12 Reasons Why Women Prefer To Date Older Men

Hot older man, innocent younger girl- sounds gross right? Maybe a little inappropriate? Or just plain weird? The negative connotations that come with being in a relationship with a huge age gap can be wildly taken out if context. Most importantly, it turns people off in the worst way; society normally refers to a relationship like this as “Lolita”, taboo. It is forbidden and makes the guy look like a creep who is preying on this young girl who has no idea what she is getting herself into. However, when you really take the time to see the dynamics of the relationship you will quickly learn that in the case of a younger woman with an older man, it is normally the girl who pursues the man. She is not confused or lost or best yet, looking for a “daddy”. She is likely looking for something meaningful and drama free. Women mature faster than men (there is no surprise there) and the last thing a girl wants is to feel as though she is a parent, caretaker or in charge of her man. An older man provides maturity, responsibility and excitement; there is no questioning if he has a job, a life of his own, or a general appreciation and respect for women. Dating an older guy is an exciting experience; you get to step into a world where not everything is a huge fight and a 36 hour break, no one is coming to your house and acting crazy because they “can’t live without you”(besides a genuinely crazy person). Dating an older guy allows for you to see how green the grass is on the other side and the difference that dating an older guy can make in your life. Here are 12 drama free reasons to take a chance on an older man.

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12 He Is Mature

Maturity is so sexy and a lot of younger guys seem to not understand how hot it is when a guy can be mature, take charge and look so damn good doing it. Maturity is not only about the looks. It comes down to that mental stimulation, the cool as a cucumber under pressure thing. Maturity is even sexier when you can find a guy who is also confident and does not constantly need reassurance in every aspect of his life. The idea of maturity encompasses so much; it can refer to how he lives his life, how he deals with pressure, the goals he has for himself (even at an older age). Most importantly, the value that he puts on how people see him is the maturity that every girl loves.

11 Something To Brag About

What girl does not love the idea of having the pleasure to say that they're dating an older guy? It is exciting, and always seems to be an interesting topic of conversation. If you love being the center of attention, bring up to your friends that your new boo is X amount of years older than you and see how they react. They will likely have a billion questions and think you are so brave and cool for stepping out of a comfort zone that they would not dare to step into, or they will look at you with disgust and assume you have low self-esteem. Either way it will garner a reaction and truth be told, most girls who date older guys partially do it for the attention.

10 They Are Usually Looking For Long-Term

Older men seem to value the importance of a committed relationship; it could be the security that they feel, the partner in crime aspect, even the almost 100% guarantee that they will get it on (if they have been particularly deprived latterly). A long-term, committed relationship yields more benefits than something that is not committed and being the mature, wiser men that they are, they see this and take advantage of it. Yes there is an understanding that some people are just not ready for relationships or commitment, they just want to have fun and relax. Unfortunately, most women want someone who is ready for a relationship and it is usually the older men; sorry boys.

9 The Gentlemen Aspect


Older guys know how to woo a woman; they are usually pure gentlemen when they meet a girl. Like a normal human being, they usually do not expect sex on the first date, they court you, and have no time for the games that these younger guys like to play (you know the one where they say they want a girlfriend then have the hardest time committing). The gentlemen aspect is one of the main reasons why girls prefer older guys; they want someone who sees the value in acting his age and has no time for the petty drama.

8 Chivalry Is Not Dead With Them

No woman should ever be surprised when a man opens the door for her, orders for the both of them on a special date, tells her he appreciates her or basically anything to do with respect. Mental note boys; opening a door for a woman is not a special moment that earns you a sexual favor. It is something you do unconsciously that shows respect and admiration. Most older men know this, hence it being one of the reasons why young women can’t get enough of them. If you think that doing one or two chivalrous things allots you a home cooked meal, think again.

7 You Do Not Have To Wait For Him To Mentally Be On Your Level


It is a known fact that guys mature way, way later than girls (like significantly later), so you cannot blame a chick for not wanting to have to go through the adolescent phase with their boyfriend. When a girl feels more like your mother than your significant other, it is a total turn off. An older guy has usually grown out of that phase and does not want to go back. Mental stimulation is a big part of a relationship, so when you meet a guy who can talk about something other than skateboarding and wanting to constantly hang out with his bros, he is a keeper.

6 You Usually Feel More Secure

There is a sense of security when you have an older guy with you. I hate to say it but that “daddy effect” is likely what brings on that feeling. With an older man there is surety, protection and fortification, which allows you to be vulnerable and have that coveted feeling of being safe and sound with your significant other. No one is saying that you cannot have that feeling with a guy your own age, but it is more intense with an older guy. At the end of the day every girl wants her man to protect her, love her and treat her with the most amount of respect and love possible.

5 They Are Established

One of the great benefits of having an older guy is knowing that they have their s*** together (some of them at least). Some girls just do not have the patience to deal with a guy who has no direction in life. It is one thing to be in school and working towards a goal, but it is a whole different story to be with a guy who has zero ambition and is fine working a job that can’t even support him, let alone a wife/common law/girlfriend. A guy who has his life together is just so sexy and there are no “what if’s” hanging in the balance. It is usually stress-free and gives you more opportunities to just have a good time together.

4 Sexually Experienced

It is not always true that an older man is more sexually experienced; however, with age comes wisdom, and knowledge and they might know a trick or two that your young guy could not even fathom. Sex is not always the basis of a relationship, but it is definitely a benefit when you have someone who knows what he is doing in the bedroom. Instead of discussing what you want to try, most older men just kind of go for it and are not afraid to express what they liked and did not like about the experience. That is unless it turns out to be a weird fetish of sorts.

3 There Is Something So Naughty About It

There is something so wrong, so taboo, and so exciting about dating an older guy. When you’re a teenager it is exciting because hey, it almost seems as though you're breaking the law and are getting a thrill out of it. However, when you are in your early twenties and this sexy older guy thinks you are hot, it is exciting, not to mention cool to brag about how much better your boyfriend is than all of your other friends' immature boyfriends. Chances are you are keeping your relationship a secret because you do not know how to explain to others that your boyfriend is several, significant years older than you; so bad.

2 Sometimes You Are Just In Love

Truth be told, you can fall in love with anyone, and age may not necessarily be a factor. When you are in love, lust, fondness (or whatever you would like to call it), you cannot help who you love and if you are a 19 year old who has fallen in love with a 40 year old, you will probably experience all the aspects of a relationship that a 19 year old who is in love with another 19 year old would feel. It may not be as silly or trivial but it is there and very present. Relationships are relationships, just as love is love.

1 They Are Men


Ultimately, every girl wants a MAN. A man is an accumulation of all the things on this list and then some. It is not to say that younger guys are not men, but there can be a significant difference in the maturity level of a young guy versus an older guy; unless this younger guy is in rare form and manages to handle himself in such a way that knocks a willing girl off of her feet. However, women also realize how unrealistic it is to assume that they can find a guy their age who has their s*** together; hell, we don’t even have our s*** together half the time.

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