15 Celebrities Who Support Marijuana

More and more we are seeing the fight for the legalization of cannabis. Studies done in recent years have proven it’s uses medicinally, and shown it to be less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes in moderation. Personally, if you gave me the choice between a lifetime supply of booze, cigarettes, or weed, I will most likely choose the latter. And not just for the high, but for actual medical reasons as well. It baffles me to think there are people out there who put this on the same level as meth.

Luckily, I am not the only one who thinks this way. If I was, Colorado wouldn’t have raised $36 million - 2.3 of which went to the education system - in the first month of pot’s legalization. Not only are more and more politicians standing up for the legalization of this beautiful herb, but celebrities as well. Now, a lot of celebrities are known for their love of excess and finer things, so it comes as no surprise they would be for something that’s been proven beneficial.

Below you will find some of the more outspoken people rooting for legalization. Some still living, some from days of the past. Now, let me make this clear: These are people who have A) admitted to smoking pot and/or B) openly talked of legalization. This does NOT mean they are “potheads” or “smoke weed everyday” types. Just wanna make that clear.

15 Miley Cyrus

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From Hannah Montana to an awkward display of twerking, Miley Cyrus has grown up before our very eyes - like most celebrity children. But who would have thought the innocent and wholesome Hannah would turn out to be a pot smoking nipple-freeing pop star? Not me. She openly posts pictures and videos of her ripping bong chops and sparking bats the size of my forearm. Stating that “…weed is the best drug on earth…Hollywood is a coke town, but weed is so much better.” Amen Miley. You keep on partying in the ol’ U.S. of A.

14 Barack Obama

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Okay, technically not a celebrity by definition, but you gotta love Obama. In eight years he has managed to do a heck of a lot. He has raised employment, cut taxes, ended a war, caught a terrorist leader, reformed healthcare, and a hell of a lot more. So it’s sad to think there are people who want him gone because he’s not the same skin tone as them, or because he’s admitted “as a kid, I inhaled frequently. That was the point.” While you won’t ever see him sparking up on the balcony of the White House, he has voiced that medicinal marijuana is the way to go, so long as it is carefully prescribed and maintained like any other legal drugs out there.

13 William Shakespeare

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 If celebrities of today are anything like the ones from the days of yore, then William Shakespeare getting buzzed isn’t that surprising. In a study done just this year, it was discovered that Bill had traces of cannabis in a number of pipes in his possession. Sure the stuff back then wasn't nearly as strong as it is today. I think it’s fair to say if he was around in 2015, he would be a pot advocate.

12 Stephen King

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Whether it’s terrifying you with sewer clowns or bringing friends closer together with a promise of witnessing a dead body, Stephen King has proven his talent time and time again. He has also spoken out against the current laws for marijuana. In an interview with High Times magazine, he thinks that not only should marijuana be legalized, but “should be a cottage industry.” Sure, this interview was done in 1980, but he hasn’t said or done anything to counter himself. While he doesn’t smoke as much as he used to, he hasn’t changed his mind on where he stands in the fight for legalization.

11 Kevin Smith

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It may surprise you to learn that Kevin Smith didn’t actually start smoking pot until he worked with Seth Rogan on Zack and Miri Make A Porno. While he admits to occasional uses beforehand, it wasn’t until him and Seth were in the editing room For Zack and Miri that he found his love for ganja. While he has admitted he’s not as out there for legalization as other celebrities, he doesn’t believe it should be banned in any regard. I’m just waiting to see Jay and Silent Bob’s reaction to legal weed.

10 Woody Harrelson

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Woody’s defence of marijuana goes as far back as 1996, when he planted hemp seeds in the ground, challenging the state law that did not distinguish between industrial hemp and recreational marijuana. For those that don’t know, hemp is made from cannabis plants, but does NOT get you high in any way, shape or form. In fact, it's used to make clothing, rope, and numerous other useful things for our day to day affair. But I digress. Woody is also a member of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) and has even been featured on a Ziggy Marley song advocating marijuana use.

9  9. Morgan Freeman

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Surprised? Me too. Many relate his voice to that of what God’s would sound like, and his incredible range of roles in film do little to deter people’s confidence in the man. After a traffic accident in 2007, Freeman underwent surgery in his left arm to repair the damage done. Since then, he claims that marijuana is the only thing that relents the pain in his arm from fibromyalgia, an unfortunate lasting effect of the accident. Since then he has openly voiced his support for legalization. However, he claims it was his first wife that really got him into it. That means he would have started to puff around the late 60s or early 70s. But in that day and age, who wasn’t?

8 Bill Murray

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One of the most iconic voices and faces in comedy, Bill Murray has been causing laugh-tears pour from our faces for over 30 years. However, Murray almost missed his chance at the spotlight. In 1970 - on his birthday - Murray was caught at the airport with roughly $20,000 (around $120k today) worth of marijuana. Luckily, the funny man was only put on probation for five years. Since then, he’s kept a pretty clean slate, and in a recent Reddit AMA, voiced his opinion on the current state of marijuana - pointing out that the drug war is failing, and the fact that states are passing laws to allow it means the threat on pot has been over-exaggerated.

7 Richard Branson

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You know of Virgin? Not that kind of virgin. I’m talking about Virgin Records, Cruises, Mobile, Radio, you name it - Richard Branson probably has a take in it. And that includes the fight for legalization. Earlier this year, Branson sat in with former Deputy Prime Minister of the UK, Nick Clegg, to discuss and support the decision of decriminalizing marijuana and treating those caught with narcotics with medicine and treatment as opposed to jailing them, which is a tactic used by both Portugal and Norway. He says that in moderation, like alcohol, there’s no harm in ‘skunk’.

6 Snoop Dogg

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It's rare to find a picture or video of Snoop Dogg where a blunt isn’t loosely hanging from his lips of fingers. Or both. You're lucky today. Since his first album dropped in ’93, Snoop has been dominating the marijuana headlines. With multiple run ins with the law, although not just for marijuana charges, Snoop has proven time and again that he doesn’t really give a damn what the law states, and even that it should be changed. Now, I can’t condone the violence and use of harder  narcotics in his past, but what I do agree with is his love of marijuana and his stance to see the laws reformed.

5 Seth Rogan

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If you’ve seen Pineapple Express, then you’ve pretty much got all the evidence you need to prove Seth Rogen is for marijuana. Raised in B.C., a province known for its stellar bud, he has been exposed to it for most of his life. In most of his interviews, the topic of pot is brought up and he will never shy away from it. This man is a textbook definition of a stoner, and still manages to produce, write, and direct movies - things that I have seen sober, competent individuals fail to accomplish.

4 Cheech and Chong

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Alright, so this selection are two people, I know. But if you’re going to talk about marijuana, these guys go hand in hand. Albeit one fell more into the activist lifestyle for marijuana, they both agree that medicinally-prescribed pot is the way to go. Back in the early 70s, they started as a musical/sketch comedy duo and released several albums. However, it wasn’t until 1978’s Up in Smoke that these guys really started pushing the limits on weed culture. Fast forward to today, at ages 77 and 79, Cheech and Chong are still going strong and continue to do their part in legalizing pot.

3 Willie Nelson

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If years of lab research and first hand accounts aren’t enough to convince you that consistent pot smoking isn’t as harmful as they claim, you need only look at this 82-year-old country legend. He says that pot actually saved his life. Before this blazing bronco was a pothead, he admits to “smoking 3-4 pack of cigarettes a day…drank as much whiskey and beer as anybody in the world.” Once he started smoking pot, he stopped the booze and the cigarettes. Or, at least slowed down on the liquor. Willie is also the co-chair of NORML and frequently speaks his mind.

2 Bob Marley

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Another man who is rarely seen without some form of pot paraphernalia in or around his vicinity is Bob Marley. Born in Jamaica in 1945, he started smoking herb when he converted to the Rastafari faith in 1966. He believed that marijuana was necessary in spiritual and religious growth, and supported its legalization, 100 per cent. He even quotes multiple verses of the bible, claiming them to show approval of the drug. Sadly, Bob Marley was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in 1977. Due to his religious beliefs, he did not have it removed. It took his life in May 1981, but his family and fans keep his memory and dreams alive.

1 Carl Sagan

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Anyone who says that pot smokers are nothing but slacking, ignorant buffoons have clearly never heard of this incredible man. Not only did this man smoke and fight for pot legalization, but he was a renowned and well-respected astrophysicist, astronomer and cosmologist. He has published over 600 scientific papers, author of multiple books, and helped popularize science within the general public. His experience within the scientific community is one of the many reasons his views on marijuana are so respected, because while he was outspoken on its legalization, he was also a legitimately intelligent human, with a PH.D in Physics and lectured at Harvard university. Unfortunately, like the last man on our list, he passed before the fight for legalization could be won, but his views will live on.

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