12 Things A Woman Is Thinking Right After Sex

For most men, the female brain is a mystery as it is on normal, casual days. But when it comes to the after effects of sex, the mystery escalates from ‘I wish I knew what she was thinking’ to the unfathomable chasm of deep unknown - ‘I can clearly see various thoughts fleeting across her facial expressions but for the life of me, I don’t know what they are – and I hope they are good!’ Unfortunately, while most men are worried if the thoughts in their partner’s heads pertain to their prowess in bed or the performance they just thought they had exceeded in, it is a startling fact that a woman’s brain is often likely to wander into the mundane, no matter if they just had the most phenomenal, earth shattering sex ever, just minutes ago.

Of course if the love making was less than spectacular, leaving the women dissatisfied and left wanting more action, it is possible that the woman’s post coital thoughts still linger on the sex, but more often than not, if men were ever to know for sure, silly, day-to-day things are the things that occupy most female brains post sex. Here’s a look at 12 such mental fascinations that intrigue women, especially after the bedroom acrobatics.


12 Was That It Or Is There A Round Two?

If it was good, you can bet your goods that the woman appreciates the effort and the ‘that was good’ thoughts fill up her mind, at least for the first few minutes post the deed! But if it was not, you can definitely safely assume that she’s analyzing everything to the ‘T’. Did she do something wrong? What was the hurry? Couldn’t he have done that? Will it be awkward to get out that vibrator now? Should she just say something? Oh well, you get the picture!

11 Where’s That Phone Of Mine?


Yes, as unflattering as it may sound, you just have to acknowledge the fact that this century has been taken over by the lust for smart-phones. Yes, you’ve done the deed, but now she’s aching to check her phone (especially if the session was a long one), and wondering whether she should go for it or wait just that tad bit longer in the name of common decency! Oh come on, it could be an important new email, or better still, a new Facebook notification or Instagram post!

10 Can I Reach For A Cuddle Now?

While the act of sex itself may or may not mean something to men and women, a display of post sex emotions, whether in the form of cuddles or just a possessive arm around the waist does mean something to most women. A study by the Journal of Sex revealed that even when the sex was just a one night stand, kissing or cuddling after sex meant a whole lot more to the female partners. In that light, it seems fair enough for some women to be thinking about what comes after, when the sex part was over and done with.

9 I Really, Really Love This Man


For many women, especially those who are genuinely in love, sex is often followed by the very real, almost tangible need to ratify it. Thoughts of ‘love’ hence pervade the female brain, especially so when the man in question has been considerate to her needs, likes and dislikes. And if he’d just happen to have done something she’d suggested the last time or had requested he try, then of course the love thoughts are just over the moon right about then.

8 Hope He Cleans The Mess This Once

It is usually both the participants that are aware of that uncomfortable mess on and around the bed, but in all probability there is only one of them actively spending brain power thinking about it. A woman might wish that it would be her partner who’d do something about it, while yet another will wonder if she has any clean sheets right about then to replace the other one; and then yet another might wonder if they could just scoot over and forget about it till the morning! Whatever the case may be, the lady is definitely thinking about it, just minutes after it’s all over and you’ve caught your breaths.

7 Mundane, Inconsequential, Unrelated Thoughts That Just Can’t Be Reined In


Some women come back to reality far sooner than others, after the foggy clouds of great sex have cleared. While some may think about who would have gotten eliminated on Masterchef that day, others might wonder whether they should get up and load the dishwasher or leave it for the next day. There may be some who might be hungry and think about what fast snack could be readily accessible while others might be wanting to get up and go pee. Myriad odd thoughts might be flitting through her mind, half of which may just be so ordinary that they shouldn’t even count, really!

6 Did Someone Hear Us?

Oh yeah, now that the deed is done and we’ve got our breaths back, why not think about civilities! Women’s brains are definitely wired differently than men's, for immediately after even the most sensational sex they might have had, the worries or small niggles on whether they were just too loud begin to arise. Did someone hear? Did they leave the windows open? I hope we were not as bad as those new neighbors, were we?


5 Do I Need To Take More Efforts To Spice Things Up?


A lot of women are consumed with self-doubt, especially after routine, plain vanilla sex. The thoughts that come immediately after are hence often related to how to go about addressing the problem of the mundane. For most women, thoughts often percolate into the realm of what they must do to spice up things in their bedroom, thoughts on how to make the next time even better and steamier.

4 Oh S***! Had We Left The Door Open?

Women are usually the first to rise out of the haze of great sex, for their brains don’t take too long to get back to reality. A lot of women, especially those with pets, are especially self-conscious about getting down and dirty in front of their pets. So yes, it seems pretty straight forward that a women who just realized that the door was open right through it all is worried about what her pet dog or cat may have witnessed!

3 What’s For Breakfast Tomorrow?


A lot of women can’t rid their brain off of their daily chores, especially if they have responsibilities such as young kids to cater to. After some fun nighttime acrobatics, it is quite likely that the lady deep in thought right next to you on the bed is thinking of nothing more sinister or grave than what she would dish out for breakfast the next day. Maybe poached eggs would be simpler than eggs Benedict, right?

2 Is He Asleep Already?

While having rolled over to the other side, a woman who’s just caught her breath after some sex is quite likely wondering if her partner has dozed off already. Maybe the arm she’s been resting against hasn’t moved for a while, or the cuddle grip around her waist hasn’t eased up in a bit. So highly likely the thoughts in her head are plain and simple – has he fallen asleep already? Will I disturb him if I move into a more comfortable position? Or maybe even, why was he able to fall asleep so quickly?

1 What Is He Thinking?


Last but certainly not the least, the most common thought after sex (probably for both sexes) is about what the other is thinking. This may or may not necessarily be about what the either partner is thinking about his own or the other partner’s performance. It is simply a thought along the lines, ‘I wonder what he’s thinking’. For some women, these thoughts could involve things like, ‘Did he enjoy it?’ While for other women the thoughts may revolve around things like, ‘Could he be wanting a round 2?’



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