12 Things You Didn't Know About Voodoo

When you hear the word voodoo”, what exactly comes to mind? Do you feel uneasy or uncomfortable based on the images you associate with the word? Would you feel at ease knowing that a friend or neighbour of yours practiced voodoo?

Thanks to the way that Hollywood has portrayed the voodoo religion, you may think that people who subscribe to voodoo are extremely strange worshippers of dark spirits. In movies, voodoo is depicted as mysterious and evil, and the people who believe in voodoo either have strange things happen to them, or they do strange things to others. But, like most things in Hollywood, its important not to believe everything you see.

The voodoo religion isnt quite as weird as you might think. There are also some principles in the religion that are similar to more widely accepted methods of worship. Yes, there are voodoo dolls, and yes, spirits are often summoned in voodoo. However, the reasons for these actions arent always to cause harm or to bring bad luck. If youve been wondering what voodoo is really all about, this should answer some of your questions. Here are interesting and thought-provoking things you didnt know about voodoo.

12 There’s No Voodoo “Literature”

11 Animal Sacrifice Is A Spiritual Aspect Of Voodoo

10 There’s a Voodoo Pantheon

9 Voodoo Is a “Healing” Religion

8 There’s More to Marie Laveau Than You Think

7 Voodoo Has Similarities to Christianity

6 There Are Three Types of Voodoo

5 The Catholic Church Accepts Voodoo

4 Voodoo Dolls Are Complicated

3 Voodoo Leaders Aren’t Possessed

2 There’s No Black or White Magic

1 Snakes Play An Important Role In Voodoo

Snakes also have a role to play in voodoo, but not in the way you think. When you see practitioners that practice voodoo, dancing with snakes, its not just for the sake of being weird. The snake is one of the oldest mythos of the religion. Damballa (also called Danballa) is the oldest god in the voodoo religion and is also a serpent god. He is believed to be the one who created the world. It is believed that Damballa created water from the skin he shed, and his coals are made from the sky. Ayida Wedo, who is considered to be the rainbow, is Damballa's wife. There is a love that is eternal, that is said to represent male and female energy. Damballa protects children, as well as people who are helpless. He also helps souls transition into the afterlife. When a priest or priestess is possessed by Damballas spirit, they hiss instead of speak.


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12 Things You Didn't Know About Voodoo