12 Signs She Thinks You're Amazing In Bed

The act of sex can come in all different forms; good, bad, mediocre, unsatisfying and even annoying. No one wants to have bad sex but unfortunately, it happens more often than not and we are sometimes stuck in a position where we just cannot leave and are forced to sit in a crappy relationship with what will ultimately be a sexless union. People underestimate the importance of sex in a relationship until it starts becoming a horrible chore, so bad that you would rather clean your house from top to bottom than lay down in missionary position (no doubt) for an unsatisfying task. This article will praise the men who know what they are doing and who’s significant others will back up that fact. Sex is said to be about both people involved, but let us be honest, there is more pressure on the man to satisfy his girl at all costs so when he finally gets it right we cannot help but practically lose our minds and anything else constricting us from doing it again. Your significant other will truly appreciate the appreciation you show him after a night of amazing sex. A girl will usually drop small hints that she is happy with your love making skills and the more you do it the more confident she will become and the bigger the hints will be. If you think that you are doing a great job satisfying your girlfriend but you want confirmation, take a look at this list and see how many approvals you can tick off.

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12 She Is Super Flirty Afterwards

She is lovey-dovey, cuddly and really flirty; she just wants to curl up next to you and be endearing and appealing. This is a sure fire sign that she is satisfied and you are hitting all the right spots. After you guys have caught your breath, your heart rate has reduced to a normal beat, you have gotten over the shock of how awesome that experience was, and she wants you to know that this was a job well done so, she flirts with you and acts like an innocent girl who is so happy for the experience. Embrace her during this time and be sure to do it again soon.

11 Sex Is Fun

Sex is not supposed to be a task in your relationship, it is not something that is used to apologize, celebrate a particular occasion, mark a milestone or on a needed basis. Sex is just fun when you guys partake together; sex should not be a chore and in a relationship where the sex is good, it is common to have sex just cause. Couples who are happy and having good sex tend to be more comfortable, share their feelings more easily and are always looking for ways to spice up their already fantastic bedroom life. Besides, what is the point in having sex if it is not going to be fun?

10 There Is An Unspoken Connection

There is an immediate sexual connection between partners who enjoy their sex life; you understand what one another wants without having to talk much about it. This could be because the communication outside the bedroom is great as well, you do not feel weird speaking up about your wants and needs and she is totally excited that you and she are kind of sharing a brain. This unspoken connection means that you get her and you know what makes her tick, no girl really wants a man who she has to always explain to what she wants to; the unspoken connection just makes her desire you more.

9 She Has A Little Pep In Her Step

She has pep in her step ALL THE TIME; not just right after great sex or because she has lost the feeling in her legs and toes, but because she is getting her world rocked on a regular basis. Body language is a key indicator when someone is truly enjoying something in their life. They walk with confidence, excitement and overall happiness, their heads are up, shoulders are straight and a smile spreading across their face from ear to ear. You have to admit it makes you feel pretty great when you have an effect on her like that, you should be smiling right along with her.

8 She Is Not A Complainer

While all her girlfriends sit around and trash talk about what their men are doing wrong, she is sitting there with a strategically placed smile on her flushed face. She has nothing to complain about nor does she care to share her relationship business with a bunch of women who seem to be having a hard time; after all, she would not want to make them envious, right? Having great sex is a sign of having a stable relationship that is full of love, appreciation and satisfaction; why would anyone in a relationship like that have anything to complain about?

7 She Loves Dirty Texting


She has become a whole new woman; all of a sudden she is a sexual being and wants to shower you with praises and dirty texts. A sexy text message is just another way for her to show her appreciation and tell you in as many sexts as possible how amazing you are. This may be out of her normal element, or she may confess that she has never done something like this before but she cannot help herself. That is a sign of a woman who is experiencing a sexual awakening. Plus she could just be using the dirty text to turn you on just enough so you are ready to go when you get home.

6 She Compliments You

Not just on your love making abilities but on you as a human being; she wants you to know that you are special in every way possible to her and she does this through complimenting you. Although the sex is great, she also takes the time to let you know what a great person you are, someone who does not care would not take the time of day to tell you that she appreciates you. Besides she is also trying to butter you up so she can keep having great sex with you; what the heck, can you blame her?

5 She Loves Kissing You

She cannot seem to keep her lips off of yours; her constant need to make out in between sex sessions is her way of keeping the momentum going. Kissing can be such an intimate act that can lead to many more interactions and a great time. When she can barely keep her hands off of you this is a sure fire way to know that you are succeeding at something that not many men can say they succeed at. So embrace her embraces and maybe even try to kick it up a notch and really show her things she may have not experienced before.

4 You Have Sex With The Lights On

You have officially made her feel like a queen; or you have her so curious about what you are doing that she just has to see what is going on. Sex with the lights on normally scares the hell out of most girls and some guys, so for her to be so willing to do this it is a great sign that she is really into you and willing to test out a multitude of things with you, as long as you keep supplying her with that great sex. Having sex with the lights on is not just for drunk girls anymore (they normally do not even realize the lights are on).

3 She Is Confident

She feels normal with you; the way you ravage her body can only make her feel like you are so into her that it is okay for her to let her hair down and just let you do your thing. This translates to how she feels outside of the bedroom as well, she knows that when you are not around, you are thinking of her and vice versa she also knows that there is a passion in your relationship that does not develop overnight. She consistently feels like your number one and this can only be good for your sex life.

2 She Tells You It Was Amazing

If a woman is telling you that something was amazing, yes, she could be lying but if she is speaking through labor breath and can barely get her words out, chances are she is being 100% honest. Normally if the sex is bad you will get a few half a** compliments like “yea I liked that” or “it was pretty good” but her body is telling you a completely different story. However, if she is looking you in your eyes, constantly touching you or looking for something to do with her hands while she tells you it was great, then it was great. Never question a girl whose body is under sexual duress while she praises you.

1 She Wants Every Little Piece of You

She just cannot get enough; her brain has begun to associate you with great sex guaranteed, there should be a flashing sign over your head at all times. Even if the relationship fails chances are there could still be some respectable hooking up because you love what he does and he loves doing it. Good sex can make a woman lose her mind and for some women, no matter what you do; lie, cheat, steal etc etc etc she somehow manages to look past that because you are so good at what you do and she would rather have all the bad then give up the good.

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