13 Most Amazing Tattoos Inspired By Movies

Tattoos have become way past popular and getting onto hot. Once the territory of bikers and truckers, tats have now gone mainstream. Artists, celebrities, and stars have all taken the plunge. Angelina had to lose her Billy Bob tattoo, and reportedly A-Lister Daniel Day Lewis favors East Side Ink in New York. Rumor has it that Harry Styles (One Direction) has over 60 tattoos.

Movies have also inspired their fair share of tattoos. Horror movies, sci-fi, cartoons, and fantasy movies have led to tattoos of monsters, creatures, heroes, and heroines. Have Freddie Kruger on your arm, Chewbacca on your tummy, Super Woman on your back, Jack Nicolson's The Joker on your neck, and Snow White on your whatever.

While simple tattoos can run $60 - $80, larger ones using more color can run into hundreds of dollars. But, be careful; if that Flying Superman you had tattooed on your shoulder becomes a bore, then expect to fork out thousands to get rid or alter it. Here are 13 tattoos inspired by movies, together with a bit about their sometimes famous and talented artists. Some have even had their 15 of fame on shows such as Ink Masters.

11 The Shining - RedRum is Murder by Kat Von D

10 Bad A** Chucky - Joey Hamilton

9 X-Men Wolverine - David Corden

8 Friday the 13th/ Star Wars - Den Yakolev

7 Pirates of the Caribbean - Sarah Miller

6 Gran Torino  - Bob Tyrrell

5 Snow White - Vicky Morgan

4 Spock - Sadee Johnston

3 Breaking Bad - Walter White

2 Bill the Butcher Cutting from The Gangs of New York by Justin Burnout

1 Day of the Dead - Johnny Opina

The 2008 film Day of the Dead was a loose remake of George Romero's 80's hit of the same name. It's not tough to follow: It's viruses and rampaging zombie-like creatures. Your basic nightmare come to life. Johnny Opina's tats of the movie are outstanding.  Considered, with the likes of Kat Von D, as a kind of celebrity tattoo artist, Opina's work can be stark and just all out scary. He is based at Lowrider Studios in Fountain Valley, California. Clients call him meticulous, empathetic and, well, very talented. If you want a bit of dark and edgy, Johnny's your guy.


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13 Most Amazing Tattoos Inspired By Movies