12 Things You Didn't Know About The Playboy Mansion

There’s a house in Holmby Hills that features Gothic-style architecture. It is the place Hugh Hefner has called home for over 40 years. He’s hosted parties there, conducted business deals, and of course, invited a few “friends” to move in with him. This place, of course, is the Playboy Mansion.

The Mansion has been a source of controversy for years. A number of female celebrities have visited there to appear on the cover of Playboy Magazine (the publication has recently decided not to feature nude photos of women anymore). Some celebrities have come to the Playboy Mansion for a party or gathering and have been approached about becoming Playboy Bunnies. For the most part, people see Hefner’s residence as a den of sin and all types of excessive sexuality —even though many of the people who feel that way have never stepped foot into the Playboy Mansion.

Of course, there are a few Playboy Playmates who have left the mansion and complained about Hefner’s controlling and chauvinistic behavior (thanks for confirming some of our assumptions, Holly Madison). There are also former Playmates who have nothing but good things to say about Hugh, and frequently mention his kindness. No matter what your opinion of the Playboy Mansion is, there are likely some surprising facts you’d be intrigued to know about this interesting piece of real estate. Here are 12 things you didn’t know about the Playboy Mansion.

12 Hugh Hefner Bought The Home From A Chessmaster

11 John Lennon Caused Some “Damage” In The Mansion

10 There’s An “Elvis” Room In the Mansion

9 The Mansion Provides A Considerable Amount Of Jobs

8 The Mansion Serves As A “Detention Center” For Hefner’s Girlfriends

7 The Mansion Isn’t All That Glamorous

6 The Playboy Bunnies Were Expected To Be On Their Best Behavior

5 The Original Playboy Mansion Has Been Converted Into Condos

4 Hefner Doesn’t Technically Own The Mansion

3 There’s A Playboy Arcade

2 Heffner Has Movie Night On Sundays

1 Guys Have Been Banned From The Mansion

To further explore the notion that Hefner wants all the Playboy Bunnies to himself, there have been reports that some famous guys have been banned from the mansion. They include Reggie Bush, although the reason is unknown. It may be because his athletic ability and good looks were intimidating to Hefner. Luke Wilson was also banned from the mansion when he tried to pretend that he was his famous brother, Owen, to get into a party. Hefner didn’t take kindly to that, and banned Luke for more than a year. Reportedly, Wilson called Hefner’s secretary in tears to apologize. Cade McNown was also banned from the mansion, because he apparently stole (one of) Hefner’s girlfriend(s) at the time.


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12 Things You Didn't Know About The Playboy Mansion