15 Celebrities Who Lost Their Virginity To Other Celebs

Losing your virginity is a big deal. In life, it is one of those moments that you hope goes just right. Men want to land their early life “white whale/hot chick,” while girls want true love to conquer all. Doesn’t matter who you are though, nobody wants their virginity to go to waste. Whether it is the perfect moment, marriage, or just a nice moment that passes by, we all hope for the best when we do the deed for the very first time.

Celebrities may be celebrities today, but at one time, they were teenagers wanting to make their first time count. Sure, men just want to get it done while women are hoping for their prince charming, but celebrities are human beings. They have feelings and emotions just like everyone else. What’s even more interesting is when one celebrity happens to lose their virginity to another celebrity. It could be through a set of circumstances such as working on the same television show as teenagers. It may be that the two celebrities happen to fall for one another from afar. It doesn’t matter the how, just the fact that they got it on. It’s rare when someone loses their virginity to a celebrity. It’s even rarer when a celebrity loses their virginity to another celebrity. These are 15 Celebrities Who Lost Their Virginity To Other Celebs.

15 Jessica Simpson – Nick Lachey

14 Beyonce – Jay-Z

13 Adriana Lima – Marko Jaric

12 Brooke Shields – Dean Cain

11 Selena Gomez – Justin Bieber

10 Taylor Swift – Jake Gyllenhaal


9 Kirsten Dunst – Jake Gyllenhaal


8 Vanessa Hudgens – Zac Efron

7 Zac Efron – Vanessa Hudgens

6 Joe Jonas – Ashley Greene


5 Mila Kunis – Macaulay Culkin


4 Kristen Stewart – Michael Angarano


3 Mandy Moore – Wilmer Valderrama


2 Paris Hilton – Randy Spelling


1 Jordin Sparks – Jason Derulo

During the 6th season of American Idol, the future winner of the singing contest championed her purity. She sported a promise ring, vowing to remain a virgin until marriage. Then came Jason Derulo. Sparks fell head-over-heels for Derulo and gave up her V-card to him. Sparks confirmed as much when questioned why she had shed her purity ring. Unfortunately for Sparks, her relationship with Derulo has come to a crashing end after they were engaged. Now, the talented singer and actress will move on without a purity ring attached to her finger.


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15 Celebrities Who Lost Their Virginity To Other Celebs