12 Women Who Remain Famous Just Because They're Sexy

It's tempting to knock the women on this list because the jokes are just so good!

Digging in, though, you'll find hotties who fell into fame, either because of advantages and knowing people, or just putting their faces out there for the world to fall in love with. One thing in common, though, is that they are known for their looks first and foremost. What did they do with it? Where did they first get noticed?

I've been surprised by what I've found, and I think you will be, too. I also chose these ladies because they reach different audiences, but are major presences in those niches for being beautiful, pretty, sexy, nice to look at, "would die to raid her phone's selfies", those lovely things. I had a blast picking out photos that seemed to capture the real sexiest parts of these women. Some, it's just the look in the eye, while others have bodies that can't catch a bad camera angle even if an expert photographer tried.

With each lady, I'll describe how she "got noticed," and what she did with it. Did she crash and burn? Did she work her butt off because of the opportunity? Did she do both several times? I'll give you a sense as to my impressions of her personality based on her wikipedia portfolio, and her professional website.

Most of these are blonde women, and I do believe that blondes have more fun (I'm half Polish), but that's what mass pop culture has been digging on for decades. Maybe the beauties' body types change due to popularity at the time, but pop culture loves our California girls. Perhaps, though, Marilyn Monroe still carries the impact on ideal beauty for us.

Note. I will also mention if any of the blondes are, indeed, California girls.

12 Lauren Conrad

11 Audrina Patridge

10 Paris Hilton

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9 Tila Tequila

Born in Singapore, and having grown up in Texas, Tila said in an interview that she got her name from something that happened with alcohol when she was twelve. She moved to LA to become a model, and after being in some men's magazines, she became more of a social media presence. She used her fame to write a book, and then dabbled with music before crashing and burning when she defended Hitler and took sexy pics in front of a concentration camp in a Nazi uniform.

8 The Kardashian Sisters

7 Tara Reid

Tara Reid has been acting all her life, but once she started landing stand-out roles like American Pie, she became known for her sex appeal and her wild party ways.  Although she's known for being a party animal, it doesn't seem to interfere with her ability to work consistently. Her most known roles are in the movie Van Wilder and the TV show Scrubs. She isn't up to much these days, unless you count her appearances in Sharknado as work, except for over-tanning.

6 Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith became famous for her Playboy spreads in the early 90s. She truly is the epitome of celebs who are or were (she is gone after all) famous for being sexy. She was born in Australia, but it was in the US where she gained her fame. Once a curvy sex goddess, later a troubled woman always in the tabloids, she died in 2007 from a lethal mixture of prescription drugs. Terrible way to go out.

5 iJustine


4 Alana Blanchard


3 Ivana Trump

2 Nicky Hilton

1 Kimberly Stewart

Kimberly Stewart is rock legend's Rod Stewart's daughter. At the young age of 19, she started her own fashion line, but it didn't work out. She has modeled all over the world. Perhaps her most controversial modeling picture was of her nude with a crucifix in Italy's Vogue magazine. Nothing says Christianity like nudity and crucifixion! She also posed nude with two other well-known musicians' daughters in British society magazine called Tatler in 2008.


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12 Women Who Remain Famous Just Because They're Sexy