13 Versions Of What "Sexy" Looks Like Around The Globe

Our world really is a massive place, and thus there are many varying ideas about pretty much everything. This includes what exactly it is that constitutes a woman's "sexiness." Different countries and different areas of the planet naturally have different tastes in everything from food to film to women. So it is interesting to place these ideals of beauty (and beyond) side by side to compare what it is that different nationalities value in the physicality of a woman.

All of the following women are exceptional by any country's standards no doubt, but even so, everyone likes what they like; to each their own, right? We all have our preferences, and it is no different when it comes to what we each consider attractive or hot. Likely our culture plays a role in that too, as you will soon see.

Now the following are, of course, a generalization based on the testimony of natives from each country. There is by no means an exact science for what every male or female finds the most sexy or desirable. But let's be stereotypical for a moment and go from there. I present to you the "sexiest women" (or representations of them) from 13 vastly different countries around the globe. Many share the same visions of perfection, but some (I'm looking at you, Iran) are actually quite random, and not what one would expect at all- that is, if we are going to go by stereotypes.

Read on to decide which country you most identify with!


4 France - Au Naturel


In France, the notion of what constitutes beauty is far different than in America. There, the school of thought is that natural beauty is the way to go. They do not have the same love of heavy makeup that many Americans do, and consider women graceful and glamorous at every age. They are not flashy in the slightest.

Ivory Coast-born French model Marine Vatch embodies this ideal of beauty in her country. She is often photographed with little makeup, and even hair that appears wind-tossed, messy, or even in a ponytail. Not to mention, she has a selection of lovely photos in her repertoire, that are oh-so "Au Naturel," as they say.

12. Malaysia - Pale and Petite


Malaysians value fair skin, like many Asian countries do. In fact, the fairer the better, and as long as your complexion is a so-called "pearly white," nothing else matters too much. However, a slim body and flatter chest seem to be the preferred traits, the latter being something very different from the general American thoughts on the subject. Also like many Asian countries, Malaysian women are not supposed to be "fat," though their definition of the word is questionable, and would likely include many women considered "average" in the West.

One model in Malaysia that is an accurate representation of this ideal woman is Maya Karin, a television host, singer, and actress. She is indeed slim and not the bustiest woman ever, and clearly she possesses the all-important light skin.

11. Australia - Buff Beach Babes


In Australia, like the U.S., what is thought to be beautiful is very diverse. However, looking good in a bikini is a standard measure of attractiveness. They value a sporty, athletic figure, and beyond that, it is up for debate. Known for its beaches, the island nation is apparently not too picky, but they do love their beach babes. Unlike in Asia (and similar to America), it does not hurt to have a tan, as they are typically an "outdoor" country where most of the population lives on or near the coasts.

Michelle Jenneke is an Australian Olympic hurdler who definitely looks sizzling being sporty, where she shows off a toned stomach and all-around athletic body. And to top it all off, she is also quite tan!

10. Poland - Proportionate, Pretty Poles


In Poland being tall is not important to physical appeal, nor is a large chest or hips. They appreciate good proportions, being trim, and long hair that is either curly or straight.

Polish model and ballerina Izabella Miko stands at only 5'4'', and is proportionately petite. Born in Poland, she is also apparently considered sexy by Western standards, as she has broken into Hollywood with roles in several television shows, including a recurring role on Chicago Fire. Plus, she was voted #48 on Maxim's Hot 100 Women of 2001 list.

3 Sweden - Nordic High Fashion


Swedes are known for their very blonde - often almost white, or platinum - hair, Nordic blue eyes, and high cheekbones. This is also what they think is the most attractive way for women to look. That is, along with how you dress. For them, high fashion clothing is a must. They embrace the "less is more" attitude- for both makeup and clothing (meaning that clothes that are not over-the-top or brightly colored). Sweden keeps it sweet and simple.

Model Agnes Hedengard possesses a certain softness in her photos, as well as all of the criteria above. Given this picture especially, it is hard to imagine that she was ever criticized for being too large. In every way, she is what Swedes say they consider sexy: the platinum, straight blonde hair, powder blue eyes, and even her simple, black top.

2 South Korea - The Fairest of Them All


Wide, round eyes  like those of Westerners and very pale skin are the main features of attractiveness in South Korea. In fact, many women go under the knife to create "better" eyes (as many as one in ten women), and even some children. This goes along with a coveted "V-line" face, for which there are endless products on the market to make more achievable, including jaw-trimming products. As creepy as it sounds, it is the norm in North Korea's neighboring country.

Lee Sung-Kyung is a South Korean actress and model. Perhaps some of her success can be attributed to her near-perfect looks. Her porcelain skin, face in the shape of a V, and her big eyes all work together to create the visage that so many would have surgery to possess.

7. Iran - It's All About That Nose, 'Bout That Nose


You probably do not often think of Iranian women caring much about looks, largely in part because of their strict dress code. But this is not at all the case. Though these women are mostly covered, this only makes them more concerned about how they look. They want their face to be so beautiful that it does not matter if anything else can be seen. To achieve this, they line their eyes with kohl, and perfectly thread their brows. But nose jobs are the ultimate symbol of status and beauty. In fact, they wear the bandages after surgery with pride, even showing them off. 70,000-plus rhinoplasties were performed last year in a country known largely for suppressing women.

Leila Otadi is an Iranian model who is an excellent representation of all of the above, from her accentuated eyes to her polished brows to her perfect nose.

6. America - Who The Hell Knows?


It is honestly hard to choose one look to represent all of America, since we are the so-called "melting pot" of the world. Here, there are so many definitions of sexy or attractive (as I am sure there are everywhere else, but since I was born and raised in America, this one is more difficult for me to decide, though I shall try). I would say that most Americans find that women with the following physical qualities are thought to be the most visually appealing: thin and/or sporty, tallish, big breasted, tanned, and having large eyes. A lot of (tasteful) makeup does not hurt either.

So as an American, knowing what I know about, well, us, I chose to represent all of the above with none other than Jessica Alba! First of all, who doesn't think Jessica Alba is smoking hot (myself included, and I'm a girl)? Second of all, she is everything I just mentioned, and more: thin/athletic, tall (5'7'' is tall for a girl- trust me), her boobs are not lacking, she is quite bronzed, her eyes are Tres Magnifique, and at least in this photo, she is wearing a decent amount of makeup. To elaborate, she has that fun, cute, tomboy thing going on and above all else, our girl is All-American in so many ways, but the fact that she is 13% Native American (as well as Mexican, Irish, Danish, and East Asian) hits the nail on the head!

5. Brazil - Land of the Supermodels


Just as you might suspect, in Brazil, the most attractive women are the ones who are fit and toned, tan, and have blonde hair and light eyes. There, some things that we think of as reserved for special occasions or every few weeks, they do frequently, even daily. These things include getting manicures, waxing, and sculpting massages. It is important to always look polished in Brazil. But, then, it makes sense that some of the world's most beautiful supermodels, such as Victoria's Secret's Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Izabel Goulart, hail from the home of the world's most painful wax: the Brazilian.

One such beauty is Ana Beatriz Barros. Also a Victoria's Secret model, she quite obviously personifies the country's ideal of hotness. Her conflicting bronzed skin and light features, as well as her very fit physique represents South America's largest country (and the world's fifth largest) on this list.

4. Pakistan - Basically Look Like Snow-White


Pakistan is likely another country that does not quickly pop into your head when you think of hot girls or even beauty. But they have many women who would make the point that it should. Again, a light, creamy complexion is coveted, as it is in so many places around the world. That is the most important trait, but also having long black hair and blue eyes is thought to be the best.

As you can see, model Mehreen Syed is the total package in Pakistan. She is of course stunningly pretty in her own right, but she also has that gorgeous black hair, very fair skin, and very intriguing green eyes, making it difficult to argue that she is not beautiful or sexy by any country's standards.

3. Thailand - More Wan-Wannabes


Thailand is not original, as we have seen, in its love affair with skin whitening creams and treatments. In fact, as someone who has lived there, I can say the women are practically obsessed with the notion, with ads plastered on the Sky Train and buses alike. This feature is associated with wealth and status for one thing, but I think the look also genuinely appeals to their sense of sight. Thai women may have it a bit tougher than other Asian countries on this list though, as southern Asia tends to produce just a hint of darker skinned people than the north. Also unoriginal to Thailand but prevalent nonetheless is the desire to be tiny, which many of the women naturally are, at least when compared to American women.

Davika Hoorne is a Thai model, and likely one that most girls dream of looking like. Hell, I would love to look like the girl! She is little, dainty, and so feminine. And of course, she has that perfect white skin to boot.

2. Denmark - Barbie Girls


Another Northern European country, another blonde beauty ideal. Danish people favor the very blonde hair like their neighbors the Swedes, but they also seem to love the contrasting presence of dark - dark eye makeup. I myself can see the appeal, on the right woman. Hey, you like what you like, right? And it just so happens that in Denmark, the thing that matters most is quite simple. Unless you have dark hair and are wearing no makeup. Strange how exactly opposite from France this is, despite the two countries being a mere 750 miles apart.

Sisse Marie is a Danish model, singer, actress, and television host. Her success probably has something, even just a little, to do with the fact that she is the definition of the word "sexy" there. It is clear as day: super duper blonde hair? Check. Black eye makeup? Check. Easy enough in Denmark.

1 Serbia - Such Specific Standards


Of all of the countries we have now talked about, who would have guessed that Serbia, of all places, would have the most specific ideas about what makes a woman sexy? Not me. Nevertheless, this is what some Serbs have in mind: an olive complexion, full lips, small nose, big blue eyes, very skinny, and high cheekbones. Is that specific enough for you?

Model Ana Mahajlovic is pretty damn close to perfection by those standards. In fact, she nearly tics every single box... nearly. The one thing I question is the "small nose". Is her nose overly large, or large at all? No. But is it small, exactly? No. It fits her face well, but should she ever feel the need to tic that one last pesky box, there is always Iran.

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