13 Bro Code Rules Every Guy Has In His DNA

If there are thirteen things that every man has in their DNA from the rules of the highly coveted bro code, it would be the ones we've listed below. Every now and then you hear a woman claim that "every man is the same," and quite frankly, she may be right after seeing this list that almost proves every guy reacts somewhat alike to the same (or similar) circumstances. Why is that you ask? Well, it's apparent enough to believe that most men behave the same way for the fact that certain bro code rules are in their DNA, triggering their decisions off guidelines that the majority of fellas strictly go by. Whether it's picking their closest friend over their girlfriend to join them at a sports game, to lying about another bro's sexual history when asked by a girl who is intrigued to get to know him. If you've wondered why so many men are alike, it's because the things listed below are, in simple terms, in their DNA.

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13 Girly TV-Shows Kept At A Minimum

A bro is usually into sports; whether that sport is tennis, swimming, football, soccer or basketball. He would usually spend most of his time watching shows relating to sports, with the occasional choice of watching a sitcom of his choice. But bros aren’t driven to watch chick flick shows, such as The Real Housewives of Atlanta or Bad Girls Club — these programs give misleading signals and are kept at a minimum. If a girl is getting her weave pulled out on Real Housewives, no man would care about missing out on such an entertaining fight.

12 Two Tickets to an Event — But Your Girlfriend Is Not Invited


Bros love watching their favorite sports live. Taking soccer as an example, guys want to share the experience with someone who adores the sport just as much as they do — hence why a fella’s girlfriend is the wrong choice to drag to a game. Advantages to taking a fellow bro to the game are endless, whereas taking a girlfriend to the match is plain boring as one is overly excited to watch, while the other gazes at her smartphone throughout (probably taking selfies throughout the game). The second ticket would’ve surely gone to waste.

11 Favorite Pet: Strong Dog

Bros aren’t fond of pets that don’t intimidate other animals. If you are going to own a little cat that meows every now and then, the chances are that fellow bros are going to laugh at the fact that their friend is drawn to little animals. It gives the sense of weakness. A bro’s DNA instantly draws them to the likes of a Pitbull and a German Shepherd- pretty much anything that is somewhat frightening when angered and can protect the household. A strong dog follows in the same similar situation as a bro, who protects his household and can attack when feeling aggravated or called out.

10 Never Diss A Friend’s Losing Team

There is nothing worse than having two guys bicker over their teams, hence why bros don’t do it. If your team is playing against your bro’s favorite team, the chances are that whichever one loses, the friend will respect the fact that their pal does not want to have it rubbed in his face. A bro is very competitive in everything they do, so to be somewhat downgraded by the idea of their team losing, can really set them off. If every bro was to laugh at their friend for his team losing, a fight would erupt in an instant… and we’re talking physically.

9 Pay Back What You Owe

Every bro has it in their DNA to pay back whatever they owe from their friend. If it’s $10 that has been owed, chances are that you will get it back within a week or less. No matter the amount, a bro will make it a priority that as soon as he has the money to pay his friend back, it will be paid off in an instant. If not, the bro may exchange the money for something the friend might want to do, such as paying for a glass of beer or entry to a nightclub. As long as it matches the value of the actually amount that is being owed, that’s fine.

8 When Caught Cheating, Deny, Deny, Deny

When a bro gets caught cheating, his best chances are to deny, deny, deny. It is then in the girlfriend’s hands to decide whether she believes the lies that her boyfriend is telling her or she makes the decision to leave him for good. Guys are horrible when it comes to keeping their secret affairs discreet, hence why girlfriends often catch them redhanded. Still, while being caught cheating happens quite frequently, bros are also very good at making excuses for themselves. It is usually then that a bro realizes he has messed up and needs to change his ways before he loses the one he loves. That usually lasts for a day or two before the same thing happens again. A bro will continue to deny, up until the girlfriend finally has had enough.

7 Differentiating Time With A Girlfriend and Boys' Night Out

Nobody likes a girlfriend who is clinging onto her man whenever she can. What’s even worse is a girlfriend who cannot leave her boyfriend alone when he’s trying to have a fun time with his bros. It is usually established early on in a relationship that a guy needs his alone time with his boys, and the girlfriend can do the same with the girls. A guy should never make the conscious decision to invite his girlfriend to a boy’s night out, or worse, an all guys holiday trip. Nobody wants to deal with the nagging and the possible jealousy of one girlfriend being there and other guys’ love interests not. Men need their own time away from their other halves.

6 Staying Mum On A Bro’s Sexual History

So a bro makes it known that he likes a girl who he has been attracted to for some time. His sex mileage is through the roof, having slept with more than 100 women, and he’s only 24. It is the other bro’s job to make his friend succeed in his plans on bagging the girl he’s been wanting to get with. Should the female in question ever approach a friend of the bro, and ask questions regarding his sexual history, a bro must put his acting skills to the test and act like his friend is a saint. “He’s still a virgin,” is one line that is often used when trying to make it happen for a fellow bro. And the best thing about it, the girl won’t even question it. In fact, she will be drawn to the idea of thinking she is getting with a man that hasn’t slept with dozens of women.

5 Shaming A Bro’s Ex-Girlfriend If She Does Your Bro Wrong

A girlfriend should never be allowed to make her man feel weak by betraying him and his trust. This is where the bros come in. If a bro’s girlfriend decides to cheat on her man and the boyfriend decides to end the relationship for good, a bro has the right to shame the ex as much as they like, letting the entire state know just how much of a bad girlfriend she is. Within hours of the breakup, bros will flock nasty images of the ex-girlfriend on Facebook and ridicule her for hurting their bro and mistreating him. Of course the irony in all this is that, if it was the other way around, the girl would have her heartbroken but couldn’t pull off such a stunt with her girlfriends. It just wouldn’t fly. 

4 Protecting One Another

Similar to defending your bro when his girlfriend cheats on him, it is vital that bros stick with one another through thick and thin. If a bro is caught up in a fight that has four men jumping on him, it is the bro’s responsibility to defend his pal and do what he has to do in order to end the brawl and make sure his friend is okay. A bro can never leave his pal hanging — even if one is caught up in drama regarding a certain group of people, the other bro has the duty in order to assure him things will be fine by trying to soothe the situation any way he can.

3 Honesty Is The Key To The Bro Code

Bros are brutally honest with one another in any given situation. If one thinks that the girl they are with is bad news and could potentially jeopardize their friendship, a bro will make it known in an instant. Should their friend look a little crazy and wear an outfit that could draw a lot of unwanted attention, a bro will not sugar-coat the fact that their friend looks kinda crazy with what he’s wearing. If honesty is put to the test, a bro will always tell the truth to his bro, hence why men consistently rely on one another to tell them the truth at all times.

2 Dating A Bro’s Ex/Family Member Is Taboo

It is a serious bro code violation to date a fellow bro’s ex-girlfriend or family member. When it comes to dating an ex-girlfriend, it is most definitely going to bring a different vibe to the friendship with the man who was previously linked to the woman. Furthermore, nobody wants to share a bro’s sloppy seconds. In the case of dating the sister (or in some cases, mother) of a bro, it is arguably the most disrespectful thing one can do. If the relationship ends sour, the bromance will collapse and the chances of the bro badmouthing the family members are very likely. Nobody wants to hear a former close pal slam his relatives and what they did in their private time together. 

1 Bros Over Hoes

The famous saying of choosing bros before hoes are what every bro lives by in their DNA. A man should never choose a girlfriend over his friendship to his best pal no matter the circumstances. Bros are known to be as close as actual family members, so to have a girlfriend come in between that friendship and — in some cases — break the two apart from one another, would be devastating. If a girlfriend wants her man to end his friendship to his bro, it is the man who must question her as to why she would say such a stupid thing.

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