12 Things That Are Absolute Turn Offs To Men

It’s not exactly a secret that there are certain things that are always going to turn men on. Women in bikinis or lingerie come to mind. Of course, men are individuals and have specific preferences when it comes to attractiveness, but a confident woman who isn’t afraid to own her sexiness is usually at the top of the list.

In addition to being enchanted with the female form, there are several other things that most men wouldn’t object to when it comes to what they like in a woman. For instance, a woman who can cook, knows how to laugh and have a good time, and doesn’t enjoy nagging could all be turn-ons. However, there are also some things that are complete turnoffs to men. If you’re looking for a relationship, just getting to know someone special, or have been in a relationship for quite some time, it probably wouldn’t hurt to get a refresher course on what guys don’t like.

It’s been said that guys are easy to please. Supposedly, all men need are regular, hearty meals, time alone and well…you know. So, to save your relationship (or successfully get into a new one), here are a few turnoffs that men want you to know about.


12 Flakiness

A woman who has her life together is a huge turn-on for a guy. Being flaky, which can be displayed in ways like always showing up late and being extremely selfish, are character traits that are sure to make a guy run the other way. When a man is serious about you, he wants to know that you prioritize people other than yourself. If you need to keep track of your schedule with a calendar or reminders on your phone, use these tools to make sure you don’t come across as flaky and uncaring. We can all be forgetful sometimes, but it’s worth the effort to be organized.

11 Being Too Dramatic

When you’re truly hurting or upset, you want your man to be there for you and offer his support and encouragement. That means you’ve got to keep the drama to a minimum. Don’t burst into tears every time you have a fight with a friend. Don’t threaten to break up with your man each time he fails to give you your way (especially if you don’t really mean it). Guys tend to run as far away from drama as they can, and drama is often the reason many guys would rather date casually than settle down. So, save the outbursts for things that really matter.

10 Trying to Change Him

Yes, your love can make him a better man. However, that doesn’t mean you can change him. Don’t try to make him like wearing suits if he’s a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. Don’t attempt to force him to get a “real” job if he’s making enough to support himself and is the artsy type. Men are who they are, and when you try to change that, you’re just going to be met with resentment. It’s a great thing when your relationship prompts your guy to try something he’s been afraid to do, or to become more responsible about his future. Just remember that complaining about who he is isn’t going to make him someone else.

9 Being Boring In Bed

Guys like sex. A lot. Shocker, we know. Aside from the pleasure aspect of sex, making love is a way for your man to exhibit and strengthen his emotional connection to you. That’s why it’s a big turnoff when you’re boring in bed. The least you can do is act like you’re interested. If you have trouble getting adventurous, talk to your significant other and get his input about how you can get more comfortable. This shows that you’re willing to spice things up, which is definitely attractive, especially if you’re in a long-term relationship and want to keep things interesting.

8 Drinking Too Much

If you’re going to a birthday party, wedding, dinner party or holiday get-together with your guy, be sure to keep the drinking to a minimum. The truth is, most guys would be willing to take a drunk girl home—but not to meet their mothers. Don’t get sloppy drunk when you’re out with your guy. It’s a huge turnoff, and it shows that you don’t have much self-control. Plus, it means your man has to babysit you all night to make sure you don’t pass out, throw up, saying something stupid, or engage in a tragic combination of these three actions.

7 Acting Like a Psychologist

You know how you hate it when your husband tries to tell you what to do, instead of just listening to your problems and letting you vent for a while? Yeah, guys hate that, too. When you’re always analyzing your man and giving him advice he didn’t ask for, he’s going to get annoyed. So annoyed, in fact, that he’ll stop confiding in you and likely turn to his friends and family members more often. If you don’t want your guy to act distant or stop sharing important things with you, just be a listening ear. If he wants your advice, he’ll ask for it.

6 Being Judgmental

Sure, you probably know better than your guy about a lot of things in life. You may even be able to tell (via your intuition) that some of your boyfriend’s friends are jerks and don’t bring anything positive to his life. However, you should resist the urge to be judgmental. Men like intelligent women, but that doesn’t mean you should be a know-it-all. Remember, your man knows his friends and family better than you, and there’s obviously a reason why he’s kept certain people in his circle for so long. So, if you have to speak up, make sure you do it in a loving and objective way.


5 Not Exercising Good Hygiene

We’re not going to spend an overwhelming amount of time here, because it should be pretty obvious that guys don’t like a girl who doesn’t take care of herself. Yes, guys can be very gross. They sometimes go days without showering, leave clothing and old food lying around in their apartments, and aren’t always the best at choosing cologne. However, they absolutely hate it when you do the same thing. No, it’s not fair, but it’s reality. Besides, you probably don’t want to stoop to that level of gross, anyway. The more you keep yourself up, the more you can require your guy to do the same.

4 Nagging

This doesn’t come as a huge shocker, but guys don’t like nagging. At all. The reason your man doesn’t like nagging is because when you nag, you remind him of his mother, which erases your sexual appeal. If you ask them to do something one time, chances are they heard you, even if they don’t respond right away. If you know they need to break a habit or adopt a new healthy practice, mention it once and let him make the decision from there. Telling a guy a million times to take out the trash isn’t going to make him do it any faster. If all else fails, engage in a battle of wits to see who will clean the dishes first. Who knows? You may “win,” and your point will be proven better than you could ever do it with nagging.

3 Telling His Personal Business

Sure, guys conduct their friendships a little different than women. It may not seem like they talk much, but when they do share details about their lives, fears or dreams, they’d prefer you keep that information to yourself. So, don’t go blabbing to your girlfriends about how wonderful and sensitive your man is because of something he told you in confidence. Men prioritize loyalty, and if you’re always telling your guy’s secrets, he’s going to take that to mean you’re not loyal to him. Keep your private moments between the two of you, especially if you want to build a lasting relationship.

2 Being Friends With Your Ex

How would you feel if your boyfriend was still good friends with his ex? Would you be OK with the two of them hanging out without you? Would it be alright with you if your boyfriend’s ex called him in the middle of the night to talk about a serious problem she’s having? Did simply reading these questions make you angry and uncomfortable? If so, that’s exactly how your significant other feels when you decide to be friends with your ex. Your boyfriend, fiance or husband doesn’t want to hear that your ex was a “great guy” but “things just didn’t work out.” In a guy’s mind, if you still think your ex is a great guy, it means you still want to be with him. If your guy thinks you want to be with someone else, he’s not exactly going to be attracted to you. It’s pretty logical, really.

1 Indecisiveness

Yes, when you’re finally ready for your date, your guy will probably stare at you for prolonged periods, which is an indication that you look great. Of course, the stare could also be riddled with anger, because you took forever to pick out your shoes and accessories! Guys hate indecisiveness. So, just pick the shoes you’re going to wear, pull your hair in a bun, and tell him exactly where you want to go to eat. Men like women who know what they want. It keeps them on track, and can even keep them from being indecisive in the relationship. So, once you make a decision, stick to it, whether it’s about dinner or your career goals, or where you want to take the relationship. Being sure of yourself can definitely have its benefits.



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