not quick enough to avoid his reputation taking a hit though!

12 Stephanie Seymour

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Stephanie Seymour was one of the biggest models in the world during her prime. But she's now 48 years old and as you'll read, has had at least one-speed bump in her 2016.

Seymour kicked the year off with a bang when she was arrested for a DUI. Police were called to the scene after Seymour was at a stop sign, and decided to put her car in reverse, hitting the car behind her. Perhaps not shockingly she refused a field sobriety test, but officers reported she was wobbly, reeked of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes. No mugshot for Seymour though, the cops said the machine was not working that day so instead we just get the above photo of her sitting in the police station.

Seymour has entered rehab in the past for addiction issues, perhaps most prominently in 2000 when she entered a luxurious rehab facility in Connecticut after battling Vicodin addiction.

11 Drita D'Avanzo

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Drita D'Avanzo was one of the stars that appeared on the reality show Mob Wives. The series followed women whose husbands are locked up for crimes that are allegedly linked to the mafia. It aired for six seasons, but the series ended on February 18th.

So perhaps it may not come as a huge shock that D'Avanzo also has herself a bit of a hot streak. D'Avanzo was arrested back in February after getting into a serious altercation with another woman. While it was not reported on what caused the incident, the other woman ended up with a cut on her lip and significant swelling after D'Avanzo landed several strong blows. She was charged with one count of misdemeanor assault. It's definitely a lot less serious than anything her husband has done, but at least she's got one more piece of street cred to brag about for when he gets out of jail.

10 Chumlee

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You best know Austin Lee Russell, aka Chumlee for his time on the reality show Pawn Stars, but there is nothing in the world he could have traded officers to get him out of being arrested this past March. Police were investigating a sexual assault charge against Russell when instead they found methamphetamine, marijuana, and 12 guns in his possession.

Chumlee admitted to detectives that he smokes "A lot of weed," which was evident by the near 5 ounces that were found by police.

Yikes, at least he wasn't charged for the sex crime allegation.

The initial reports were 19 drug-possession charges and one weapon charge against Russell.

9 Tinsley Mortimer

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Tinsley Mortimer has had success both as a model and as a reality star, but just because she's gorgeous doesn't mean she can't be a crazy ex. Mortimer was arrested in April after making a scene outside of the house of her wealthy ex, that included "Crying and screaming irrationally stating that her boyfriend ‘Nico’ was inside the house with another woman.”

The two had been dating for three years but had recently ended their relationship. This was not the first time she had been an unwelcome guest on the property. Back in October, she received a warning for trespassing on the property, so you can imagine this breakup was anything but smooth.

The man in question, Nico Fanjul, is the son of Alexander Fanjul who owns Fanjul Corp which is a huge sugar and real estate conglomerate.


8 Dustin Diamond

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You may always recognize him as Screech from Saved by the Bell, but Diamond is also pretty familiar with the orange jumpsuit of a jail cell.

But to be fair, Dustin Diamond's big offense took place back in 2014. If you're unfamiliar, Diamond pulled out a switchblade during a bar fight that just happened to lead to a man getting stabbed. Diamond was convicted of carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct. He was sentenced to four months in jail but was released in April after he clocked 720 hours of manual labor after only serving three months. Things definitely looking up for him, but he clearly didn't decide to read his parole rules very closely because on May 26th, he was arrested again after he violated the terms.

It was reported that Diamond tested positive on a drug test for Oxycodone. When the probation agent asked about it, Diamond admitted that he may have taken a pill a few days prior to the test because of a toothache.

7 Wendall Pierce

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Wendall Pierce is best known for his role on The Wire, and honestly, he seems like one of the last people you'd want to mess with! But then again, how passionate are you about your political opinions? Because if you're hanging out with Pierce, you better be well aware that he is an incredibly staunch Hillary Clinton supporter. So much so that when he got into an argument with a Bernie Sanders supporter, it allegedly turned physical and he was arrested and charged with simple battery.

According to reports, Pierce was talking to a Sanders supporter with her boyfriend when Pierce "became enraged, pushed the boyfriend and then went after his girlfriend … grabbing her hair and smacking her in the head.”

While the charges never went anywhere, it's definitely one of the more bizarre reasonings for starting a fight that has involved a celebrity.

6 Peter Brant Jr.


Above you heard about Stephanie Seymour and her run-in with the law, but do you know that her son also has some issues? Peter Brant Jr. is an up and coming model, but back in March, the only posing he was doing was for the police.

Brant Jr. was trying to board a flight, but he threw a fit after he was told that he was too drunk to board the plane. Brant then set off alarms on his way out the emergency exit and when his lawyer was asked his opinion on the matter, he said "He acted like an idiot." He was charged with felony assault for the incident.

That's not the last time Brant Jr. has run into trouble this past year. In April he decided to run up a $2,000 food bill and then tried to argue with the staff and run out on the bill. To make this all the more frustrating, his dad is a billionaire so it's not like he's hurting for change.

5 Blac Chyna

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As if it wasn't enough drama being linked to someone in the Kardashian family, Blac Chyna just had to go ahead and add to it with an arrest this past January. Chyna was at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport when she arose suspicion for drunk and disorderly conduct. When police investigated further, it became apparent that Chyna also possessed two small white and golden glittered pills that were confirmed to be ecstasy.

While we are not sure if she was on ecstasy during her arrest, she did yell at the flight attendant and called her a "Nasty ass bitch."

At one point Chyna also exclaimed "Ya’ll got no respect for me. I gotta tie my shoes. Let me tie my Yeezys,” before then dropping all her body weight and refusing to walk, because why not be just as annoying as possible?

We're sure Chyna wishes you forgot about this incident!

4 Michael Skupin

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Michael Skupin was a fan-favorite when he first appeared on Survivor back in 2001. Unfortunately, his journey for the $1 million came to an end when he burned his hands. He was memorable enough that in 2012 he was brought back on the show, but after his 2016 arrest, you can understand why he won't be appearing anywhere but a jail cell.

Skupin was being investigated for a potential Ponzi scheme, but when police dug deeper they found child pornography on his computer. He was ultimately charged with larceny, racketeering and child pornography and is still awaiting trial.

3 50 Cent

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There are definitely some charges in 50 Cent's past that were a lot more serious than the ones laid against him back on June 26th. He was performing a set on the Caribbean Island of St. Kitts when he dropped some curse words during his set, which was a big no-no. It is illegal to use indecent language in a setting like that, a fact that 50 Cent was told before he went on but he thought he was going to be able to pull it off by pulling the mic away from his mouth whenever he needed to swear. That is definitely a hard thing to pull off successfully when swearing is half of your songs!

After the show, 50 Cent and a member of his entourage were detained by police before being released after posting bail and paying a fine.

You may be curious to also find out that when DMX performed there in 2008, he was also fined for dropping some swear words during a performance.

2 Tom Sizemore

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Tom Sizemore is an incredibly talented actor, but sadly he appears to have some significant issues containing his temper. In 2003, Sizemore was arrested and convicted of assault and battery on his ex-girlfriend Heidi Fleiss.

In July of this past year, Sizemore was arrested again this time for beating up his current girlfriend. LAPD received multiple calls after a woman was heard screaming. When police arrived it was clear that there were visible injuries on the woman, but she declined medical attention. She did admit to the police that Sizemore had beaten her in the head and face.

Sizemore has 24 projects in either pre/post-production or announced that are scheduled to come out in the next 2 years, so love or hate him, you can be prepared to see a lot more of him going forward.

1 Katt Williams

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Katt Williams has had himself a pretty solid first two months of the year. But given his #1 spot on this list, you can imagine things went from good to bad pretty quickly for Williams.

On February 29th Williams was arrested on a battery charge after he punched a store employee at a pool supplies store during an argument. Williams also allegedly threw a pair of goggles at the employee.

It was also reported on March 9th that on Feb.28th, one of Williams' acquaintances beat Williams' former bodyguard with a baseball bat and choked him. As well as this, Williams uttered death threats at the bodyguard. The fight was allegedly over the body guard's refusal to engage in criminal activity.

Police also found large amounts of marijuana and several guns in his home. He was facing charges of terroristic threats, false imprisonment, and aggravated assault.

On March 28th (literally less than a month later), Williams was charged with disorderly conduct after fighting with a 17-year-old male.

Perhaps he wanted to tone things down because a month later on April 28th Williams was arrested, but this time, it was because he threw a salt shaker at a restaurant manager (we can't make this stuff up!). Williams was apparently enraged after a booth he tried to sit at was reserved for another table. By the time officers arrived Williams had left and had attempted to hide at a local Waffle House.

You think that's it? God, we hoped so. But nope, on July 25th Williams was arrested on suspicion of battery after getting in a fight with a female employee at a Los Angeles hotel. If he is convicted of this last offense, he can spend up to six months in jail.

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