12 Surprising Facts About "The Other Woman"

The other woman has been a problem in relationships going back centuries. Men kept second, third, fourth, even tenth wives at their disposal. As time went on and cultures evolved the idea of men having more than one woman sharing their bed became frowned upon, so much so that the other woman became somewhat of a punching bag, looked down upon, and treated badly. While no one is agreeing that the other woman is an innocent bystander and no one is condoning cheating, there a few truths about the other woman that society tends to forget. They are not all bad people, sometimes they just get caught in their own drama. A relationship consists of two people but unfortunately in life not everyone is loyal to their partners and sees cheating as a way to escape a reality that they did not realize they hated, until that very moment when they engage in that extramarital affair. A key element in cheating is the other person; who is this person? Why would they do this to someone? Newsflash!!! There are chances that she is not who you assume she is, and the real jerk in this triangle is your shady partner. However, there is also a chance that she is just as cruel as you had assumed and you have every reason to hate her. The other woman is a complex creature that every woman who has been cheated on wants to stalk, decipher and one up through as many acts of revenge as possible.

12 She Feels Unlovable

11 She Will Fight Harder For Him Than You (In Some Cases)

10 She Honestly Believes She Is Right

9 She Thinks/Wants To Be Number One

8 She Is Fixated

7 She Didn’t Trick Him Into Loving Her

6 She Usually Knows That He Has A Partner

5 She Loves Him Just As Much As You Do

4 Or... She Is Being Spiteful

3 She Will Almost Always Be Your Exact Opposite

2 She May Not Have Been The Initiator

1 She Is A Human Being

As horrible, smutty, and hateful as she seems for being involved with someone else’s man, always remember that she isn’t some creature or purposeful life destroyer, she too is caught up in a relationship with a distrustful person. Anger can make even the best of people act in a completely different way, attacking the person who you believe ruined your relationship is easier to do than dealing with the horrible emotions you feel or even blaming the person that was actually supposed to be loyal to you. She too has feelings and probably feels just as betrayed as you do.


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12 Surprising Facts About "The Other Woman"