12 Things You Didn't Know About Online Adult Entertainment

Online adult entertainment is the one ever-booming industry that rarely gets hit by economic highs and lows. Whether you are an active online adult entertainment consumer or are the kind who have just been aware of or exposed to it through those inopportune pop up ads and the like, it is highly unlikely that you do not know about it at all!

In fact, shocking as they may be, statistics state that even children of the average age of 11 are aware of and have been exposed to some or the other form of adult entertainment through some or the other media. There are quite a few startling facts that most people don’t know about this industry though, since what goes on behind the scenes is hardly something that is widely covered or openly discussed. Yet, for an industry that rakes in billions of dollars in annual revenue for US alone, it doesn’t make sense to keep this buttoned up industry under all the hush-hush wraps anymore. The multi-billion dollar revenue generated by this industry worldwide definitely needs some new spotlight on it to put things into perspective, especially when it comes to some of the lesser known, strange and rather obscure facts internal to it. Here’s a look at some of them.

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12 Not So Easy For The Man

For a man who thinks that if nothing else works out, his Adonis good looks, shape and size will definitely get him going in the adult film industry, it might help to do a little research first. First and foremost, it is very difficult to get a break into the industry in the first place, unless of course one has a sizzling hot female volunteer to join in as a partner.

Secondly, the pay is dismally low, especially when compared to the females in the industry. While on the one hand the female stars make anywhere between $100,000 to $250,000 per year, even the most successful men make between $40,000 to $100,000 per year, from as little as $150 to $1500 per scenes depending on what it constitutes. The best bet for men in this industry seems to be in ‘gay p*rn’, with pay that could be at least 3 times higher.

11 The Difficulty Of Research

There are certain unusual cases where any kind of logical research that involves the use of a certain unbiased sample set is not possible and when researching the adult entertainment industry, the problems are indeed unusual, too. Someone from the University of Montreal wanted to conduct a study on how watching adult films affects the love lives of men, but it just wasn’t possible. You see, it turned out to be impossible to find a control group of men in their 20s who were not already p*rn consumers.

10 Australian Size Obsession

Well, the adult entertainment industry may definitely be full of good-looking people with voluptuous figures and an incredibly high emphasis on sizes for both men and women, but when it comes to the actual standards, there were no set rules. Right until we ventured into Australia, that is. Australians are definitely 100 percent sure about what they want to enjoy and a ban on adult film material that features women with breasts smaller or just about A-Cup size is it. It seems that making their dislike for small boobs official and legal is a good way to put it across to the masses!

9 P*rn Clout Rules Digital Media

Considering the sheer largeness of the adult entertainment industry, its worldwide scope and subsequential clout, it is no surprise that the industry dominates the media format wars. Both the VHS vs. Betamax, as well as the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD wars were decided according to the first pick made by the adult entertainment industry! Initially the p*rn industry chose VHS tapes as its main distribution media and in the latter case, Blu-Ray won out. We now know who to thank for being able to buy high definition DVDs for just a dollar.

8 Rule 34 Decoded

Some of the more bizarre things about any industry can only be known from those industry insiders that have been within the industry for years. And now, the rule of 34, as any adult industry insider will tell you, has been let out of the bag for all to know and decode. If you already knew about it but didn’t know what it stood for, here’s the lowdown. The rule of 34 states that if something exists, there is some p*rn equivalent for it. So, if you have ever fancied a Dragon Ball Z character getting down and dirty with a busty blonde, it has definitely translated into some adult video out there and it is just a matter of doing the right searches.

7 P*rn Has Its Days

For an industry that does not show any significant cyclical ups and downs, it definitely shows trends based on weekdays and holidays. It comes as no surprise that Sundays see the most traffic on adult entertainment portals. When it comes to holidays, Thanksgiving is also quite obviously the day for the least amount of adult viewing. After all, who will take the risk of a sneak peak on a day when the whole family is around.

6 The Korean Consumption

In a tale of the two Korean countries and their consumption of adult material, there are two facts that not many knew of. For anyone in South Korea to consume any kind of adult material (whether it be in the form of take-home media or even in the form of online viewing), the South Korean equivalent of social security number must be mandatorily produced. On the other hand, though North Korea is hardly known to be the freest or happiest of living places, it does seem a bit much that anyone caught consuming adult material is liable for death punishment.

5 Mississippi Denounces Racism

The US State of Mississippi shows the world how racism does not matter, at least not when it comes to the adult entertainment business. Despite the fact that the state of Mississippi constitutes a 60 percent white population, the most searched p*rn keyword term here is ‘ebony’ followed closely by ‘gay black’. Way to go Mississippi! On an unrelated note, data for the whole of America shows the most popular search term to be ‘MILF’, followed by ‘teen’.

4 Don’t Stare At My Face

If you thought that the adult entertainment was mostly centered around beautiful breasts, butts or legs, this fascinating fact will definitely tell another tale altogether, and will likely be information you were not expecting. Research suggests that most men who watch adult films or other material, focus on the face and not the other body parts that would seem rather obvious! Surprised? Well, so are we!

3 You’re Not Alone

When it comes to adult entertainment, it pays to remember that you’re not alone! Statistics show a vital fact with regards to this industry. At any given second (yes, you read correctly, ‘second’) about 30,000,000 unique worldwide visitors are viewing some kind of p*rn online. Day or night, work day or not, if you think you’re surfing p*rn alone, you couldn’t be more wrong. For every 30 seconds worth of film, almost a million people are simultaneously tuned in on the action. On the same lines, don’t ever think that if you order an adult film in your hotel room, you’re alone. Close to 70 percent of worldwide room service revenues come from adult video orders. So relax, you’re most certainly not alone.

2 Some Shocking Stats

No one can exactly measure the universe that the World Wide Web has grown into, but one can certainly imagine it to be phenomenally vast. Yet, about half the Internet is made up of p*rnographic material or related content! About 70,000 adult websites made up the web in 2001 and as of 2013, this number has grown to a whopping 4.2 million in US alone.

While men are 543% more likely to consume adult content than females, females do indeed consume it and are much more likely to use it as inspiration for real life than men.

1 Some Interesting Records

Did you know that more people are tuned in on p*rn than the combined audience of Hulu, Twitter and Facebook?

If you have the star power to succeed in the adult entertainment industry, you can do really, really well. Just look up Jenna Jameson. She’s the highest earning adult entertainment star who earned 30 million in 2012 alone, despite not having starred in a single adult movie since 2007. Surprisingly (for most), Utah consumes the most p*rn in the US, while the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California, is the world leader in adult content production.

For a well known conservative country (that is also orthodox in its religious beliefs), Pakistan holds the record as the number 1 country searching for adult related web search terms (as reported by Fox News in 2010).

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