12 Sexual Fantasies You Didn't Know She Liked

Is your sex life with your girlfriend beginning to lack a little "edge"? Do you feel like you've tried everything over and over again? Maybe you're right. But most probably, you're wrong. There's more

Is your sex life with your girlfriend beginning to lack a little "edge"? Do you feel like you've tried everything over and over again? Maybe you're right. But most probably, you're wrong. There's more you can do.

Women can have surprising fantasies; it wouldn't be the first time you read this. But what about your female partner? Have you ever considered she might enjoy watching you give her a private show? Or that she might be attracted by your trusty dog?

Women think about a lot of kinky stuff and sometimes are ashamed and shy of these needs. But if you pop the question, the chances are that she might be kinkier than you think. Looking through the Internet, talking to friends and going on Whisper taught me that women have fantasies that can be very surprising.

That's why I've come up with the Top 12 Sexual Fantasies You Didn't Know She Liked. So now, you'll know what to ask about to spice up your most intimate moments that are important in everybody's love life.

12 Senses Deprivation


Chances are she's all the way into being tied up and perhaps even blindfolded. You can even make it spicier by making her listen to some sexy music with earplugs. Depriving her of her senses, other than what her skin can communicate to her; it makes the sensations she'll receive more intense. It basically makes her whole body much more sensitive to your touch.

11 Back-Door Fun


Anal sex has been popularized in recent years with the intensifying presence of pornography's influence in our sexuality. Though not all women are into back-door experiences, most will be at least curious or turned on by the idea of it.

10 Zoophilia


People can be attracted to other partners and another person. However, women can be attracted to stallions for an apparent reason: the size of their reproductive organ. That’s why horses are a female-fantasy favorite.

9 Voyeurism


Often, female fantasies are strongly linked to emotions and desires. Being wanted, being desired excites women. While most people assume women want their partners to be faithful, some of us fantasize about the inclusion of other girls or boys who act as accessories.

8 Rubbing Herself On Stuffed Toys


Most of the time, you'd believe women prefer something stiff to please themselves. However, some women prefer the softness and comfort of stuffed toys. The first time I heard about that was in college, when one of my friends explained that she was satisfying herself by rubbing her lady parts against stuffed toys.



Most people who do not practice BDSM to its full capacity think of this as a spanking game of pain and pleasure. Though not technically false, spanking is only one little part of what BDSM truly is. Some women are turned on by being submissive, even acting as slaves meant to satisfy their partners. This can lead to humiliation games, which needs to be done with absolute respect and trust between the partners, or it can turn out bad.

6 Male Performers


When I write male performers, I don't mean strip teasers. Though some people really like to go to strip clubs, there are other things that, sometimes, women like to see men do. For example, I read a story about a girl who loved to watch men please themselves through nylon socks.

5 Lots Of Partners At Once


Believe it or not, but some women actually pay interesting sums of money and sign contracts to book a gang bang with as many as 90 men. The practice seems to have come from the porn industry via Eastern Europe.

4 Using Toys On You


Whisper. That's where I started talking with a girl who was pushing the female domination game farther than most. She had a friend with benefits, a great guy who she appreciated a lot, but she used him as a toy, literally.

3 Water Sports

For those who are not used to the term, we’re talking about sex involving urine. What we usually think about when we’re talking about water sports is what's known as golden showers. Frankly, if your partner has some domination or submission fetishes, this could very well interest her. Both partners have to be willing, however, as this can be really degrading and disgusting for the one who is showered.

2 Everyday Objects Turned Into Sex Toys 


We've all made jokes involving bananas and cucumbers. But be aware that it isn't only fruits which can be used by your lady partner to quench her thirst, so to speak. Sex toys are great for some women, true. But sometimes, it's not what they want.

1 Performing In Front Of You With Another Woman


This one is among your greatest fantasies as it is hers. Performing with someone else, another women, in front of you can be a huge turn on for everybody. It's possible she'll want you to join them, and it's also possible she tells you to stay back and only watch.

This is really kinky and exciting by being halfway into voyeurism and exhibitionism. She will see and feel you being turned on by what you're watching. Once more, trust is primordial to include a third person in an intimate relationship as it can trigger jealousy and other negative feelings. But if you're a solid couple and into this, why not give it a try?


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12 Sexual Fantasies You Didn't Know She Liked