12 Things You Didn't Know About the Call of Duty Franchise

The first-person shooter genre is one of the biggest and most popular genres in all of gaming. Being able to simulate a war-like experience and what it feels like to shoot a weapon and hunt down those who threaten your safety has proved to be a huge success for many people today. Ever since the original release of Doom, there has been an ever increasing demand for those types of over-the-top games.

Many companies try to capitalize on the success of a first-person shooter and attempt to create their own. However, many fail to succeed. That being said, there are a few franchises that are the most popular among the shooter genre and still hold up, get good reviews, and sell relatively incredibly well.

One of these franchises is Call of Duty. Embracing realism over fantasy, this series attempts to bring the realism of war to your fingertips. As more installments were released, though, the developers began to delve into futuristic plots and weapons with games like Advanced Warfare and Black Ops III.

Despite its success, Call of Duty does stand as one of the most controversial franchises in the shooter genre, being critiqued for its repetition and lack of experimenting with new ideas. Many people claim that it is just the same game every year with a few new additions to make the public feel like they aren't being cheated out of their money.

However, even though it's one of the best-known franchises in gaming, there are still some secrets and interesting tidbits that went in to its development.

Keep reading to learn about the 12 things you didn't know about the Call of Duty franchise.

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12 MW3 - Fastest Selling Game Ever


Whether you feel that Call of Duty is a great game or not, there is no doubt that it sells well. The eight installment in the franchise, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, marked insanely fast sales in the first month, coming in at 8.8 million copies, beating the old record holder, Call of Duty: Black Ops. It's definitely a bit of a shocker considering how controversial the series stands among gamers. Its success is most likely due to it finalizing the story that players have experienced since the first Modern Warfare, almost four years prior. Not quite as anticipated as say, Halo 4, but it still sold really well.

11 MW3 Outsold Jurassic World

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What's even more impressive than the amount of copies of Modern Warfare 3 sold is how much money it made in the first five days - $775 million. That blows Hollywood out of the water, and current box office record holder, Jurassic World, at $652 million. A controversial game outsold one of the most popular movie of all time. Try to wrap that one around your head. Jurassic World was popular enough that it even dethroned The Avengers and that was a feat all on its own and Modern Warfare 3 outdid it.

10 Call of Duty (NNG)

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While it's common knowledge that Call of Duty is most played on home consoles and PC, what people don't know is that it even attempted a port on the Nokia's mobile system, the N-Gage. Featuring a campaign, and 8-player multiplayer via Bluetooth, it was definitely intended to be more successful and memorable than it currently stands. It's a general rule of thumb that if a Call of Duty game is on a handheld, just skip it. Ask everyone who ever played the titles on the Nintendo DS or PSP. There's a reason the handhelds aren't what made the franchise popular.

9 Total COD Playtime Stands at 25 Billion Hours

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If you took all the amount of time spent playing Call of Duty and stacked it all together, you'd end up with a whopping 25 billion hours! For those of you doing the math at home, that is the equivalent to about 2.85 million years. That not only serves as a sizable fraction of the Earth's age, but if you believe in a young Earth, it more than dwarfs it (6,000 vs 4 billion years). All of the Double XP weekends and cooperative missions certainly paid off for the developers of the series, no doubt, not to mention the amount of time at least everyone spends on the campaign.

8 COD Enhances Mental Ability?

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All those times you were told by your parents that video games would do nothing but rot your brain are now debunked. A research study found in Current Biology showed that those who played Call of Duty made decisions much faster than those who spent time playing games like Zoo Tycoon and Sims 3. It's a good thing to know that all those hours of play won't be worthless! Now you have a better argument for playing video games than just increasing hand-eye coordination. Playing Call of Duty might increase your skill at finding Waldo.

7  7. COD Enhances Visual Ability

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It's not just decision making that will be improved from your playtime with Call of Duty. As a matter of fact, the University of Toronto discovered that those who played the popular shooter at intervals of two and 10 hours (who had not played any video games previously) were able to spot target objects easier than those who had not. It's also been discovered to increase awareness while driving. Hours spent on the game would be an interesting bit of info to put on your driver's license, as well as some intense bragging rights among your peers.

6 Call of Duty: Vietnam

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The developers behind Call of Duty were once known to place a great emphasis on capturing real war-like events that happened. As such, Infinity Ward was planning on releasing a title inspired by the Vietnam War, appropriately titled Call of Duty: Vietnam. However, they scrapped it in favor of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Purists of this franchise were disappointed no doubt, seeing as Call of Duty was at its best when adapting events like World War II. Slogging through the intense jungles and rivers would certainly be a memorable event in a campaign.

5 There Was Even A Card Game In The Works

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Here's a shocker. Upper Deck Entertainment liked the shooter franchise so much that they started working on a card game to compete with the likes of Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering. It was only meant to be played one-on-one and relied on action cards to determine what your squadron would do on the field. When it was first demoed, it was well-received and gained some substantial interest, so much so that it even had a finite release date planned. However, it was ultimately cancelled before it even dropped. Well, at least that's one less card game that you have to keep track of.

4 China Has An Exclusive COD Title

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North America definitely has the most love for the Call of Duty franchise and spending money for it over and over again. However, in China, they have something a little different on their hands. Call of Duty Online, a free-to-play exclusive to that country, takes inspiration from other installments in the franchise and even has its own Zombie mode called Cyborg Rising. China and Japan take pride in having free-to-play titles and relatively cheap games as opposed to the arguably ridiculous pricing in North America and other related areas.

3 Jeep Wrangler Call Of Duty Edition

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The developers behind Call of Duty have been known to explore with merchandise such as RC cars and even Mega Bloks. One of those merchandise pieces was a special edition Jeep Wrangler that began in 2010. Every edition is based on the entry in the franchise that releases that year. It's not vastly different from a regular Jeep, however, only sporting a unique color scheme with the Call of Duty logo splashed over the roof of the vehicle. If only it came with a free subscription to Call of Duty Elite, that might be a great way to bring in some more customers.

2 5 Million People Play Per Day

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Activision, the company behind Call of Duty, has recorded that around 5 million people play the game at least once every day. That would be like more than the entire city of Los Angeles all deciding to play the game on a given day. And that's on an every day business. That's not including all those Double XP Weekends and special promotions during online multiplayer. If you don't like the game, there's no denying that it really attracts a lot of players. There'd be no reason for the developers to shake up the gameplay if it's been working so well for them this far.

1 Over 100 Million People Have Played The Game

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Let this one sink in a little bit: 100 million people have played Call of Duty. That's a bigger population than most countries. Just imagine if everyone that ever played the games decided to start their own government and defect from the rest of the world. They'd have a larger population than even the UK. If a governor had played any entry in the franchise, it wouldn't be hard to get a leader elected, especially if they had a high kill/death ratio. They could even elect other officials by holding a special tournament. That would certainly be an interesting sight to behold.

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