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13 Twerkers You Need To Know About

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13 Twerkers You Need To Know About


There are many things people will do for attention. As teenage girls grow up, they learn pretty quickly that boys pay attention to extremes. Wear tight clothing, boys will watch. Wear even less clothing and a whole bunch of boys will watch. And the hotter the girl is, the more attention they will get. We can call it the Kim Kardashian disease. It’s a narcissistic impulse that drives a young woman to display her body like a piece of meat on a Mexican street corner and then invite the entire world to watch. And like a good cut sirloin, it works.

That’s how twerking became part of our vernacular. A young woman sticks her butt up into the air in a sexual manner and begins to shake and gyrate it. The rules are pretty much open for interpretation, but if you are hot, wear tight or little clothing (they always say less is more) and shake your rump like you don’t care, then you are pretty much well on your way. The visual display can be a hit or end in a drunken thud when an intoxicated collegiate hits the deck hard after losing her balance. Either way, twerking has caught on like beer pong at college parties and beyond. It is a mainstay until the next gratuitous dance craze arrives. These are 13 twerkers you gotta know.

13. Khristine Monroe

Also known as KK Monroe, Khristine Monroe’s twerking abilities have been well documented online with ample posts on YouTube as well as on Instagram. Monroe’s ample rear end also moves by itself as she gyrates in her videos. Her derriere has also been featured in numerous rap videos and she makes no apologies for shaking it without regard. Most of Monroe’s content has been labeled with “Adult Only” and “Restricted” due to their nature and her desire to expose her favorite asset. Either way, she can twerk with the best of them out there and has earned a spot on this list.

12. Jessy Hitta

Google Jessy Hitta and you will come across “Jessy Gotta Shower Twerking Mix” and right away you know where you will be heading. Jessy Hitta is not shy about showing her body in her online mixes. Jessy wears little-to-no clothing especially around her lower half. She swallows up the tiniest of G-strings and twerks away for all to see. Make no mistake about it, Jesse is good at her craft. Her twerking abilities has her amassing a large audience online. So search her name and click play if you like a good twerker. And enjoy.

11. Jessica Vanessa

via cosmopolitan

via cosmopolitan

Jessica Vanessa went from being an attractive teaching assistant making minimal money to being a twerking sensation on Vine and bringing home a 6 figure salary. Every time she posts a new Vine video, advertisers line up to attach their branding to her. She has made a living out of shaking her rear on the Internet and is happily counting her money as she does it. Jessica has earned every dollar along the way. She has amassed an impressive 2 million followers on Vine, and that, in part, is why she brings home big cash from advertisers for each video she showcases.

10. Jhonni Blaze



Visit Jhonni Blaze’s website and you read the words that have her audience and fans hooked right from the start. It reads: “Sexy, seductive, controversial and undeniably the most talented girl in the game right now….” No shortage of ego, Jhonni does in fact blaze a trail with her fit physique and seductive look. Her twerking abilities are widely known all over the Internet and the sexy outfits she drapes herself in only adds to her allure. She makes herself available to be booked for parties and events so others can enjoy her twerking in either a private or public setting. Jhonni Blaze is no stranger to controversy. She has been seen drinking on camera getting into fights as well as getting slugged across her grill as she talked trash by another trash talking rapper. No shortage of excitement here.

9. Lanipop



Lanipop is the kind of name you think of at 2 am when you’re sitting in your favorite gentlemen’s club and hear the announcer proclaim, “now stepping on to stage 1, Lanipop!” Of course, cascading over your ears in the background is the opening to Def Leppard’s “Pour some sugar on me.” Lanipop is listed as a model, actress and Herbal Life Coach, all the while twerking mostly or completely naked on the Internet. Her half-naked and completely naked videos and images are available in large quantity for all to see. She makes no apologies for taking off her clothes and is pretty much game for whatever twerking will draw a crowd.

8. Nicki Minaj


Music R&B queen Nicki Minaj loves flaunting her body. From her outrageous outfits in public to her outrageous lyrics, she pretty much has cornered the market on gratuitous excess. This is where twerking comes in. With a sinful body that features the right amount of junk in just about everywhere, Nicki happily flaunts her twerking abilities online as just another notch in the belt when it comes to her attention grabbing style. With success on the music charts and constant Internet interest in her physical displays, Nicki Minaj does show off some pretty badass twerking moves online to her fans’ delight.

7. Rihanna


What can Rihanna not do? The amazing singer from the Caribbean has some of the best vocal chops in the music business. Her hit songs and cameos in music have placed her up at superstar status. And unless you have been hiding under a rock over the past few years, Rihanna’s ability to set the Internet ablaze with her scantily dressed outfits and extremely fit body is a gift she keeps on giving. Never shy to show skin or display her various talents, Rihanna can nail a twerking routine with the best of them and has done so numerous times. Her ability to sensually shake her backside is just another gift this songstress has added to her fully loaded arsenal.

6. Vanessa Hudgens


“My ass is small but I twerk like it’s big.” Sold! Thank you Vanessa Hudgens for clearing that up! Vanessa, in case you have been living under a rock, was one of the most celebrated stars of the High School Musical series. She has had an on again off again relationship with Zac Efron throughout the years. But more importantly, Vanessa Hudgens has been a big time hottie who has garnered quite a bit attention for her looks. And what has happened over the past few years is she has honed her skills as a twerker who makes a stellar impact at clubs.

5. Lexy Panterra

Freestyle twerker Lexy Panterra has amassed over 1.6 million followers on Facebook and she doesn’t look as if she will be slowing down attracting fans anytime soon. The well-known twerker does a phenomenal job of shaking her rear end for everyone to see, mixing authentic dance moves with her fantastic twerking abilities. Lexi Panterra is a singer/songwriter who is hungry for success, hitting the electronic music scene in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California. She is attractive and talented and there is bound to be a lot more from Lexy Panterra.

4. Twerk Team

When you are called Twerk Team, you pretty much can guess what is going down. The official professional bootie shakers are an Atlanta based “dance company” who wear tight shorts and enjoy shaking their rear ends, one after another, for all to see. With nearly 850K followers, the twerk team is available to be had at a party of your choice and come and perform. The pair of girls do a great job on Twitter and Instagram as well. The two women are trying to make it big but the reality is, twerking just doesn’t pay the bills (unless you are Miley Cyrus of course).

3. Elena Fraules

Elena Fraules is a sexy dancer and teacher who takes twerking to an art form. Her beautiful face is reminiscent of Angelina Jolie. Her dance moves rival that of a brilliant Janet Jackson back in prime. Elena Fraules is originally from Siberia, Russia. She carries her exotic Russian glow on her sleeve; a beautiful combination of catlike eyes and amazing good looks. She is the founder of Fraules Dance School and has made her twerking class a specialty of hers. She has taken her twerking ability to a whole new level. You can’t deny how fantastic she is at twerking and her little outfits are a nice kicker. And when Elena dances, she looks amazing doing it.

2. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has come a long way since she was on her hit show, Hannah Montana. The singer and actress has had a fine career and still is just in her early 20s. She is rich beyond her wildest dreams and insanely successful. And along the way, Miley has naturally stirred up her own brand of controversy. From wearing sexy outfits (or no clothes at all) to cutting her hair super short like a boy, Miley Cyrus has been fearless when it comes to exposing herself. And then came the twerking craze. Miley made a meal out of the craze, becoming one of the most popular twerkers in the world.

1. Anastasia Ashley 

When you are a gorgeous American surfer with a body for sin, you already draw a crowd. But when you are Anastasia Ashley and you warm up prior to surfing by doing a twerk dance in front of everyone, there is a very special place in the world for you. This is true with the talented Anastasia, who impresses everyone with her moves. She started surfing at the age of 5. She moved to Hawaii and her success story has only grown from there. Anastasia is a talented surfer who captured surfer of the year but more than anything, we love her pre-game dance moves. That is where she is most impressive.

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