14 Bustiest Weather Girls Down South

Most of us watch the weather because we have to. We want to know whether we need to shovel snow, or whether this weekend will be good for the beach, or even how we should dress tomorrow. Let's face it, unless there is a huge snow storm or a hurricane coming your way there really is not a whole lot of excitement to watching the weather.

Which is why there are a lot of hot and busty weather girls out there. For sure there are and always will be a lot of guy weather forecasters; those guys tend to be nerds who get super excited about the weather. But come on, we can only look at guys like that for so long before we need some eye candy.

And that is where weather girls come in. This is not just a thing in America, it is a thing all over the world. Anywhere there is a TV and some bad weather on its way in the world, you can bet there is some hot and busty chick standing in front of a map talking about it.

So let's check some of them out shall we? Here are the 14 bustiest weather girls down south. We predict you'll like our forecast.

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14 Evelyn Taft

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Evelyn takes this whole hot and busty weather girl thing to ridiculous levels, which is obviously why she is a part of this list. Evelyn grew up in France, Israel and London and learned English by watching the weather channel growing up. She is married and describes herself as shy and private, so there is not a whole lot known about her. She works as a weather girl for a station out in Los Angeles, where it seems every station has a hot chick doing the weather.

13 Megan Glaros

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Megan is a weather girl in Chicago. She actually studied atmospheric sciences and journalism at Indiana, and has a lot of experience in the business, so apparently she is more than just a weather reader, she actually knows her stuff. Whether she does or not though, Megan is totally hot, and ridiculously busty so she earns a spot on the list. We hope that she is as proud of that as she is of her degree, but somehow we doubt it.

12 Jackie Johnson

via celebritynetworth123.com

If you look at any photo of Jackie you can see that she has the qualifications of busty weather girl pretty much down pat. Jackie does the weather out in Los Angeles and even occasionally does some weather on the radio, which if you ask me makes no sense at all. She went to the University of Alabama for meteorology, and is originally from Michigan. Although, in all honesty, she probably could have gotten a job as a weather girl on TV if she was a high school drop out, because she looks good in front of a map.

11 Sabrina Fein

via cw6sandiego.com

Sabrina is a weather girl that works in a station out of San Diego, and as you can see from this photo, or any other one for that matter, she is stacked, and rather hot. San Diego pretty much always has perfect weather, and Sabrina is pretty much perfect looking, so I imagine that the weather forecast is a pretty enjoyable thing out there. A perfect woman talking about perfect weather. What could possibly be better than that?

10 Marilu Kaufman

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We go back to Mexico, where obviously the weather girls dress just a tiny bit differently than ours do in the States. Not that we are mad about it at all - Marilu looks fantastic. The only problem would be not being able to concentrate on what she was saying, but to be honest I get that way with women all the time anyway. Marilu is rather stunning, and if she ever loses her job as a weather girl, she could always get a job in other areas of entertainment, we are sure.

9 Angie Gonzalez

via dmcdn.net

Angie is a weather girl from Mexico, and she certainly fits the criteria for this article. What is the criteria you may ask? Well, she is hot, she is a weather girl, and she is very busty, that's pretty much it. If you Google her name you get page after page of results that say "Hot Mexican Weather girl" and not much else, so for now you will have to be satisfied looking at the picture and wonder what the heck all the orange stuff is all over Mexico on the map. Maybe Angie's so hot she set the map on fire.

8 Maria Timmer

via staticflickr.com

We go back to the good old United States of America with Maria Timmer, who is a gorgeous weather girl for Fox news. She is tiny, at least in height (she is only five feet tall), but not in her bust size. She was born in Nicaragua, but went to school in Florida. She is married to Reed Timmer, who is a meteorologist and storm chaser. Looks like that is one family that gets totally excited about weather! "WOOO! A storm is comin'!" Maria always looks fabulous in front of a map, or anywhere else.

7 Elita Loresca

via i.ytimg.com

Elita is really busty and also hot. And no, that is not meant to be an insult at all. It's just that when you look at Elita, something jumps out at you, pretty much right away. She is originally from the Philippines, and has had jobs at news stations all over the country and has also posed for a few websites. At last check she was doing the weather at a station in Houston.

6 Jackie Guerrido

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Jackie is ridiculously hot to have any sort of job, let alone as a weather reporter. She is originally from Puerto Rico, where she had a rough childhood and had to stay in a domestic violence shelter for a while. She later moved to America and has worked in Miami on television and radio in many capacities, all on programs that are popular with Hispanic communities. Although, honestly, when you look like Jackie, you can probably be popular with any community.

5 Yanet Garcia

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Yanet is yet another ridiculously hot smoke-show of a weather girl from Mexico. In fact after writing this article I think I might even move to Mexico; the only thing is, I don't like hot weather. Is that ironic? You tell me. Anyway, Yanet is more than a weather girl, she is a star. She has almost two million followers on her Instagram where one can see photos of her in a lot of places that are not in front of a weather screen. Yanet is easily one of the hottest women on this list.

4 Susana Almeida

via photobucket.com

Okay so now that we have had quite a few from Mexico, Yanet has to be the hottest one, right? Well, maybe, or maybe not... It all depends on taste and there is no doubt that Susana gives her a serious run for her money. What is it about Mexico? Why don't we all live there? Judging from this one article I have to say the whole thing seems perfect.  Maybe there are some things I am not thinking about, but I don't know, right now I am just going to assume all women in Mexico look like Susana.

3 Chita Johnson

via images.express.co.uk

All right then, checking out all the hot and busty weather girls from Mexico was certainly enjoyable, there is no doubt about that, but one look at Chita Johnson and I am happy again that I live in the good old US of A. Chita does the weather in Houston, and is obviously pretty much perfect, physically. She is a bodybuilder as well, and if you are so inclined, you can find some pretty amazing photos of her, on the internet, competing.

2 Bri Winkler

via rnkr-static.com

Bri is a weather girl out in Los Angeles. If you look at this list one can almost immediately see that the vast majority are either blondes from California, or hot hispanic chicks from Mexico.  Where are all the hot weather girls from Detroit, or Vermont? I just don't get it. Bri is decidedly more modest than most, if not all the other women on this list, but she still has to rank high, because like it or not she is a hot and rather busty weather girl, and that is what this list is all about.

1 Cristina Blackwell

via blogspot.com

Number one on this list or on any other list about hot and busty weather girls has to include Cristina Blackwell. She is blonde AND Latina so we've got that covered, and has a body that simply will not quit. If there is one thing that this list has shown me, it is how many hot weather girls there are all over the world. So what are you waiting for? Turn on the TV, the news is going to be on soon. After all, I heard it is supposed to rain tomorrow. Only one way to find out.

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