12 Signs You're DEFINITELY Not Ready To Be A Parent

Having a baby can definitely be an emotional journey; the ups and downs of being a parent are something that every parent (no matter how many chances you get) will always battle. Fortunately TV shows like Teen Mom on MTV have statistically lowered the teen mom birth rate and while that is awesome there still seems to be people out there (like actual adults) who think jumping into parenting will be a piece of cherry pie. We forget that just because we WANT babies, does not mean we are READY for them; there are many factors that go into being a parent, it is not just being there to cuddle and coddle the little ones (those are the bonus moments). There has to be financial security, mental stability and it would be tremendously helpful if you have a partner that you actually get along with and can rely on, a stable relationship that allows you to bounce off of one another for support, energy and one who can tag you out/in when need be. A lot of times people see small signs that indicate that they are most likely not ready to jump into mommy/daddy mode but overlook those signs and that nagging gut feeling because they are so in love or lonely, or trying to trap someone (yes, it happens we see it every week on Maury). Unfortunately not everyone is ready to take the leap into parenthood and in case you are unsure or need a second opinion besides your gut feeling, here is a list that can help you figure out if you are ready for parenthood.

12 You Don’t Feel Ready

11 You Just Got A Promotion

10 You Love Your Wardrobe

9 You Hate Doing Laundry

8 You Prefer To Sleep In

7 Your Friends Do Not Have Kids

6 You're Selfish

5 You Can Barely Keep Up With Your Pet

4 All You Want To Do Is Party

3 You Have No Money

2 Your Family Really Wants This For You

1 You Are Not In A Committed Relationship

It is not always a requirement to be in a relationship in order to have a baby, but it is definitely a bit easier when you have someone who supports you that can pick up the slack when you need a rest, take sleeping shifts, or when one has to go back to work. If you do value having a partner (and have the time to find the right one), then great; but be sure they are the one because if they are not, your kid will most likely be splitting their time between two houses which quite frankly is unfair to them.


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12 Signs You're DEFINITELY Not Ready To Be A Parent