12 Prisons With Nicer Cells Than Your Apartment

When you think of prisons, you likely visualize a place where the inmates struggle to get food and water and live in constant fear of their safety. That’s how being “locked up” is often portrayed in the movies, but the truth is, there are some prisons that are actually really nice.

Some would argue that giving inmates such plush living conditions may serve as indirect motivation for them to commit more crimes upon their release. After all, a “nice” prison with amenities that some inmates wouldn’t get in their own homes isn’t the worst punishment in the world. Then again, a posh prison could also be seen as a humane way to imprison people. Some inmates still realize they are incarcerated, even when they’re watching a flat screen TV or eating a gourmet meal. Their time in prison could help them to realize that they can attain some of these amenities (the legal way, of course) upon their release from jail. When prisoners are in clean and high-quality conditions, it can also lower the rate of prison violence. After all, not many people are in the mood to argue after a good night’s sleep on a well-made mattress. Here are 12 prisons that are nicer than your apartment.

12 Federal Correctional Institution, Sheridan

11 Federal Correctional Institution and Prison Camp, Otisville

10 Eastern State Penitentiary

9 Wormwood Scrubs

8 Federal Correctional Institution, Dublin

7 Orange County Jail, Santa Ana

6 Federal Correctional Institution, Sandstone

5 Federal Correctional Institution, Taft

4 Federal Prison Camp, Pensacola

3 Federal Prison Camp, Yankton

2 Federal Prison Camp, Montgomery

1 Federal Prison Camp, Alderson

This facility in West Virginia is a minimum-security prison for women. This is the facility where Martha Stewart and Teresa Giudice did time, and she referred to the prison as “Yale.” Stewart has a pretty good idea of what fancy living conditions are, which is an indication that this place is pretty nice. The inmates can participate in game and talent shows, or take a swim in the on-site pool. The inmates can also play basketball, volleyball or roller skate, which makes it easy to stay in shape. The outside grounds look similar to a country club, but the actual cells are somewhat small. Inmates say that there are no doors, just open space, so you don’t have any privacy. After all, amid the seemingly appealing amenities, there has to be some reminder that that women there are actually imprisoned.


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12 Prisons With Nicer Cells Than Your Apartment