14 Of The Sexiest British Royals

Those that have been and are currently in a position of power have always been dangerously desirable. Just look at England’s very own "Virgin Queen" Elizabeth I. A virgin she most certainly was not. She was a woman so high in demand she had suitors forever fawning over her, yet chose not to even marry at all. The long list of beautiful blue- bloods only continues, from Spain’s strikingly beautiful Queen Letizia to the ever so ravishing Queen Rania of Jordan, from Sweden’s Prince Carl-Philip to well…basically the whole catalog of Sweden’s most famous royal elite. But what really makes these raging regals so darn irresistible? With good genes out of the question due to the blurry lines and murky waters of interbreeding we can only look elsewhere. Elsewhere, of course, being, money.

Supremacy is sexy and boy don’t we know it. Although money and an attractive appearance can be a hazardous combination, not all Royals are blessed with the looks of Prince Charming or able to be presented as the belle of the ball. Take England's Henry VIII, for example. A man so wickedly awful, he still managed to secure six wives in his 55 years of greed and gluttony. Famed for beheading his exes, he was still never short of a replacement, with queues round the block desperate to wrap their wannabe royal paws around him. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how you look, how ugly or how beautiful you are - as long as you have that power, that control and that almighty authority, you can become just as mouthwatering as a juicy pear waiting to be devoured. So, from a country which famously holds a long line of sovereignty to choose from, here are 14 of the hottest British Royals. They don't call it Great Britain for nothing.

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14 Princess Beatrice

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Eldest of the two girls born to Prince Andrew and the notorious Sarah 'Fergie' Ferguson, Beatrice, now 27, has grown into a bit of a beauty. The fiery redhead famed for wearing ridiculously large hats and jetting off on numerous vacations is an active member of the Royal Family, pictured on many occasions at a variety of events, including the most recent 90th birthday of her Grandmother Queen Elizabeth II. Currently living in the good ol' USA, Beatrice is shacked up with long term American boyfriend David Clark. Sorry guys, this princess is taken.

13 Zara Phillips

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Granddaughter to Queen Elizabeth II, Zara is the second child to Anne and Captain Mark Phillips. Renowned for holding no Royal title, Zara is often depicted as one of the more 'laid back' members of the Royals and even married a pretty 'normal' guy - English rugby player Mike Tindall. Following in her mother's footsteps, Zara competed in the London 2012 Olympics, even winning a silver medal in equestrian. Elegant, graceful, and utterly gorgeous, Zara is most definitely a favorite among Anglophiles everywhere and is apparently the Queen's favorite grandchild.

12 Lady Kitty Spencer

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A lesser known member of the Royal family, Lady Kitty's claim to the British blueblood is actually rather small. As the eldest daughter to Charles Spencer, the brother of Princess Diana, Lady Kitty is first cousin to the much more famous Prince William and Prince Harry. Spending most of her life in South Africa, Lady Kitty chose to hide herself from the media spotlight. Now studying in a prestigious school in London, the beautiful blonde seems to have had a change of mind and is often spotted schmoozing in and around the West End, regaining the crown as the socialite to the stars.

11 Pippa Middleton

Sister to Kate, Pippa is so alluring that she even managed to steal the limelight from a wedding that was screened all round the world. With a backside more famous than her face, Pippa's rump generated a lot of heat when she was pictured as bridesmaid to her big sister's wedding of the century. As well as sporting a beautiful bottom, Pippa is also a successful author and columnist who writes for a number of British publications. Desired by all, Pippa is often featured on a variety of sexiest socialite lists worldwide.

10 James Middleton

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Although not technically a member of the British monarchy, James certainly has merit, especially as he is the younger brother to the future Queen herself, Kate Middleton. Not only is he incredibly handsome but James is also a super successful businessman, credited with companies such as Boomf and the Cake Kit Company. Labelled as the most ambitious of the Middleton clan, James has certainly made a name for himself, all while sporting a beastly beard to boot and a regal sense of style.

9 Queen Elizabeth I

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So she may be long dead, but Elizabeth I was said to have been an almighty beauty back in the day. Reported as being tall and slender with a very tiny waist, Elizabeth even caught the eye of her half sister's husband, King Philip. With portraits often depicting her with red fiery hair, a white flawless complexion and an overall fair and beautiful frame, it can be easy to see why Elizabeth had so many men chasing after her. That and the prospect of being King of England, of course - that surely didn't hurt.

8 Queen Elizabeth II

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Speaking of the queen, who recently celebrated the humongous milestone of 90 years of age, Britain's longest running monarch hasn't always been that cute little old lady that you so often see on television. In fact, Liz was somewhat of a babe back in the day and most certainly pulled her weight during the trials and tribulations of World War II; she was often snapped by the press fixing cars and changing tires. In fact, Elizabeth was set for a different route entirely until her Uncle abdicated and her father became king. As they say, the rest was history.

7 Anne Boleyn

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Talk about sex appeal. Not famed for her looks, Anne was often labelled as average looking and was once referred to as "not one of the handsomest women in the world." Charming! However, it was her dark eyes and almighty presence that really set Anne apart from the others, completely owning the art of sexual seduction. In fact, Anne was so sexually attractive that she managed to change the whole face of religion, powerfully persuading Henry to divorce his wife, which was then a big no-no, and marrying her instead. With super babes such as Natalie Portman and Natalie Dormer trying their hand at portraying the sultry royal, it is easy to see why Anne was wholly adored.

6 Prince William

Although some may argue that he isn't as handsome as he used to be, Prince William still holds a special place in the hearts of many. Described as the dashing Prince Charming throughout his teens, the whole world rejoiced when he finally plucked up the courage to ask his college girlfriend to marry him. Looking more and more like his late mother Princess Diana everyday, William will forever be the crush of '90s teenagers everywhere. With his 'Mr. Nice Guy' image and his special bond with best man and brother Harry, the future king will surely go down in history as the sexiest monarch to grace the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

5 Princess Eugenie

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Often shunted to the shadows and forgotten about, Princess Eugenie is the younger sister of the more popular Beatrice. Known to be close to various members of the royal family, especially the Queen herself and first cousin and future King, Prince William, Eugenie is also well liked among the general public. With dark eyes and long brown hair, this petite princess is steadily growing into a right royal revelation and is currently making waves in the art world at home and across the pond.

4 Henry VIII

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Not famed for being pretty, Henry was actually quite something back in his heyday. Before the greed and gluttony, Henry was built like a brick house with an athletic, toned, and muscular physique. Obtaining the throne at just 18 years old, Henry was ever the sportsman, with jousting, tennis, hunting and women becoming a regular pastime. Said to be an absolute hunk in his youth, the image was reinforced when Irish heart throb Jonathan Rhys Meyers portrayed a young Henry in the CBC drama The Tudors. Now you wouldn't say no to him, would you?

3 Princess Diana

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Known throughout the world as the "People's Princess," Diana was most certainly cherished by millions. Mother of the two young princes and newly divorced, Diana was tragically killed in a car crash while trying to escape the wrath of the paparazzi. A stunning beauty, Diana matched those of Hollywood with her iconic fashion style and flawless manner. With her endless charity work and mission to make her children live a somewhat "normal" life, a little piece of Diana will always live on in the British Royal family, fondly remembered and treasured by all.

2 Prince Harry

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Once just the ginger younger brother of the more dazzling William, Harry suddenly blossomed into the hunky soldier we know and fawn over today. Cheeky, ballsy but also displaying an extremely soft side, bachelor Harry is often compared to his mother with his empathy towards those that are not as privileged as he. Tall, strapping and sporting an almighty muscular frame, Harry is not only a picture of perfection but also someone you would quite like to have as your pal.

1 Kate Middleton

Of course Kate's our number 1! Spawning not one, not two, but three stunningly attractive children, the Middletons should really think about selling their bodily fluids. One of the newest members to grace the presence of the British royal family, Kate is universally acknowledged as one of the most striking. Not only is she a classic beauty, Kate is also extremely graceful in how she handles the media and her family. With Kate not coming from a royal background herself, it gives every girl hope that one day they may too find their prince. Well, there is always Harry, isn't there, ladies?

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