14 Hot Celebs Who Look Amazing As Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman originally appeared as a character in DC comics. When they thought of the idea of Wonder Woman all those years ago I am sure they didn't know that all of these years later, dressing as Wonder Woman would still be something that women do as well as something that drives men crazy. But think about it, Wonder Woman is supposed to be a warrior princess of the Amazon, and not only that, but her costume is totally boss. How could guys not like Wonder Woman? The whole thing is impossible to even think about.

So Wonder Woman just won't go away. Over the years many women in TV and film have dressed in a Wonder Woman outfit, and just as many times over the years guys got turned on by them. So why not collect the best of them all in one place? What you are about to see may just be the hottest collection of Wonder Woman shots anywhere. This was Cosplay before Cosplay was even a thing.

So get ready for Wonder Woman to tie you up with a magic rope. Okay, that isn't going to happen, but at least you get to look at some hot Wonder Women. Here are 14 hot celebs who look amazing as Wonder Woman.

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14 Kaley Cuoco

via sitcomsonline.com

Okay, so Kaley loses a couple points for not wearing the cool Wonder Woman head gear, but still, all in all, she looks fabulous. She appeared this way for an episode of the Big Bang Theory. In the episode a bunch of nerds acted all weird around a hot woman dressed like Wonder Woman. Which is pretty much exactly the way anyone would act around Kaley if she was dressed that way. Sometimes art imitates life. Anyway, I digress. Kaley looks awesome.

13 Kim Kardashian

via http://www.helloamanda.com/

Okay, really? I know what you are thinking. Is there ever a list that Kim does not appear on? Believe me, I feel your pain, but one has to admit that she pulls off this costume pretty well. Not perfectly, though, as she doesn't quite have that whole Amazon thing down. Wonder Woman is supposed to be tall and powerful, not short with a huge bum. But still, just like everything else that Kim does in life, we may find fault with it, but it still works somehow.

12 Olivia Munn

via thelostogle.com

Okay, this is more like it. Olivia used to be the host of a show on G4, in which she would put on all sorts of cool little outfits that she looked hot in. But of course, the very coolest and the very hottest just has to be Wonder Woman. She looks awesome here, and totally pulls off that whole " superhero that is going to wind up tied up soon" vibe that is so essential to a good Wonder Woman. Olivia is now hanging out with Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, so sadly it may be that her Wonder Woman days are over. At least for the rest of us.

11 Rachel Bilson

via moviepilot.com

10 Rileah Vanderbilt

via moviepilot.com

Rileah is a part of the comedy group Team Unicorn, and posed for photos dressed as Wonder Woman as part of a comedy sketch. While she may have been attempting to be funny, we have to say there is nothing humorous about the way she looks. She looks absolutely hot as Wonder Woman. If they comedy thing doesn't work out she can always try to knock Jennifer off her perch as the Wonder Woman queen of Hollywood Boulevard. Maybe they could fight over it. Okay, sorry, my imagination is starting to run wild. Back to the list.

9 Christina Carter

via deviantart.net

Christina is an actress that you won't see unless you are a fan of a certain kind of adult film. The kind of adult film that often finds Wonder Woman in some sort of peril and being treated badly by the bad guys, in some totally hot ways. Christina simply has to be on this list as she is everything that a hot Amazon warrior is supposed to be. In fact, she looks ridiculously hot dressed this way. All women do a little, but Christina knocks it out of the park.

8 Geri Halliwell

via wikia.org

7 Emily Deschanel

via blogspot.com

6 Sarah Michelle Gellar

via pinimg.com

Okay, so not all celebrities look totally hot as Wonder Woman. While Sarah looks as cute as always, she is not quite pulling off the whole Amazon warrior thing when her thighs look like toothpicks. Still though, Sarah is cool; anyone that was Buffy the Vampire Slayer gets a lifetime achievement award in our book. And there is no doubt that she looks cute dressed this way, just not Wonder Woman hot.  This was part of her hosting the MTV awards with Jack Black.

5 Gal Gadot

via cdn2.thr.com

Gal is wearing this hot new Wonder Woman look for the new movie Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. While we must admit she looks totally hot, part of the appeal of the whole Wonder Woman thing is that she is an Amazon warrior that looks hot, tough, and also incredibly silly all at once. Gal looks like a Wonder Woman that actually could do some serious damage to you, and while that is hot to some folks, we at TheRichest like our Wonder Woman a little on the sillier side.

4 Adrianne Palicki

via deviantart.net

Speaking of a hot Wonder Woman with more than a touch of silly, Adrianne Palicki has the whole thing down. She starred as Wonder Woman for a TV pilot that never got picked up to be a series. It had some money behind it too, so it must have been horrible. There is one positive thing though; at least now there are dozens of photos on the internet of Adrianne looking totally hot dressed as Wonder Woman, so we all win. Except for the people that spent millions on a failed TV show.

3 Erica Durance

via supermanofsteel.com

While on the show Smallville, Erica dresses up in an Amazon warrior costume to try and go undercover at a comic book convention. While it is not a one hundred percent Wonder Woman costume it sure is close enough to put her on this list. Erica looks fantastic and should be proud to know that of all the women that have dressed as Amazon warriors, she is one of the very hottest. She already is almost certainly the hottest Lois Lane ever. Well done, Erica.

2 Tiffany Fallon

This one is a little confusing, even for us. Tiffany was on the cover of Playboy dressed like Wonder Woman, which makes no sense, really, as Playboy features women who don't wear clothes of course. Well, the thing is, the Wonder Woman costume was painted on her body. Whether this is hot or not is for you to decide, but there is no doubt that Tiffany looks amazing in her Wonder Woman costume, or body paint, or... whatever, she looks great.

1 Lynda Carter

via gedmag.com

There simply is no doubt who is number one in any Wonder Woman competition. Lynda Carter is the one who started the whole thing. She is a former Miss America who was Wonder Woman on TV in the '70s. As hot as she was back then, I don't think people today really understand the glory that was Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. She had that whole sexy and tough thing down, but she was still always getting knocked out and tied up by the bad guys. If you don't know why she is number one check out this gif of Lynda running as Wonder Woman, it will blow your mind.

Sources: dccomics, wikia, imdb

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