14 Unlucky Events That Were Luckily Caught On Camera

The year is 2015 and technology is now so advanced that nearly everyone has a phone with a camera. Every now and then a moment comes up when someone is in a very unfortunate situation, but there is always that one person who thinks that capturing a picture is more important than helping. This list pays homage to that one person, for if they didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have these funny, yet most unfortunate, photographs that are available throughout the internet. If laughter really is “the best medicine,” then this list should take cure of some ailments, if even for just a little while.

A few of the pictures had no explanations or articles associated with them, and there were no references available. These were (oddly enough) the ones that did not actually need an explanation, because the picture simply says it all. Some are humorous; but some are merely photographs that were begging to be taken at just the right moment.


14 Birds Playing Target Practice

This photograph just happened to be found on a blog written by a pastor that was driving past this car one day. He had noticed the vehicle immersed in bird excrement, and had gone on (in the blog) about how dirty the car was, and was wondering why she had not washed it before driving to wherever it was she was going. He then continues to state about how he is being judgmental and uses the car and the filth of it as a metaphor to describe people. It is not stated where this happened, or exactly where this man preaches, but it sure is a lot of information obtained from someone who doesn’t even know the person he may or may not be judging. Personally, I think this woman just had a really unlucky day and should probably find a drive-through car wash.

13 Riding Your Bike in the Snow is Not Always a Good Idea

This picture appears in many websites that appear to be Russian. It is hard to say exactly where this takes place, but it seems like it would be way too cold to be riding a bike. This man looks like he was riding his bike (obviously) when he slipped off of the roadway and went tumbling down the hill. It is hard to tell exactly who took the picture, but they caught him right before he landed on his face, which is most likely what happened.

12 Make Sure to Check For Dogs Before Sunbathing

This is one of those pictures where you may be thinking, “can’t you tell that there is an animal right above your head?” hopefully the woman in the photograph was able to get up before the dog ended up urinating on her face. This is certainly one of the more disgusting ones in the list. It is hard to imagine the look on her face if she did not realize that the dog was right above her and didn’t get up in time. She either looked like a fire hydrant or the dog was mad at her for sleeping instead of playing fetch with him.

11 It’s Not Snowing Here


If you think you’re having a bad day, imagine the kind of day this person is having. It appears to be a ski lift, but there is no snow. Have they been hanging here since last February? How did they get here, and why isn’t someone helping them? There is obviously someone around that has a camera, so why aren’t they lending a helping hand? It is really unfortunate that some people can stand around taking pictures, while their friend is stuck up in the air like that.

10 That’s Not How You Ride That!

Okay, so I don’t have much experience riding motorcycles, but I am pretty sure that this is not how you do it. First of all, the bike is upside-down, and the man is just lying on the ground underneath it. I don’t think he is going to get it moving that way at all. On a more serious note; however, I am really glad that someone did not get a snapshot of what happened after this guy was pummeled by the large tire that was coming straight towards his face.

9 Man Gets Major Wedgie After Falling Off of Yacht


The Bavaria 35 Match is a sailboat that is mostly found in Sweden, France, and Croatia, with a price tag cost of around $70,000. With a value that high, the 35 Match is considered a yacht. There is even a race where competitors that own the specific boat sail a short distance against another sailor. They hoist their sails in the first lap, then they are dropped in the second; making it difficult to stay away from the other players. It has been said that it is a very exciting race, and many collisions have been spotted. This is most likely what was going on in this picture; the man probably fell off of the boat while racing and his underwear got stuck on the side, giving the man a wedgie that he will never forget. Nor will anyone else, since it was caught on camera.

8 People Don’t Know What to do When an Ice Storm Hits Georgia, U.S.

CNN iReporter Dylan Wintersteen snapped this photo of abandoned cars along Georgia 400, a major north-south highway north of the heart of Atlanta. The photos were taken around 3pm Wednesday, January 29, 2014.

In Switzerland, most people don’t think too much about what will happen when snow falls. It is normal for a few inches to land on their cars and homes, and it is no big deal. Living in Ohio, most people are pretty used to the cold in the winter; but one of the reasons that people move south is to dodge the bitter air in mid-January. Although there have been a few snows in Georgia, the temperatures generally don’t drop below freezing during the coldest part of the year.

Paranoia ensued when a few inches of snow fell in Atlanta, Georgia in February, 2014. The governor of the state, along with city workers were not prepared for the storm that hit the town, causing panic and major automobile accidents, as pictured above. Roads were closed, flights were canceled, and schools were shut down for a snowstorm that is a normal occurrence in more northern states. There is even a blog that a woman wrote, stating what happened during that time and what supplies she would need in case it happened again.


7 Earth Opens Up To Eat Three Cars

Chicago Fire, Water along with Streets and Sanitation departments respond to a sink hole which swallowed three vehicles and exposed a 24 inch gas line at the 9600 block of south Houston Avenue on Chicago's south side on Thursday, April 18, 2013.

In 2013, a sinkhole in Chicago, Illinois opened in the middle of a residential street, and consumed three cars that were on the road. The hole that appeared was around 30-feet wide, and two cars that were parked on the side fell in, along with a truck that was travelling the neighborhood. The driver of the truck was in the vehicle when it sunk, but was able to be rescued, and wasn’t seriously injured. There was one other truck that was nearby, but luckily was able to be towed away before it had fallen in the enormous pit that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

6 It Sucks To Be a Polar Bear These Days

Even though this picture is quite adorable, it is also rather sad. The Earth has gotten to a point where the ice is slowly melting, and this poor bear is just trying to survive. Polar Bears live in the Arctic, where they are used to the cold weather and need it in order to exist. When the ice starts to melt, the bears (among other cold-weather creatures) find it difficult to find places where they can call home. There are an estimated 25,000 polar bears in the wild (although that number is an estimate, it is very difficult to determine an exact number), and live around 15-20 years. The oldest living polar bear in captivity was forty years old at the time of its death, but it is not possible to capture and save every single bear in existence.

5 This Seagull Did Not Like Titanic

By now, almost everyone has seen the movie Titanic, and is aware of the moment in the film where Jack (the main character) is behind Rose (the female lead character), holding her. She pretends she is flying, and it is one of the most romantic scenes in movie history. While this is sweet, it really isn’t a great idea when you have birds that may be nearby. This particular couple thought that they would try to re-enact the scene, but got a rude awakening when a seagull flew right into her face. Apparently the bird wasn’t a big fan of the movie, and was showing his disgust for the humans who were invading his airspace.

4 Camel is Trying to Eat a Child

What happens when you are at the zoo and your child appears to be in danger? Do you run and get help? Or maybe assist your child? Perhaps you try to get the attention of the animal to persuade him from hurting your offspring. That is what most parents would do, but these people thought that getting a picture would be way more important than trying to help. In this case, it is probably acceptable to assume that the toddler is safe, even though a picture says a thousand words. The camel was seemingly hungry and the young boy (or girl) just looked like a really good snack, while a donkey looks on (in what appears to be) disbelief.

3 This Sheep

Thirteen year-old Marita Vestersjo Landsnes, was lucky to have her camera with her when she saw the strangest scene. A male sheep was apparently running down a hill in Norway when he got caught on some power lines. He was dangling from his horns, more than fifteen feet in the air, when Marita started snapping pictures. There were ewes at the bottom of the hill, and onlookers assumed that he was in a hurry to reach them. The ram was able to get down, unscathed.

The sheep is not to be confused with a moose that had a similar occurrence in Alaska in 2004. The animal was also dangling from the power lines when workers raised the wires from the ground. This one was a story that did not have a happy ending.

2 Can Cats and Snakes Be Friends?

Now what list of pictures would be complete without a cat in it? Here is another picture that proves that people are more concerned with getting a good photograph than the well-being of their loved ones. At least we would hope that these people love their cat, even though a snake appears to be attacking it and the owners are doing nothing to stop it. It is unknown what type of snake this is, or whose cat it may be, or even if the snake is a family pet; but it does not look like this is a situation that will (or did) end well.

1 This Is No Bull

This is probably the most painful-looking picture in this entire list. Bull-fighting is a very popular sport in Spain and Mexico, and matadors risk their lives by trying to avoid the bulls that run towards them for sport. Many times the bull is killed after the fight, and there are many people who enjoy watching this. It is rare; however, that someone gets a picture of the bull getting revenge against the fighter by “ramming” its horn into them. This appears to be a female matador, and the picture shown says it all. It is doubtful that she will be able to have children after this bull fight.


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