13 Tips That Might Save Your Life One Day

Even when you are faced with someone who has the most twisted and dangerous intentions, you can likely save your own life by trusting your own gut and acting on that terrible fear. Like you are now pr

Even when you are faced with someone who has the most twisted and dangerous intentions, you can likely save your own life by trusting your own gut and acting on that terrible fear. Like you are now probably aware of (what with all the examples the media provides), a dangerous attacker can look no different than you or I, but your brain is undoubtedly paying attention to all the red, warning signs, which signals your intuition. Basic knowledge of surviving a natural disaster will save your life if you're ever in the unlikely situation. Knowing what to say to your kidnapper can increase your chances of being freed unharmed. You can avoid being kidnapped in the first place by using basic self-defense tricks. You can avoid looking like an easy target by being confident and assertive. Of course, these are only some of the many detailed survival tips in this article. Share this with your friends and family - you just might save a life. Below are 13 tips that just might save your life one day.

13 Trust your intuition because fear is a life-saving gift

No matter what, you must always trust your gut. Never minimize your intuition or tell yourself you're being silly. In the book The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker (a man who Oprah Winfrey called the nation’s leading expert on violent behavior) the first chapter follows a true story of a 27 year old woman named Kelly who trusted her intuition – and it saved her life. After a stranger in her apartment building offered to help Kelly bring her groceries to her door, he entered her apartment and sexually assaulted her. After the assault, the man promised he wouldn’t hurt her (an unsolicited promise) but then closed the window. Why would he close the window? Kelly’s intuition told her that he most certainly was going to kill her (he would only close the window so that neighbors wouldn't hear her screams). When he instructed her to wait in the bedroom while he went to the kitchen to “get something to drink” (he was really going to get a knife) Kelly disobeyed his instructions and got up, and very quietly followed directly behind him so that he wouldn't see or hear her, and when he turned to go into the kitchen, Kelly left the apartment. Sure enough, as Kelly walked away she heard the sound of her attacker rifling through her knife drawer. He was going to go back into Kelly's bedroom to kill her.

12 Know your weapons of opportunity

11 Be rude to strangers when they rub you the wrong way

Don’t worry about being rude and unsympathetic to strangers – your survival instincts will tell you that you have to be, especially when they wont' take "no" for an answer. Ted Bundy would lure victims to his car by wearing a cast and asking young women to help him bring books to his car. Even if the woman got a bad feeling, she would ignore her gut because she didn't want to appear rude by refusing to help. Just say no. Appearing rude or unsympathetic is worth it if you save your own life. Serial killers often have some sort of "sales pitch" similar to Ted Bundy's. If someone who gives you a bad feeling offers to help you carry something or help you by giving you a ride, be firm and say “no thank you, I don’t want your help”. It doesn’t matter how kind a stranger is – kindness can be used to manipulate a victim. They’ll also often throw a ton of meaningless details about their life at you to engage you, build rapport and distract you long enough for you to forget that they’re a total stranger. Gavin de Becker calls this signal "too many details."

10 Don’t be an easy target

9 Watch out for the unsolicited promise

8 Always keep survival essentials with you

7 Never admit you’re traveling alone or give personal details to strangers.

6 Know basic self-defense

5 Survive a kidnapping

4 Know how to give yourself the Heimlich manoeuvre

Image: YouTube (HowCast)

3 Survive being lost at sea

The ocean can be a deadly playground, and before you think nothing’s ever going to happen to you – remember that there’s approximately 5000 boat accidents each year – so if you love fishing, water-sports or boat rides, read on. As explained by Navy SEAL Cade Courtley on Spike TV's series Surviving Disaster, the weather can change deadly at any moment while you're at sea. Sometimes a storm looks far away but in reality, wind direction changes fast and the weather can take a drastic turn for the worst. You won’t be able to outrun a storm, so the driver of your boat will have to face the waves and drive into it since your boat will take on more water from behind than it will head-on. Ultimately, you’ll likely run out of gas and be at the mercy of the sea. You’re facing possibilities of capsizing or your boat sinking. Use the boat’s radio to call in a mayday. Courtley says to say mayday 3 times, state the name of your boat, how many people are on it, your approximate location and what your emergency is.

2 Remember the survival rules when stranded

If you find yourself stranded, the first thing you need to figure out is whether or not you have a viable water source. As you know, seawater and snow cannot be consumed. The salt in seawater can cause you to die of dehydration, and consuming snow will dangerously lower your body temperature. Rain water is safe to drink, but what if you don’t know when it will rain – if ever? If you have no water source, do not eat. Eating will make your body need water and make you thirsty. You can survive for 3 weeks without food, but only 3 days without water. It may be tough, but don’t eat until you have water to drink.

1 Always be aware of your surroundings

Being hyper-aware can save your life. Know that one of the most common places women are abducted from is a grocery store parking lot or an office parking garage. Always keep an eye out for someone lurking, and if there's a van parked next to your car on the driver's side, enter your car through the passenger side. Always check your car before entering (someone could be hiding in the back seat). Once you're in your car, always drive away immediately. Never sit in your car and text a friend before you start driving. Another common spot for attackers to wait for a victim is a public restroom. Think about how easy it would be to push you back inside that restroom and lock the door. Not only should you be hyper-aware when you're in these places (don't be distracted on your cell phone) but you should also be aware of your surroundings at all times in general. Your brain will pick up on alarm signals if something around you is dangerous, causing your intuition to kick in.

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13 Tips That Might Save Your Life One Day