13 Of The Most Adorable Celebrity Kids

The lives of celebrities are filled with things most people can only dream of: lavish homes, exotic vacations, financial freedom, and the pressure of having a job that is always in the spotlight. While it’s fun to imagine what it would be like to live such an extravagant life, we often forget that celebrities have the same problems as the rest of us.

For celebrity parents, the pressure is two fold, wanting to carefully preserve their own image while giving their children every sense of normalcy possible. Seeing celebrities post pictures, gush about their kids in interviews, or be accompanied by their children at events reminds us that despite the spotlight and household recognition, celebrity parents have very normal lives off camera.

While celebrities have the means to acquire more help than most families, they still struggle with the same problems every parent does—sleep schedules, toy trends and friendship battles as their kids grow up. While we see the lives of celebrity kids as something of a great luxury, with access to the best tutors and classes, nannies, designer clothing, and elite schools, it’s just life to these kids. While they will grow to understand they are privileged, they are still kids navigating the same emotions and milestones as any other kid growing up.

Celebrity kids have the same needs and desires as anyone else. These thirteen adorable celebrity kids are proof that the most important thing in parenting is providing a loving, fun and adventurous home.

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13 Jayden Federline

via celebritybabyscoop.com

When your mom is singer Britney Spears and your dad is Kevin Federline, it’s not going to be easy to go anywhere without people knowing who you are and treating you like a celebrity by birth rights alone. Despite his parents' rocky past, Jayden, now 9 years old, looks to have the life every kid would want.

With his mom Britney finding her groove in life, hanging out with his younger brother Sean Preston and finding his passion, Jayden’s life seems pretty rad. Britney regularly posts images of her and Jayden (and Sean of course) making the most of life, swimming, going on trips, and partaking in the boys current favorite hobby, skateboarding. While Jayden has his mom’s smile, his darker hair shows he’s a good mix of both of his parents.

12 Milo Bugliari

via celebeat.com

It’s not secret that Alyssa Milano loves her kids. The former Charmed actress regularly posts candid photos of herself and her adorable kids, including her oldest child, her son Milo, on her various social media accounts. With hubby Dave Bugliari, an agent at Creative Arts Agency, Alyssa and their two kids have a seemingly ideal life.

Milo is the epitome of a happy kid. Almost always smiling at the camera, this brown-haired, blue-eyed cutie is loving life. With his abundance of brown locks and piercing baby blue eyes, 3-year-old Milo is looking more and more like his mama every day.

11 Bronx Mowgli Wentz

via celebritybabyscoop.com

The only child of the short lived marriage between pop singer and songwriter Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy member Pete Wentz, Bronx Mowgli Wentz is proof that the couple was doing something right. While Bronx’s blonde hair is a nod to Ashlee, his facial features are reminiscent of Pete, with a style that’s a good blend of both parents' looks.

For a 7 year-old, Bronx has more style than some twenty-somethings. His sweet smile and quiet demeanor make a great contrast to his punk-rock influenced look. While it seems his baby curls are long gone, the young rocker still has a sweet smile and kind eyes that speak of a happy childhood.

10 Shiloh Jolie-Pitt 

via intouchweekly.com

Growing up in a big family isn’t always easy, especially when that family is as high profile as the Jolie-Pitt brood. While Angelina and Brad have gone to lengths to ensure the privacy of their children remains intact, there is only so much the parents of six can do to shelter their kids from the public eye.

In the midst of it all, daughter Shiloh has had no problem finding her own place in the world. Her blonde hair, blue eyes and features make Shiloh a near clone of her dad Brad. As Hollywood Life reported, when daughter Shiloh attended one of Angelina’s premiers in a suit and tie and wished to go by the name “John”, her parents were supportive. It’s hard to not be happy with your life when your parents are as willing to accept your feelings and desires as Angelina and Brad seem to be. Short hair or long, male or female pronouns, this young Jolie-Pitt family member is stunning.

9 Penelope Athena Richmond 

via purplerosee1.blogspot.com

With a comedian for a mom and a dad who also works in the entertainment industry, young Penelope Athena Richmond has plenty of familial talent to go around. The youngest daughter of the 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live star, Penelope has the luxury of having parents that have been there, done that.

With her dark hair and goofy poses, Penelope is already promising to look a lot like her mom Tina. While Fey and Richmond work hard to give their daughters a life that doesn’t revolve around the spotlight, it’s clear that Penelope and big sister Alice don’t mind the camera much; they're confident in who they are, which makes it easier to deal with being in the spotlight.

8 Max Liron Bratman

via maxlironbratman.tumblr.com

Son to another pop star and current celebrity panel host on The Voice Christina Aguilera, Max Liron Bratman has plenty of talent in his family. While the now 7-year-old’s parents are no longer together, Max has a pretty good life. Now a big brother to toddler-aged sister Summer, Max has the love of both his parents, their partners and his little sister.

While we don’t see much of Max in the public eye, what we see of him speaks of a typical 7-year-old, sports loving and family oriented with an adorable surfer-style shaggy haircut. What makes Max so sweet is his clear love of his mama and baby sister.

7 Kingston Rossdale

via fameimages.com

If there was one word to describe the eldest son of rockstar power couple Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, it would be cool. Now 9-year-old Kingston Rossdale has an awesome sense of style (easy to inherit when your mom is such a fashion icon), a happy demeanor and is clearly very close with his entire family.

It’s easy to see Gwen in Kingston with his light blonde hair and edgy side-shave and long fringe haircut. The young rocker may smile like his mama, but his eyes and facial features are all dad. Happy, healthy and full of life, it’s great to see Kingston embodying all it means to be a kid despite his famous parents' more chaotic lives.

6 Ivy Blue Carter

via rollingout.com


There was a time when it was hard to imagine rapper Jay Z and pop queen Beyonce as a married couple, let alone starting a family. Now, it’s like the couple was destined to be fashion forward celeb parents. It’s easy to see how the couple wants to give their daughter as normal of a life as possible, typically shielding her face from view in public images.

In the few images of Ivy where her face is visible, it’s easy to see how much the little princess smiles like her Dad yet she has her mom’s strong facial features.

5 Pearl Osbourne 

via twitter.com

Pearl Osbourne is like any other three year old. She’s energetic, lives for imaginative play, and adores her family. As the daughter of Jack Osbourne, Pearl has a pretty badass family. Grandparents Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne along with aunt Kelly Osbourne can ensure Pearl (and new sister Andy) will always have a great sense of style and a rocker vibe.

Posting images of their quiet family life on his social media accounts, Jack Osbourne makes it easy to see how happy and loved Pearl is. Her light blonde hair, infectious smile and dark eyes prove that a loving committed family are all that is needed to ensure a stable and healthy life.

4 Violet Affleck 

via lifeandstylemag.com

Up until their recent divorce, Ben Affleck and now ex-wife Jennifer Garner seemed to have a perfect family life. The couple was able to make juggling regular acting gigs and a family life with three kids look easy. Their oldest daughter Violet is proof that even when a marriage doesn’t work out, the kids can still be happy and productive young people.

Violet, who will turn ten this December, has a peaceful, easy going look about her. Sporting fashionable yet simple glasses and long light brown hair, Violet is a classy little lady. While she has a lot of her mom’s features, it’s easy to see Ben in Violet too.

3 North West

via vogue.com

Few births were as highly anticipated as the birth of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s first child North, who was born in 2013. With Kim’s eye for fashion and highly publicized family life, fans of the couple knew North would live life in a family that was not only family oriented, but fashion forward as well.

Despite being just a toddler, young North is a beautiful child. Her skin tone is one that many envy, while mom Kim ensure she is always looking her best in front of the camera. North’s dark hair, pouty lips and big brown eyes suggest North could grow up to look a lot like her mom Kim.

2 Willow Sage Hart 

via starkiddo.com

Since her daughter's birth in June 2011, it’s clear that Pink has loved being a mom. Just mention of her daughter’s name brings a smile to her face. When we see Willow herself, it’s easy to see that the now four year old knows just how much she is loved by her mom and dad, Corey Hart.

With her light blonde hair and broad smile, it’s been easy to see that Willow is the spitting image of her mama even when she was just a toddler. The bond Willow has with her parents proves that a loving family is more important than how well known your parents are.

1 Prince George of Cambridge

via telegraph.co.uk

Of all the celebrity kids out there, the one who’s life was most celebrated from birth was Prince George of Cambridge. With a world that loved his late grandmother Princess Diana and in many ways felt protective of Diana’s sons, it was with open arms the world greeted the young Prince George.

Through the years, this young prince has proven his looks can keep up with his title. The now two year old has a toddler specific sense of independence and humor, but still holds onto those adorable chunky baby cheeks and light blonde hair. With parents like Prince William of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, it’s no wonder that Prince George is such a picture perfect example of an adorable celebrity kid.

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