13 Things You Need To Know To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Maybe one day you're going to be grateful you took the time to read this list.

Many of the blockbuster films and TV series we watch depicting this scenario leave out many crucial elements necessary to your survival when flesh eating zombies are strolling around town. If this were to happen, you would have an easier time surviving against the slower undead featured in AMC's The Walking Dead TV series rather then the determined, energetic people eaters from movies like 28 Days Later.

Regardless of if they are stumbling or sprinting, you are going to need to know some very basic survival practices in order to get by, fight back and make sure that the human race doesn't become a dead piece of history.

The Pentagon currently has a plan should a zombie outbreak happen, and what is interesting to note is that the tactics used in it are also applicable to terrorist attacks, invasions, other viral outbreaks and during the downfall of organized society. If they have a plan, you should too.

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13 Stock Up On Non-Perishable Foods

You will want food that can be eaten on the go, without the need for cooking or long preparation times and also foods that have nutritional value after all the exercise you will get from running and cutting down zombies.

Peanut Butter is a good source of protein, and many types don't require refrigeration, lasting for at least a few months. Also stock up on tinned meats and vegetables, protein or fruit bars, low fat crackers (these tend to last longer), dried fruits, nuts, other high energy foods, vitamin supplements and CHOCOLATE. If you're in a high stress environment, comfort food will be useful for calming your nerves and staving off depression.

Don't forget to take a can opener!

12 Get Out Of The City

Around 81% of America's population live in urban areas, and like any disease, whatever causes a zombie outbreak will absolutely flourish in densely populated areas.

There is also the other obvious fact that more people will lead to more zombies, so in order to avoid being over-powered by their sheer numbers, it is best to grab all of the items you need and leave to somewhere more isolated.

Keep in mind that many other people may attempt to do so simultaneously, so to avoid getting stuck in a traffic jam, either find alternative transport or wait in a secure location for the pandemonium to dissipate.

11 Be A Part Of A Close-Knit Community

As social creatures, we tend to perform better and feel safer when in a group compared to being on our own. You will feel safer during an apocalypse scenario when surrounded by people you can rely upon, and feeling safer means you are more relaxed to plan and complete objectives effectively. You can also share duties such as gathering equipment, fighting, scouting, building, and looking after one another.

Your mental health will also benefit, as isolation can produce negative feelings in yourself leading to depressive or suicidal thoughts. Maintaining social relationships will boost morale and give each of you something extra to fight for.

10 Hunting And Foraging For Food

Since there are many plants and berries that are poisonous, only eat what you are certain is safe. Always look for mushrooms, fruits, vegetables and roots which you have seen and eaten before, or do some research while you still have internet.

The more important thing to know is how to effectively catch animals and fish without the use of a fishing rod or gun. You can make traps and nets out of branches and vine lashings, and can then gut and skin your catch with your hands (although a knife would be easier). Check any wild animals for signs of disease first, and cook VERY thoroughly.

9 Basic First Aid And Wound Treatment

If a zombie bites you then first aid may not help, but accidents happen that can hurt you or a friend and without a doctor, it's up to you to help. Identify all those in your group who have first aid experience so everyone knows to go straight to them.

Remember to elevate and apply pressure to a heavily bleeding wound to stop the bleeding, and dress tightly with a CLEAN bandage or fabric. Infections can be just as dangerous. Knowledge of treating broken bones, poisoning, head injuries as well as what to do when someone is in shock is absolutely essential to survival.

8 Constructing And Using Weapons

Proficiency with a range of weapons is required; you must be able to fire, reload and maintain a gun, have the strength to effectively and repetitively use a melee weapon like a machete or, if you don't have these luxuries, be able to construct weapons from natural objects.

A knife would be the most multipurpose weapon for you to make, and you can produce one either from bone or stone. To make one from stone, you will need four rocks. One large, flat stone for your work bench, one round one for a chisel, a smaller one to sharpen the edges and of course, one with the desired dimensions to become your weapon. Some elbow grease will be required.

7 Where To Run To

You have your group, weapons, supplies and jacked a few cars but need somewhere smart to go to for the night. While small towns are sparsely populated, they aren't immune as anywhere that can be walked to from a city is vulnerable.

A statistician from Cornell University actually posed the question of where to go and arrived at the conclusion that places like Central Nevada or the Colorado Rockies would be the likely place for survivors to live. If you're not in the US, look for somewhere remote with a mountainous or rugged landscape, difficult for any zombie to get to. Choose somewhere with access to fresh food and water.

6 How To Treat Or Filter Water

Here are two methods:

The first method is a good ol' fashioned boiling. Providing that you have a gas cooker or a fire as well as a pot, boil the water for at least five minutes. Once cool, it should be sterile enough for you to start drinking.

The second way requires a cup and a plastic sheet. Dig a hole, place the cup in the middle and wet the sides of the hole. Cover said hole with the plastic sheet so no moisture can get out. Put a small stone on the cover just above the cup so evaporating water will drip down and collect in your cup.

5 How To Fortify Your Base

Fortifying against zombies would be like fortifying against a hurricane; they won't get tired and will just keep battering the walls until they knock them down. If you can't find a place and must build one yourself, be sure to place it on elevated ground so it's harder to get into and easier for you to see your surroundings.

Assuming that you don't have the skills of an engineer or the equipment, you need to consider having the following four things: A fortified wall around the perimeter of the site, an alarm system to let you know of anything approaching (a dog or string-trip could work), an elevated observation deck for you to see at a distance, and a plan B escape route in case things get hairy.

4 Not All People Will Be Friendly

At the very beginning, there may be riots in populated areas, and as time goes by there may also be opportunistic or violent people who just want what you have. Upon the collapse of society, you will find yourself in an environment of survival.

Evolutionary psychologists say that many human behaviors are still hardwired as they were almost 200,000 years ago; you can take man out of the stone age but you can't take the stone age out of man. What this means is no matter how modern we may regard ourselves as being, you need to be ready to protect yourself from people driven solely by survival instincts.

3 Work On Your Fitness

Your fitness will be your saving grace. Whether fighting or fleeing, you are going to be grateful that you had that extra bit of energy to get through the day instead of becoming lunch. You are going to need to stay focused even when tired, and a heightened fitness level will allow you to do just that.

It is recommended that healthy adults aim for 150 minutes of moderate cardio a day, as well as at least two sessions of strength training a week but if low on food, avoid expending energy you otherwise need to save.

2 Keep Your Composure

Staying calm and composed is a trait people aren't born with, but can learn. You should keep calm when under pressure (trying to not die is A LOT of pressure) in order to avoid agitating other people around you and also to stop yourself from making rash decisions that you regret later.

In order to do this, first realize that your brain is starting to release adrenalin and becoming more instinctual. Analyze what exactly it is that is making you freak out and slow down your breathing. As your heart rate slows, relabel your negative emotions with more positive ones, and avoid letting your judgment go out the window.

1 Don't Be A Hero

Everyone is responsible for themselves at the end of the day. By all means, try and save the friend, lover or family member from being mauled, but if you take it upon yourself to save every single person, you're going to die.

Survival is about being smart and AVOIDING danger. If you want to save everyone then chances are you're going to be diving in head first to a bad situation, so just don't do it. If you're a smart person, then the world will need you alive, not dead.

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