15 Babes That Rocked The Red, White And Blue

Independence Day is often said to be the sexiest holiday of the year.  We can't say we will argue- think about it!  No matter where you live in the United States, it'll be warm weather in July, warm enough for barbecues and pool time, which means people are spending more time outside and soaking up the vitamin D (which, in turn, makes them biologically predisposed to be happier).  It also means that there are plenty of people running around scantily clad, with men shirtless and women in bikinis.  Plus, there are fireworks to watch with your significant other as the fireworks ignite between the two of you!

Patriotic clothes are hard to pull off.  Let's face it; almost every time a guy tries to wear patriotic clothes, it ends up looking like a joke!  Either it looks like drunken party wear or it looks like they lost a bet.  It's rare that a guy has ever looked sexy wearing red, white, and blue (Chris Evans as Captain America excluded, of course).  We're not saying it's totally easy for women, either; there are plenty of women that have tried and completely failed!  If you want to check out some hilarious examples, they're not too hard to find.

That said, there are plenty of babes that have totally rocked the red, white, and blue.  These ladies look so fine in our country's colors, they could just wrap themselves up in a giant American flag and be able to stun us all!  Here they are: the top 15 babes that have donned the United States' national colors!

15  15.  Blake Lively


Blake didn’t go all out, but she didn’t need to. This classy and sophisticated photo shoot by W Magazine, shot in 2008, features her in a red peplum dress, clutching an American flag behind her like it’s a bed sheet. With sexy shots like these, it’s easy to see why Ryan Reynolds is so in love; we’re all pretty turned on!

The 28-year old actress, best known for her roles in Gossip Girl (Serena), The Age of Adaline (Adaline), and Green Lantern (Carol), is also well known for her ridiculously thin figure. Though she, like almost every Hollywood star and starlet, has a personal trainer, she relies on a lean diet to keep her slim figure. She’s kept up the hard work on her low-consumption in preparation for her role in the recently released horror/suspense film, The Shallows, about a surfer stranded in shark-infested waters only 200 yards from shore.

14 Meg Ryan


Though the picture is a bit dated, it’s a good reminder of why Meg Ryan was so hot, loved, and coveted for roles in the '80s and '90s. Just by looking at her, you could get an impression of her sass, quick wit, cleverness, cute lovability, and tough attitude. She’s the independent, confident, yet desirable and lovable woman that teenage girls want to grow up to be, so it’s no wonder that she starred in so many chick flicks like You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, and Sleepless in Seattle. No wonder Tom Hanks was so hung up on her- thinking about sexy shots like this will keep you sleepless, too!

This patriotic shot was taken back in 19##, when Meg was still at the height of her career. Though she’s not acting as much anymore (mostly because she’s already made her fortune and she no longer needs to!), she’s still just as gorgeous as ever.

13 Jessica Simpson


It’s hard to argue that Jessica ever looks bad, especially when she’s rocking a bikini top. She’s got that classic hourglass figure women sweat, work, and pay for, and she certainly knows how to flaunt it. Though she’s infamous for her yo-yo dieting and her inconsistent and ever-fluctuating weight, she’s always got the same curvy figure that women envy and men go crazy for.

In this 2005 GQ magazine cover, she’s rocking some camo-hunting pants, a stars and stripes string bikini, and some ridiculously oversized dog-tags (in case we couldn’t identify her, of course). She’s also flashing a peace sign, which is a bit counter-intuitive to the thoughts of war called forth by the dog-tags and camo but we’ll let it slide because she’s rocking this outfit like nobody’s business. God bless America for breaking the zipper on those pants, creating string bikinis, and giving us ditzy babes like Jessica.

12 Katy Perry


Seriously; if one were to look up Katy Perry, they would find numerous examples of her sporting patriotic garb.  We’re not kidding.  She’s got so many American flag themed garments in her closet, she must have a whole section just for red-white-and-blue outfits! She’s got some rompers, some waist coats, some jumpers, some top hats (albeit, mini-top hats, but still: she's got patriotic top hats), some floor length gowns, some mini skirts, some spandex dresses even, but our very favorite must be this dress; the half tank-top, half long-sleeved sleek and sexy American flag.  Katy wore this lovely specimen at one of her concerts and we wish it were part of her regular daily attire. This is too perfect to not see every day.  She couldn't be more patriotic, unless there were fireworks going off around her!  The only disadvantage is that she can never lower her left arm...

11 Lady Gaga


Anytime someone argues that “one piece bathing suits are in again,” a chorus of arguments are roused from men and women who disagree; it’s the reason that they’ve been “in” and out again before a summer season will even end. However, as it is clear to see, on the right hot, well-posed body, anything can be sexy.

This June, in a Snapchat taken to endorse presidential candidate Hilary Clinton (though none of us are sure what anything in the picture has to do with the candidate), Lady Gaga was seen sporting a stars and stripes one-piece bathing suit with a high waist-cut on her outdoor lounge beside her guitar. She’s certainly wearing our country’s colors well, no matter what her reason is! And who knows? Maybe she’ll have her way, and all some voters will need to be persuaded of a candidate is a sexy picture of their favorite singer.

10 Hayden Panettiere


God bless America, with its short shorts and color coordinated crop tops.  Hayden Panettiere, star of such hits as Nashville (Juliette Barnes), Heroes (Claire Bennet), Racing Stripes (Channing Walsh), and even A Bug's Life (Dot), is totally sexy, and it doesn't even look like she had to try!  It looks like she's wearing her pajamas, and like she's hanging out at her friend's house (seriously, who owns a bead door these days?).  She's looking like a total fox in her patriotic pajamas.

Hayden is sexy as all get out, there's no doubt about it; we've all known that since her sexy debut in I Love You, Beth Cooper (which, if you haven't seen, is worth a watch- Hayden reveals all in the 2009 romantic comedy).  These days, she's just given birth to her baby and is supposedly enduring the effects of postpartum depression.  Hopefully she feels better soon so we can all see the chipper, youthful, lovely Hayden we all love and miss so much.

9 Beyonce


Of course Bey made the list, you probably knew that the second you clicked on it. Beyonce is truly an American treasure, someone we hold up proudly to the rest of the world and exclaim, “That’s right- she’s with us!” Not only sexy as all get-out, she’s also smart, clever, strong, empowering, talented, and opinionated, with a mind for social change. She is what we want all of our celebrities to be!

Though she’s got plenty of patriotic outfits to post about, some scant and sexy like Jessica Simpson’s bikini and some show-stopping and glamorous like Hayden Panettiere’s, this is perhaps America’s favorite. This picture went viral not long ago, when she did a throwback to Rosie the Riveter and posted this “We Can Do It!” shot. Whether she was attempting to reach black women who feel oppressed by the cycles of racism and sexism or all women struggling for equality in the workplace, Beyonce touched us all with this full-coverage (yet somehow totally sexy) pic.

8 Tina Fey


Bet this is one actress you did not expect to see on the list! Tina Fey is not usually known for making “top sexiest” lists, though she’s not to be overlooked; when this awkward comic actress really commits to her sexy look, she can make it happen. She’s got long, sexy legs, gorgeous collar bones, luxuriously bouncy hair, and a killer smile. Plus, she’s obviously got an amazing sense of humor. What is not to love?

Perhaps the best part of Tina’s sexy pin-up girl poster is that it’s totally hilarious! Her gloves remind us of knock-off superheroes; her top hat looks like she mugged Uncle Sam and got away with it; and, if you didn’t notice, she’s standing on top of the world! To be fair, Tina has taken over America and the comedic world over the course of the last decade, so this pose seems pretty fitting- everybody loves Tina!

7 Paris Hilton


It’s easy to want to loathe Paris Hilton. She was basically the Kim Kardashian of the 2000s and provided us with the same kind of brainless entertainment as Keeping Up With the Kardashians does today. She has more money than she will ever know what to do with and she never had/has to work a day in her life to earn it. It’s easy to hate her for that but if you can take a break from your loathing for a moment to admire the sexiness of this photo, you won’t be sorry.

Though Paris is certainly no angel, she's seeming to glide across this pool deck in her red, white, and blue sheer cover up.  Her high-waisted swimsuit and low cut one piece swimsuit looks stunning against her tan skin and gorgeous blonde hair, giving her a soft glow. Whatever is going on in her get-up, it’s working.  Paris is totally sexy and makes us all want to give a standing salutation.

6 Nicki Minaj


As per usual, Nicki is never afraid to wear something low cut and show off her goodies. Even in these stars and stripes, a simple cotton tank top, and lack of pants (maybe because of the lack of pants), her curves are looking phenomenal and she’s got that seemingly effortless beauty that blows us all away.

Of course, Nicki worked hard for her beauty- her before and after plastic surgery pictures are almost jarring, they’re so different. However, she’s one of the most fierce, confident, empowering female singers out there right now, especially in her musical genre. After all it’s easy to find female rap artists that follow the standard of over-sexualizing and demeaning women, but Nicki finds a way to turn the standard on its head many times (though not all the time) and make sex an empowering experience for women. Nicki is a beacon of female independence and confidence. For her inspiring work and amazing choice in wardrobe, we salute her.

5 Lana Del Rey


You’ll catch no complaints of summertime sadness from your viewers, Lana; kiss us hard before you go!  She can work the stars and stripes almost as well as Susan B. Anthony! Even in this frumpy, casual, laid back, hipster outfit, Lana is looking mighty fine and incredibly sexy.

She may look like she's gotten a little elated by the beach in her skimpy "Buttwiser" tee shirt, quietly and calmly waving an American flag in a daze over her head as it trails behind her in the wind.  Truth is, Lana could wear anything and look stunning- she's a real, live Pin-up Girl!  She's got some adorable, over-sized patriotic sweatshirts and some sexy concert wear that might fit the red, white, and blue color code, but this is by far her most patriotic image, and she's looks prime to be whisked away to the land of the free and the home of the brave.

4 Rachel Bilson


A lot of us know Rachel Bilson by name and appearance (she's certainly sexy enough) but don't know much about her or who she is.  She's best known for her roles in Hart of Dixie (Dr. Zoe Hart), Jumper (Millie), The O.C. (Summer), and New York, I Love You (Molly).  She's even better known for being a total babe.

Rachel posed for GQ back in 2010 in this part patriotic, part Sailor Moon throwback bikini and heels and blew us all away.  Though petite, she definitely works the bikini.  If you're hoping to see her sexy self on the big screen any time soon, you'll be a bit disappointed; Rachel hasn't acted since Hart of Dixie ended back in 2015, and it doesn't look like she's got any upcoming projects headed her way.  But fear not!  Rachel will definitely bring her patriotic, sexy self back to grace our televisions soon enough.

3 Halle Berry


Who says a woman can't be sexy and classy at the same time? Halle Berry, sexy as always, is rocking this American flag sun dress, and looks as sophisticated as the first lady.  Sure, the fabric looks a little bit akin to a table cloth, but apparently Halle could wear a flag or a table cloth and look absolutely stunning in it.

Halle is best known for her role as the super hero Storm in the X-Men series, but also for her many roles in Cloud Atlas.  She's certainly taken roles that are less than dramatic and classy, like those in Movie 43 and Catwoman, but she's also got plenty of fantastic and enriching roles under her belt, like those in Their Eyes Were Watching God and Extant.  Her classic sexy look in this picture celebrates her talent and elegance, and reminds us all that she's practically an American icon in the entertainment industry.

2 Britney Spears


Obviously this picture of Britney Spears is a little bit dated, from the earlier days of her career.  This picture was taken around the year 2000, about the time that she released her album Oops!  I Did It Again! and the album Britney.  That was around the time she was trying to prove to her audience that she was no longer a Mouseketeer and was a sexy, young lady.  Indeed, she has played with our hearts- this picture is enough to titillate any fan.

It's hard to pinpoint the exact sexiest part of this picture.  Perhaps it's the skin tight pants; perhaps it's the v-shaped, lace-up, low cut crotch; perhaps it's that bare midriff; perhaps it's that sexy halter top; perhaps it's just that adorable face and that smug smirk she's giving us!  No matter what, Britney is rocking the patriotic look and we'd all love to see her entertaining the troops in that get-up.

1 Kesha


Surprise!  Kesha tops our list as the sexiest lady who could wrap herself up in an American flag.  She's sure been through hell and back the last couple of years, what with the sexual harassment and abuses she has faced at the hands of her producer, but that doesn't keep her from being a true patriot at heart and flaunting her countries colors.

True to her characteristic Kesha fashion, of course her Americana garb is a sparkly glitter bomb!  This one-shouldered dress accentuates her subtle curves with a casual waist belt.  Her thin and long legs look like they go on forever under that dress, and she wears those stars and stripes like she was born for it.  Plus, her sexy, "hot-mess" hair is just as tousled as always.  Kesha is looking the part of a true, casual, sexy American rock star, and we all want a piece of it!

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15 Babes That Rocked The Red, White And Blue